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So Many Firsts - Part 2

Author: Deepprobsix
Publish Date : Dec 5, 2006
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The second day my wife took his 10" X 5" cock up her arse while having another up her pussy. That evening My wife had sex with other men and women and loved it, and she took the full length of Grahams cock in one hard sharp push. and to end it we fell asleep after my wife and I had slow passionate sex...

* * * * * * *

If you read my last story ,( First night of group sex part 1) you will know what's going on but for those who did not here what happened.

My wife had never been with or seen another man or woman naked apart from me in her life, I took her virginity and we have been together 25 years married 19 of those.

At this time of the story we are at a party of a friend we have not seen for some time due to them moving.

We ended up having sex with them and one other man after watching a porno film.

John (7" long 3"think cock ) and his wife Karen (Hairy Pussy)(our friends)

Graham (10"long cock 5") thick and his wife Lyn (Shaven Pussy)(who we did not know) Lyn missed the evening due to not feeling well.

Myself Peter 7" cock 3" thick and my wife Pat (hairy Pussy).

That evening My wife had sex with other men and women and loved it, and she took the full length of Grahams cock in one hard sharp push. and to end it we fell asleep after my wife and I had slow passionate sex .

The next morning we did not wake until around midday , when we got down stairs we found John and Karen had gone out and Graham and his wife Lyn sitting in the Kitchen Naked , This was the first time I had seen Lyn naked she was a bit over weight but still looked great and she could see me looking her up and down and said Naughty, Naughty you will have to wait until tonight to get your hand and anything else on this body , She said with laughter. I said you missed a Great night last night glad you sound up for it tonight , she said she was and could not believe that it was the first time Pat had ever had another's man cock after all this time. I said and what a cock she started with after John had made it nice and wet for him. We all Laughed , we had a quick bite to eat and went out ourselves for the afternoon.

On our return we walked into the Kitchen and found that John, Karen, Graham, & Lyn were getting tea ready all naked so we pop up stairs took of our clothes and joined them saying we hoped we had not missed any action, No they say that won't start until after we have eaten.

So we sat down to eat tea and talked and drank wine for a while , John got up took Pats hand and took her to the other side of the room and they started to have a kiss and cuddle on one of the sofas, That was the cue for us and Lyn came up to me and Karen to Graham.

Well I said to Lyn now's my time to get to know you as you missed out yesterday ,No talking she said just action please with that I pulled her onto my lap and kissed her hard on the mouth pushing my tongue into her mouth she pushed hers into mine, I cupped one hand on her sizable breast and nipped her nipple between my forefinger and thump and she shuddered as I did so forcing her tongue further into my mouth .

She was sitting sideways on so I pulled away from our kiss and lent forward and sucked her now hard nipple into my mouth sucking it hard and biting it then licking it , Lyn was now squirming around in my lap and my cock stated to respond to this movement I told her to get up and so I could get out of the chair and then told her to sit back down which she did.

While I was standing up I had a quick look at what the others were up to and John had his head buried into my wife's pussy and giving her a fantastic licking out by the noises she was making, He was also finger fucking her by the way his arm was moving back and forth so quickly.

Karen had Graham on the floor and was in the 69 position with him and once again was sucking his big cock fully down her throat as she had done the evening before, Graham had a pillow under his head so he could reach Karen's pussy and was sucking her clit and had one finger shoved up her bum.

Now I turned and lifted Lyn's legs and put one over each arm of the chair and she had a shaven pussy and she had a big clit and it was hard as the head was poking out from her fanny lips , I knelt down between her legs and placed my mouth over her clit and sucked on it pulling it into my mouth and flicking it a crossed the top with my tongue, Lyn Shouted out 'O' god yes that's fucking good and with out warning I shoved three fingers into her damp fanny ,

Her fanny was not damp for very long as due to my sucking her clit and licking it and my fingers going in and out of her like a piston she soon came over my hand making it soaking wet, I could feel her orgasm going though her as her pussy walls gripped round my fingers as it did, As they subsided I placed another finger into her and she took it with easy Lyn was now thrashing herself up and down on my hand I raised my other hand and played with her big breast's again .

I heard my wife across the room shouting 'O' god John I am Cumming I am Cumming, Karen was moaning as loud as she could with a big mouth full, I pulled my hand out of Lyn and Got her down on the floor and we got into the same position and Karen and Graham, Lyn was sucking my cock like it was the last one she would ever have. I replaced my fingers into her very wet fanny and sucked her once again.

After a while I told her to stay there and I crawled out from under her and knelt behind her and took hold of my cock and ran the tip of it up and down her slit. From the top of her bum down round and onto her clit she was trying to push back onto my cock every time it past her fanny but I would not let it go into her.

