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Keep it in the Family - Part 2

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Author: Deepprobsix
Published: 14-Nov-06 Revised/Updated 05-Jul-17
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Carrying on with the Mother-in-law was just great - If you read my last story you will know that I have started to have it off with my mother in law and that she is in her 70's and has only ever seen 4 cock's and touched 3 in her life and that includes mine...

* * * * * * *

If you read my last story you will know that I have started to have it off with my mother in law and that she is in her 70's and has only ever seen 4 cock's and touched 3 in her life and that includes mine, She has only ever had sex flat on her back and never had oral or any type of foreplay until I fucked her a fortnight ago. Her Husband Sid just used to get into bed and jump on her fuck and roll of, He can no longer get a hard on so that's where I now have stepped in and given her the first orgasms she has ever had in 70 years.

I called round to see Pat my mother in law last week but Sid was home all the time I was there but as I left Pat told me Sid was due for a hospital appointment next week and it normally took 3 hours and that if I still wanted to call round that would be ok as she gave me a naughty wink.

So here I am in the kitchen waiting for Sid to leave and Pat has just gone to the fridge and made sure that she rubbed across my dick as she went past and smiled at me, Sid has now gone and Pat walked over to me and without saying a word kissed me full on the lips and pushed her tongue into my mouth and I new that I had taught her well from the last time, She then started to lift up my tee shirt with so I just lifted up my arms and she pulled it over my head and threw it to the floor.

I said slow down there's plenty of time but she was not listing and started to kiss me again and she place a hand on my nipple and took it between her forefinger and thumb and twisted it and pulled it making it hurt I moaned with the pleasure of it and she then stopped kissing me and lowered her head and took my nipple into her mouth and sucked it and nipped it between her teeth and flicking the top with her tongue.

She had learnt well and remembered what we had done the week before she worked from one nipple to the other Pat carried on like this for a while. She looked up and said what do I do now I told her to go and sit on the chair which was just behind her and I walked up and stood very close in front of her and said touch my cock though my jeans and just rub it and when your ready undo them and take them of me,

Pat placed a hand on my now swelling cock and stared to rub it I closed my eyes and my legs started to feel weak and I was letting out soft moans of pleasure Pat undid my jeans and pushed them down and I stepped out of them Pat replaced her hand to my cock and felt it again this time though my boxers she was rubbing her hand up and down the full 9 niches and them with out warning just ripped of my pants so she could hold my cock in her hands , As she ripped of my pants my hard cock sprang out at her making her jump but she then took my cock into her hand and stated to rub the full length of it.

Pat looked up at me with the look of what do I do now , I told her kiss it the look that went over her face was god no I could not do anything so disgusting as that, I told her remember what I said last time I want you to try what I say and if you then don't like it I will never ask you to do it again.

Pat lent forward and closed her eye's and started to like my dick first the head licking round and round it tenderly and then she started working up and down the length this was making my legs nearly give way under me I was starting to moan out louder and louder Pat looked up and was I was enjoying what she was doing to me but I had to stop her or I would have fallen into a heap on the floor I think she thought she had done something wrong until I told her that I just needed something to rest against so I sat with my bum on the edge of the kitchen table and Pat moved her chair in front of my once more and returned to licking my cock.

I told her to lick my balls and suck one gently into her mouth this she done without question this time and worked from one ball to the other licking up and down my throbbing shaft after a while I told her to take my cock into her mouth just the top of it at first so she could taste my per cum that was now forming around the head.

Pat slowly sucked the head of my cock into her mouth and a moan of pleasure came out from her lips and I said to her see told you I would not ask you to do anything that was not nice didn't I with out stopping she nodded .

Pat was sitting there in front of me sucking my cock into her mouth and I placed a hand gently on the back of her head and slowly started to fuck her mouth pushing more and more into her little by little until at least 6 to 7 inches were going in and out of her mouth she cupped my balls in her hand and squeezed and rubbed them it was I that was now making loud moaning last time it was Pat. She kept on sucking and I was forcing as much of my cock into her as I thought she could take Pat was moaning with pleasure and could not seam to get enough of my cock I don't think I could have stopped her at this point if I had wanted to (which I did not) .

I could feel myself getting to boiling point and I did not know if I should tell Pat of just shoot my hot cum down her throat, But I said I am going to cum very soon so get ready to swallow when you feel my cock pump my cum in your mouth Pat did not react at all just nodded things quickened and I was now pumping her face like there was no tomorrow and I just stood up and forced as much cock into her and held her head there while my cock pumped wave after wave of cum into her mouth and down her throat Pat gulped it down as much and as fast as she could .

When I was empty I let go of her head and she just kept her head there not wanting to let my cock go and then she pushed forward and I could not believe that this 70 year old woman was taking most of my 9 inches into her mouth I could feel her throat round the head of my cock (move over Linda Lovelace) with one last push it was all it and her nose was flat against me she then pulled any and then back down again taking it all. She done this three or more times and then started to lick my cock clean.

When she had finished I pulled her to her feet and kissed her tasting my own cum in her mouth and it tasted good I told her I had never know anyone the could do what she had just done and take the whole length into there mouth and that she was a fantastic woman and for some one that had not wanted to put my cock in her mouth 15 minutes ago she had just given me the best blow job I had ever had and I sure hoped that she would repeat it again sometime.

Pat smiled and she after she had tasted my cock and loved the taste she could not stop herself and from now on what ever I ask her to do she will do without question as if it turns out that good then we are in for some great times together.

Pat looked down at my now soft cock and said how can that change into such a hard and big monster I don't know but I am glad it does.

I told pat that as time was getting on and that it would have to look like I had been working out in the garden when Sid got back I would give her a a good fucking with my fingers and mouth, So I stood up and undressed her lying her on the Kitchen table I got two chairs and placed them so Pat could place a foot on each chair leaving me to kneel between her legs and access to her very hairy cunt.

I placed my mouth over her cunt and moved my tongue up and down her slit and found her clit sucking it into my mouth making Pat take a Sharpe intake of breath and I nibbled and licked her clit and gently entered a finger into her pushing it as far as it would go I then started to fuck her with my finger Pat was getting wetter and wetter so I entered another finger and then another she was screaming out in pleasure as I fucked her like mad at one point Pat nearly rolled of the table , I was licking and pushing my fingers into her harder and harder until she raised her body of the table as one almighty orgasm ripped though her body filling my mouth with her warm cum I lifted her head and with my mouth full of her cum Kissed her and she drank her own cum down knowing that it was mixing whit mine inside her.

We just rested there on the table for a short while before dressing and I went to work in the garden so Sid would not know what had been going on , On his Kitchen Table.

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