A Lifetime of Sex. Part Three.

Author: Linda
Published: Nov 6, 2006
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Carrying on with my sex life in the early years. - Geoff had now fucked me twice, which I had enjoyed very much. We lay back after the second time chatting idly and watching Geoff's colleague Dave finish fucking Freda.

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Geoff had now fucked me twice, which I had enjoyed very much. We lay back after the second time chatting idly and watching Geoff's colleague Dave finish fucking Freda. A few moments later Dave grunted and obviously shot his load up Freda who gasped and dug her nails into his back as she came too. Then they relaxed as we were doing, the men told us how much they enjoyed and appreciated having sex with us. After a while Dave said that we might like to change partners, well it would mean more sex, so we agreed. We said that we'd get our partners hard first then we'd swap. I lay alongside Geoff and sucked his limp cock into my mouth, two minutes hard, rhythmic, sucking got him hard, with Freda doing the same thing, we soon swapped partners.

Obviously Dave was different to Geoff, alright, men have cocks and women have cunts but I have never come across two the same! So both could be enjoyable. I spread my legs as Dave wanted to fuck me missionary position, I felt the hard knob of his cock probing the soft folds of my cunt. I was very slippery, what with my own juice and Geoff's spunk still filling me, so Dave's cock was soon pushing it's way into my canal. Spunk and cunt-juice squirted everywhere, I found it extremely erotic. Although I had experienced two different men on the same evening, I had never had two men fucking me within minutes of each other and I found the experience very arousing and when Dave came, fulfilling too. It was something I knew that I would try to engineer again. It was a wonderful, sloppy, orgasmic fuck, my mind was full of images of cocks, cunts and intercourse, during the heights I was completely unaware of who I had fucking me! My body continued to react even after Dave had filled me with his spunk too, he told me afterwards that he could feel my cunt tightening and loosening on his cock as he lay recovering.

After we had all recoverd, Freda and I went for a shower while one of the men phoned for a taxi. Despite having hunted cock with Freda for a long time, I had never seen her completely naked. She had bigger breasts than me and they were very nice looking, down below she had a dark bush of very curly pubic hair, to such and extent in fact that her cunt lips were invisible from the front. She surveyed my figure too, "How do you feel about washing each other" she asked, "Fine!" I replied. I had never touched another woman before and we did wash each other intimately, I found it arousing, both when washing Freda and when I was washed myself, Judging from her reaction I knew that she had enjoyed it too. We dressed quickly and went back into the bedroom. Geoff said, "You've never asked us what we do, apart from finding out that we are sales reps. Well, we sell jewellery to the trade, so here's a little reminder of a wonderful evening," and he handed us each a card. They were about three inches by two and proved to be a vouchers that could be redeemed in any jeweller selling their products to the value of fifty pounds. It was just the right sort of thing, we certainly would have been insulted had we been offered money, but this was something we could accept and did so in the spirit in which they had been offered.

The taxi dropped us off at Freda's, she shared a small cottage with her brother, Fred (aren't parents original), I knew him of course. He'd gone to bed and we simply stripped and shared Freda's bed. When we woke in the morning Fred had long gone and Freda started making love to me, I joined in enthusiastically. It was mainly oral and it was interesting that I could still taste spunk in Freda's cunt, after we had each made the other come we showered and dressed. Freda phoned her job and said that she hadn't been well during the night but that she was coming in and I simply returned home. It was a Friday so I started thinking about what I would offer Dan that evening, to be on the safe side I phoned him. "Oh, don't worry pet," he said, "just do some of those smoked salmon sandwiches you do so well and brew some good coffee, that'll be enough." I spent the day cleaning and tidying up, then had a couple of hours snooze in the afternoon, I had plans for Dan.

Dan arrived at eight o'clock apologising for being late. While he showered I set out the sandwiches I'd made earlier and put the coffee on. Ten minutes later he returned to the living room in a dressing gown and we sat, ate the sandwiches, drank the coffee and nattered. Looking at his watch he said, "News is on in a minute, just watch that then we'll go to bed." "Can't wait," I told him, "I need some loving."

One of the things I had told Dan when we first met was that, although I was young, I was experienced, "Thank God," he'd said, "no way I wanted a virgin!" However, up to this time, about three months after he'd set me up, we'd only really had straight sex, I thought it about time to introduce one or two things that he might like. First and foremost, like a lot of men, he was absolutely fascinated at looking at my cunt. Obviously I enjoyed this very much, particularly when he complimented me on how lovely it looked. When we got to bed we started kissing as usual and, also as usual, he progressed to kissing my breasts and nipples and sucking the latter. This was always arousing but now I wanted him to kiss my cunt so that I could teach him how to arouse me further with his tongue down there, something that every girl I knew always enjoyed, with some even to the exclusion of the sex act itself. It was true that I normally came while being 'tongued', so perhaps I was being selfish. Who knows"

Predictably Dan was soon sucking on my nipples and I made the most of obviously enjoying it. I stroked the back of his head and murmured, "Darling, my fanny would enjoy that just as much!" I opened my legs, my shaven mound had skin as soft and smooth as a baby's, I gradually eased his head down knowing that he would be looking at my cunt. Then he kissed my mound and I knew that he would soon be doing the same to the lips of my cunt, and then..... well. Ten minutes later his lips contacted my inner labia, I moaned, then it was his tongue, "Oh darling, push your tongue into me!" I murmured. Tentatively, rather as if he didn't know whether he would like the taste, he licked inside the mouth of my cunt, then enthusiastiaclly he pushed his tongue into me and fucked me with it. "Of darling, darling!" I breathed, "You're going to make me come, it feels wonderful!"

I duly came and Dan obviously thought that he had done it all off his own bat. He enthusiastically continued tongue-fucking me and sucking at my juice, I even heard him swallowing, "Give me some Dan darling" I asked. Once again, he was unsure that this new lovemaking technique of his might upset me, "Are you sure" he asked. "Of course darling, I can't wait because it's you doing it for me, I'm feeling so sexy, I can't wait until you do me!" A couple of moments later he kissed me and emptied his mouth into mine, I swallowed my familiar love-juice and kissed him, "Fuck me darling!"

I had never used that sort of language to him before and wondered if I had gone too far, I hadn't, he beamed, "I'll give you the best fucking you've ever had my girl!" he replied and mounting me, forced his cock as far up me as he could, "Oh! Yes!" I cried, "Fuck me hard!" Knowing that it was exactly what he was about to do anyway. He duly obliged.

When he'd finished, I let his flaccid cock slip out, turned round and sucked it into my mouth. Two minutes later he was hard and I spread myself beneath him once again. He then gave me the longest, most complete, fucking he had ever achieved. I came, came, and came again, much to Dan's pleasure, he couldn't believe that he'd given me so much orgasmic sex. I know that I tried, but it was true that this had been the most satifying sex he had ever given me and I was happy to tell him so, we went to sleep in each other's arms. Dan wasn't often able to stay the night, he was married after all and had to be able to give a believable reason why he was away. In the morning he fucked me again and I spread my legs afterwards, as he got off the bed to go and have a shower, and let him have a look at my well fucked cunt. "You gorgeous cunt, Linda!" he said with a tremor in his voice, "I can even see my spunk oozing out of it!"

That night was a turning point in our relationship, Dan obviously felt that we were made for each other and that he could say and do as he liked with me, without any possibilty that it would come back to haunt him. He was right of course, no way was I ever going to talk to anyone about our relationship and I never have.

The next time I will tell you about all the 'extra-marital' I enjoyed during my relationship with Dan.

About: The author of "A Lifetime of Sex. Part Three. " is Linda. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Sex Story Series section.

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