I then let go of my cock and took hold of her by the hips and the next time my cock went to pass her fanny hole I just pushed forward and pulled her back with her hips and we slammed together hard our bodies making a big slapping sound as they hit into each other. Lyn shouted That's it fuck me you barstead Fuck me fuck me hard. I started to slam into her as hard as I could her fanny juices running down my balls as we banged back and forth.

The next thing I new I felt a pair of lips kissing my balls as I banged into this pussy then one ball was sucking to someone's mouth and a tongue was licking it . I looked round and found Karen was lying under me suck away for all she was worth . Pat then came over and got down on all fours and started to lick Karen's pussy John then got behind Pat and shoved his cock into her she lifted her head for a moment to give out a loud moan of pleasure as his cock filled her pussy then lowered her head again and carried on eating out Karen.

As I was fucking Lyn from the rear Graham slid under his wife and placed her mouth over his cock and she took it all in just like Karen. So just picture the scene, John was fucking my wife for behind she was in turn licking out Karen who was lying under me licking my balls and drinking the juice running down my balls from Lyn who I was fucking from the rear and in turn she was deep throating her husband.

After a while John and Graham changed placed and I new the moment Graham shoved his cock into my wife as she Screamed out as his monster 10" was forced into her once again, Fuck she shouted that hurt but it feels so Fucking good at the same time , Come on Graham Fuck me hard like last night I want you to fill me up again. On hearing my wife beg him like that sent me over the top and I gave one last hard push and pulled Lyn back onto me as I filled her with my cum, I cave a few more shoves to make sure I had emptied every last drop inside her when she came again all over my cock giving Karen even more to drink as her cum washed my cum from her, Karen was licking every last drop she could get. I pulled out of Lyn and sank into the chair spent for a while and just watch the show Graham was still fucking Pat from the rear, John was still getting sucked by Lyn and Karen now was licking out Lyn drinking down all my cum and her juices.

John shouted Yes!!!!! As he lifted his bum of the floor and emptied his balls of cum down Lyn's eager throat Lyn licked him dry and John watched with me as Lyn and Karen got into a 69on the floor,

Graham pulled out of Pat much to her dismay but graham pulled my wife up took her over to the dinning table and laid her on her backr across it her toes just touching the floor, Her bum was just on her edge of the table which forced her fanny forward and up so when Graham entered her it would go in even further.

Graham got between my wife legs and was just about to shove his cock back into her when I shouted No Graham wait, They all stopped and looked at me as if I had gone mad and was telling him not to fuck my wife, I got up and walked over to them and I lent over and pulled my wife's Fanny lips apart I looked at Graham and said it's ok mate I just want to see you in close up as you get that monster inside her, Graham replaced the head of his cock on the entrance to my wife now dripping wet hole I got in close as he pushed forward not to hard this time and I was amazed as my wife's fanny just opened up and aloud this monster inside her until his body was banging against her.

John then came over and got himself up on to the table and knelt a crossed Pat telling her to push her tits round his Harding cock which she did with out question. Once his cock was rock hard he placed one hand behind her head lifting it so with every thrust forward his cock entered her mouth he then with the other hand reached behind him and found her clit that was being banged by Grahams body with every thrust of his monster cock

Soon Pat was screaming 'OOOOOoooooooo 'Fucking helllllll Yesssssssssssss that's Fucking Great I'MMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm coming YeSsssssssssssss. Both men just kept on hammering into her until she came but they did not stop they just carried on fuck her and again and again she came one after the other.

I left them fucking the hell out of my wife and went over to the two ladies in the 69 heap on the floor, I lied down and said ok which one of you is going to sit on this and make it nice and wet , Karen said she would as Lyn had had it already so she got over me and with out waiting just sat straight down on it slamming down hard as her body hit mine,

Lyn then got up and placed a knee one either side of my shoulders facing Karen and lowered herself down so her pussy filled my mouth I just stuck out my tongue and hit her hole spot on and it entered her as she came dome on my face.

Karen lent forward and so did Lyn until they were kissing each other, Lyn Placed her hands on Karen's tits and Karen's on Lyn's both were squirming around with the pleasure of what they were doing to each other and the pleasure of my eating Lyn's fanny and Karen sliding up and down my cock. Both girls were running with juices my mouth was full and I could feel Karen's juices running down my balls and down my bum crack.

I brought one hand round Lyn's leg and entered one finger into her pouting anus pushing it in as far as I could get She took her mouth from Karen's tit and said more in Please so I entered two more fingers Lyn was now moaning as she sucked on Karen's nipples , Karen was still banging up and down on my soaking wet cock slapping her body down on mine as hard as she could without making her tit come out of Lyn's mouth.

Lyn was trying hard to get my fingers as far as she could into her while keeping her dripping fanny on my mouth both women were moaning out loud , I could still here Pat screaming out ,As the two men fucked her silly God knows how many times she had come in the last ten minutes or so but by the noise she was making it was quite a few.

