A Lifetime of Sex - Part one

Author: Linda
Published: Nov 12, 2006
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A single woman who lives sex - When he started rubbing it against me I felt my fanny really react and I knew that I was getting wet. I put my hand down and felt his cock through his clothes feeling very excited. He obviously took it as a signal and felt my fanny through my clothes, cupping my mound and just sort of caressing it.

I lost my virginity at fourteen, I was a well developed girl and a lot of boys had tried their luck but it wasn't until I fell for a lad who used to come and collect his young sister from school that I fell. His name was Doug and he gave me the eye the very first time we saw each other. I made sure after that to be around when he was collecting Amy. Amy had only arrived at our school at the beginning of that term, she was twelve and also well developed for her age. I could have passed for seventeen easily, I was a near blonde, 5'6" tall, with small but full breasts and what my Nan would have called a womanly figure. In other words, nice hips and long shapely legs to add to my breasts, I had blue eyes and a pretty face, I was saucy to go with it all. I had long become used to men looking at my body and, although I never acknowledged them, I was secretly pleased that I attracted their attention.

Anyway, one afternoon Doug asked me out, much as I wanted to go out with him, I said that I'd think about it. Of course the next day when he asked me, I said yes. We arranged to meet outside a local cinema and we went in and watched the film. He was quite a gentleman and concentrated on the film most of the time, bought me an ice cream at the interval and we got to know each other a bit, he wasn't a bit pushy. I liked him immediately so when he suggested a walk after we came out I agreed. There's a lovely walk down by the river where we live and we went down there, he took my hand and complimented me on my dress and said how pretty I was. Obviously his eyes had roamed my figure, but that's what all men did wasn't it

Once we'd walked out of the town we sat down and within minutes he kissed me, my legs turned to jelly so it was just as well I was sitting. We kissed some more and I didn't stop him caressing my breasts through my dress and bra. It excited me, my nipples erected and I felt funny between my legs, the only time I ever felt like that was when I masturbated so I really liked it. We lay back on the short grass and put our arms around each other, he unbuttoned my dress and felt my breasts under my bra. I liked that too. We lay on our sides and I felt his cock all hard against my stomach. I wasn't one of those ignorant virgins, although I was a virgin, and knew all about boys cocks. When he started rubbing it against me I felt my fanny really react and I knew that I was getting wet. I put my hand down and felt his cock through his clothes feeling very excited. He obviously took it as a signal and felt my fanny through my clothes, cupping my mound and just sort of caressing it. I felt my knickers wet, I wanted him to do me like anything but, not wanting him to think I was easy, I gently pulled his hand away. He apologised which I thought was fantastic.

We lay there for a while just kissing, with his hand in my bra and mine just resting on his cock, then it was time to go home. That night I masturbated like anything, just thinking of what his cock would be like pushing inside me. Of course I agreed to go out with him again and the same thing happened, except that I let him feel me properly after I let him take my knickers off. He got his cock out and I played with it, I knew what to do although, as I told him, I had never even felt a boy's cock before, but I had read about it. After a little while he came, I watched all that lovely spunk shooting out of his cock all over the grass, the first time I had ever seen a boy come. After that we went out a good few times and on the fourth or fifth time I let him fuck me, it was great!

We'd started as usual and he really got me gasping as he fucked me with his fingers and teased my clit, once he did that I was gone and two minutes later he was on top of me. I spread my legs and immediately felt his cock between the open lips of my cunt. I put my hand down and entered it for him, he pushed gently several times until he'd opened me enough to slide it right up me. It didn't hurt at all and I loved the feeling it gave me as he thrust and drew back a couple of times. He asked me if it was alright and I told him that I loved it, with that he started fucking properly. I was very wet and he slid in and out easily rubbing my clit at the same time, this went on for a couple of minutes and then I heard him starting to pant. Never having been fucked before I didn't know what that meant but I found out a couple of minutes later when he pulled his cock out and said "Watch!". I lifted my head and watched as his thick spunk spurted out all over my breasts and stomach, I kissed him passionately until he flopped and rolled off me. He was panting and said hoarsely, "I wanted to come up your lovely cunt Linda!" "I'd have loved it!" I replied, "Just imagine what that must feel like inside!"

We cleaned up and walked home, that night I masturbated like mad for ages inducing the most intense feelings I had ever had. The next time we met Doug said that he felt he might not be able to control himself but didn't want me to get pregnant, he asked me if I'd go with him to see his aunt. I asked why and he told me that she was a nurse and knew how to fix girls up so that they didn't get pregnant if the boy came inside them. It sounded great to me so I agreed. He took me straight round to her house. She was a very pretty woman in, I thought, her mid-thirties she was brilliant to talk to and told me that she had become pregnant when she was at school. It had caused her a lot of trouble so she had no reservations about helping girls who were in danger of becoming pregnant as long as she was sure that the girl wouldn't tell. I assured her that nothing would be further from my mind and how grateful I'd be because I knew that I couldn't stop having sex with Doug. She smiled and said that she knew how I felt and how great it was to have sex with someone who really made it good. To cut a long story short, she fitted me with a diaphragm, or as they called it in those days a 'Dutch Cap', showed me how to fit it myself and gave me a lot of advice about sex and being a woman and all. Then she made me go upstairs with Doug and make love, well it wasn't making love, was it It was fucking... and I loved it!

Well, that how I lost my virginity, and very nice it was too! However, Doug was only sixteen and not a very big boy at all, not that I related that to the size of his cock. I went with him for quite a time and enjoyed what we did but gradually he came to seem very young to me and by the time I was fifteen we had drifted apart. By that time I was very aware that the way men looked at me was sexual. I started going around with a couple of girls who were older than me and for the first time going into pubs and experiencing alcohol. Fortunately I wasn't all that smitten with drinking, but I was with some of the young men I met and inevitably one evening I met one I was attracted to very strongly. He eventually asked me out and he wasn't as considerate as Doug, in fact he made no bones about what he wanted. His name was Pete and, after feeling his rigid cock thrusting against my stomach while we were kissing, I let him take it out and put it in my hand. Once that happened I was gone, his cock was much bigger than Doug's, about seven inches, it was thicker too and I wanted to know what it felt like inside me. We had gone out into the pub's garden, it was autumn and dark quite early in the evening, Pete had his cock out almost immediately and his hand up my skirt. He might have been a quick worker but he wasn't heavy handed, he knew how to arouse a woman, he certainly aroused me! In no time he had me bent back over a garden table with my knickers off and pushing his cock in my cunt. I was wet and it entered me easilky. He fucked me hard, his cock rubbing heavily on my clit and waves of pleasure ran through me as he took his. I felt my love-juice running down the insides of my thighs, his cock making a sloppy noise as he pumped in and out, my sensed swam and I suddenly came for the first time while being fucked. I had often come while masturbating but this was in a different league, two minutes later I felt him jerk and then he was flooding me with his spunk. Is there any other feeling like it Not to me! He flopped on top of me gasping for breath, "There," he said, "that's what you got a cunt for! I bet you never been fucked like that before!"

I hadn't and I told him so. I allowed Pete to fuck me whenever I wanted him, but the fact was that I wanted to experience other men and they weren't difficult to find. Soon I had Pete and a couple of others fucking me regularly even though I was still at school. My learning suffered, I thought about cock all the time and couldn't wait until the next time, by the time I finally left school I had no qualifications whatsoever, my Mum was livid and she had worked out exactly what I was doing. That was all very well, but the fact was that she was a poor example herself as she had constantly brought men home ever since I could remember. "It won't do you no good," she said, "look at me, has it ever done me any" It hadn't and to be honest I didn't want to follow her example, I would just have to work something out.

The only job I managed to get was as an assistant in a department store, I may not have had any qualifications, but I wasn't stupid and I did work hard. I was so successful that my head of department told the owner. This store was in quite a small country town and was owned by one man who was well known locally, I will call him Mr.Davis. He came into the department one Saturday, unknown to me, and watched what I did. On the Monday he called me into his office. He sat me down in front of his desk, he was a man in his early fifties, very fit looking and quite presentable. "Now, Linda, I have been watching your progress and I am most impressed, so much so that I think you can do much betterv than being on the shop floor. How would you like to be my personal assistant" I won't bother you with all the details but the following week that is what I became. When I first met Mr.Davis it had been the usual reaction and he's had a good look at my figure. The first thing he did was send me down to the fashion department and instructed that I should be 'appropriately clothed' as he put it. This in fact meant a tailored suit that showed my figure up to advantage, as it was at that time when skirts were very short and every time I sat in front of him he looked up it! I soon realised that there could be some advantage to me in encouraging his interest and, on I 'accidentally on purpose' revealed far more than I should. The reaction was as I hoped and one evening he suggested that he takle me out to dinner. For a seventeen year old this was quite daunting, but I managed things quite well and even managed to allow him to kiss me, with the proper amount of 'embarrassment' as he dropped me off at home.

Things moved quickly after that and I was soon being dined twice a week with a kiss that grew increasingly passionate afterwards, in the end he told me outright that he was completely besotted with me and wanted me to become his 'partner'. What happened then will be the subject of second part of my story.

About: The author of "A Lifetime of Sex - Part one" is Linda. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Sex Story Series section.

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