Then Lyn got off me and told Karen to lay down on the floor which she did Karen opened her legs and Lyn got between them and once again started to eat out Karen, I got round behind Lyn and pushed my cock into her now very pouting anus after it had had my three fingers in there, My cock slid in with ease, Lyn said 'O' god that feels great Paul fuck me fuck my arse hard please, Well that is what I did but every so often I pulled it out of her arse and forced it into her slimy wet dripping fanny , Gave it a couple of very hard thrusts then rammed it back into her arse.

I could see from this position Pat was now sitting a crossed Graham and sliding up and down his big cock from tip to his pubic hair, John was now getting behind her ready to fill her arse , Karen was making so much noise as she took Johns cock into her they were really putting my wife though the mill tonight but she was loving it she turned her head and looked at me and smiled them she closed her eyes and screamed out once more , 'O fucking hell that's fucking fantastic "O yes" "O god" "O Fucking HeLLLLllllllllllllllllll as yet one more orgasm ripped though her she just collapsed into the top of Graham, worn out but that did not stop them , On they rode Graham Pounding into her and John doing the same to her arse.

John stopped and got off Pat and lifted her up and Graham stood and John then Lay on the floor and Pat could Just manage to climb on John's cock she was so worn out with all the orgasms she had had. She just lay there flat out on John's body and she was kissing him hard on the mouth she was to worn out to protest when Graham got between her legs ready to shove his 10" inside her arse, Pat had taken my and now John's 3" thick cock but this one was 5" ,But her being so worn out I hoped had relaxed her enough to take it as with one hard push Grahams Thick cock head slid inside her arse, Graham just held it there for a second or to, Pat stopped Kissing John and said Fucking hell that hurts but Graham put his weight on his cock and in it slid over half way now Pat was screaming in pain ,That Hurts That Hurts fuck that hurts she was shouting. Graham looked over at me I mouthed Up to you mate .Graham eased back so the head was just in her arse hole once more .

Pat laid down on John's chest once more, then with one almighty shove Graham thrust forward entering his full length into my wife arse, Ahrrrrrrrr fuck that hurts that hurts she was shouting , But Graham kept still and after a while Pat quieten down and Graham slowly pulled out of her till once again the head was just in this time he slowly slide the full length into her and she said that did not hurt as mush .

Graham did this a few more time and soon Pat had changed her tune she was now shouting Harder Graham Harder,OOO that's fucking great God I can feel your cock right up inside me come on Harder . Graham did just that he started to ram his cock home very hard and with each hard thrust he pushed her harder down on John's cock.

I was still Fucking Lyn's arse and fanny but was very near to shooting my load I could hear Karen cumming again as Lyn shoved her tongue and two fingers deep inside her pussy. I grasped Lyn's hips and was pulling her back onto my thrusting cock as hard as I could and Lyn had one almighty Orgasm and as she did I pulled her into my cock and buried it deep inside her as I filled her arse with my cum. I emptied so much that it was now running out beside my cock and down over her fanny.

I lay on the floor worn out and totally knackered , Karen went round behind Lyn and licked all my cum from her arse and pussy making her cum once more.

Looking over I could see that Graham was still fucking my wife arse and John her fanny I could hear the slurping sounds her fanny and arse were making from a crossed the room she must have been so wet. Lyn crawled over and started to lick the juices from Grahams balls as it ran down them this in turn Made Graham shoot his lot he held on to my wife waist and pulled her back from the tip of his cock right down to the bottom of it harder than he had ever done both of them shouting .God O God Yessssssssss YeeeSsssssssssssssss as Graham emptied out inside her, Just like me I could see his cum running out of her fanny beside his cock, Just then John thrust his body up and filled my wife fanny with his load, Pat Shouted once again Two more thrust please John take me over the top one more time But Lyn was there and started to rub my wife's clit and Pat came once more screaming out FucKKKKKKKKKKKKkkkkkkkkkkkkk YesSsssssssssssssss.

After Graham and John had pulled out from Pat she lay there in a heap never been fucked so much Karen and Lyn were licking her fanny and arse to clean up any cum that was running out of her she just lay there softly moaning Mmmmmmmmm. that's nice Mmmmmmmmmm so good.

This was one weekend that my wife would never forget as long as she lived , Until yesterday she had never seem another man undressed let alone been fuck be another man or woman. Now she had been naked in front of two men, Fucked by them both and at the same time , fucked by the two women. And to top it all had a 10"X 5" cock up her arse now that's a weekend of fucking if I do say so myself.

Once we had got our strength back I helped my wife up stairs and gave her a shower and we when to bed , Just like the night before we made slow love to each other to show it was each other we wanted to be with and the other was just Fucking Great sex.

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