Episodes Of Jacques

Author: Timothy McCorkell
Published: Mar 11, 2007
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Jacques is an ongoing serial episode. I've listed the first four episodes here and there will be more to follow. The second "Episode Of Jacques" is a special episode that the fired blogger known as "Queen Of The Sky" allowed me to write her into the story, as long as there was no sex involved. So, of course, I respected her wishes.

Jacques lets his land lady seduce him in lieu of paying his rent. But Jacques soon learns that he will be seduced again and again by an unrelenting parade of women. Jacques Tells His Seductress Land Lady How He Lost His Virginity

As Jacques friend Mike helped Jacques load his belongings into Jacques cab he said,"sorry your land lady evicted you Jacques. Will you be all right to night"

"Thanks Mike, but I'll just find another place where the rent is a bit more reasonable."

"Bet you a pint you'll end up sleeping in someones bed tonight."

"You're on Mike, but as of right now it looks like I'll be sleeping in the cab tonight."

"What happened that you couldn't make the rent Jacques"

"I lost my job as an auto mechanic when one of my fans from the Club Wild couldn't resist pulling down my pants and giving me fellatio while I was working underneath a Porshe.When the boss walked in I just couldn't convince him that she took me by surprise.He just laughed and said, "if you were a Rock star than maybe I'd beleive it, but an auto mechanic, no way."

"Could of been worse Jacques. It could of been his wife walking in on you. Then she would of thought that everyone was getting some action at the auto shop including her husband. Then he would have wanted to murder you instead of just firing you."

"Didn't think of that Mike. But I wouldn't be surprised if he fired me because he was worried that his wife would never give him any peace at the auto shop if she noticed that sort of body work was going on."

"Yeah, now you got it Jacques. Welcome to pussy whipped America. French women would just chuckle at this, put in Ozzie & Harriet America things like this are not allowed to happen. Just don't fall in love with an American woman unless you want to join the whipped club. If I was a male stripper I'm sure my wife would throw something at me."

Thanks for the advice Mike. Got to go now. Just got a call on my radio to take someone over to Bess Johnson's place.

After Jacques droped his fare off at Bess Johnson's he said, "I'll be around for a while if you need a ride back later. Just tap on the window when you're ready."

"Great, figure on about two hours or so."

Two hours later Jacques fare knocked on the window while Bess Johnson gave him a good night kiss. "Hey Jacques don't you ever go home anymore," Bess Johnson asked.

"My cab is my home now. I got evicted today."

"Oh sorry to hear that Jacques. I'll tell you what though. After you drop my friend off come back. I think I know of where you can find an apartment at a reasonable rent."

"Great Bess. Thanks, I'll catch you later."

Jacques took his fare back into town and then headed back to Bess Johnson's place. He figured someone like her would not say she knew of an apartment unless she was sure. He figured her for a very high class hooker based on her teriffic looking body and the twice a week or so visit to her place on average by very well to do men. Whenever a fare was going to Bess Johson's place Jacques always knew he would get a very generous tip.

Arriving at Bess Johnson's place Jacques was relieved to see that her lights were still on. As he pulled into her driveway Bess opened her front door and waved for him to come in. As he got closer to the door he could see that Bess was wearing a very sexy teddy fan nighty. As Bess bent down to pick up the TV remote control that fell out of her hand Jacques eyes feasted on the sight of Bess's breast's just about bursting out of the top of her almost totaly sheer top. Now all the way bent down his eyes delighted at the site of her very firm and beautiful thighs.

"You got a fire hose handy Bess"

"A fire hose Jacques! Is there a fire somwhere"

"Yeah, there is Bess. Your teddy fan nighty is fanning the flames. And I like it. I better go before you have to extinguish me. Any way it is kind of late."

"No problem Jacques, I'm good at putting out fires, I'm just watching TV. Nothing on thats very entertaining. Tell you what. I'll make you a nice roast beef sandwhich if you do your Club Wild strip act routine for me."

"If you got a beer to go with that you got a deal Bess."

"Sure thing Jacques, I stocked up on Molson today. I'll join you with a Molson if you don't mind."

"Great Bess. I just hope I'm not keeping you up."

"No Jacques, you're not keeping me up. But lets see that srtip act now.

As Bess prepared the sandwhich Jacques danced around. As he unbuttoned his shirt Bess was surpised to see his rippling muscles and very firm abs. As he playfuly slid his pants off Bess looked on lustfuly at his muscular thighs. As he turned around he exposed his butt my letting his jock strap slide beneath his butt. He then pulled his jock strap back up and turned around and faced Bess again.

"Nice butt Jacques. But why did you pull your jock strap back up I was looking forward to seeing everything."

"Thanks Bess, but I don't show it all till the final part of the act. At the Club Wild I lay down on the floor and while I do a sexy wiggle the bacherolette pulls my jock strap all the way off."

"Well what are you waiting for Jacques Get down on the floor and do that wiggle."

Jacques did his wiggle on the floor and then said "At this point I let the bachelorette pull my jock strap off and ask her to take advantage of me and have her way with me."

To Jacques surpise Bess bent down and slid off his jock strap. He watched as Bess threw the jock strap to the corner of the kitchen and removed her nighty. As her naked body stood over his Jacques through his arms back over his head and said, "take advantage of me, I'm all yours."

Gently stroking his cock, she said, "its beautiful" as it throbbed from her strokes.

"Thank you Bess. Your body is even more fantastic than I imagined."

"Lets have those sandwhiches now before I take you upstairs. I have something that I want to tell you Jacques when we go upstairs."

"Sure Bess. Cheers"

"Cheers Jacques. Oh I forget the napkins. But since were both sitting at the table stark naked I guess it doesn't really matter."

"Right you are Bess. My bod is wash and wear. Anyway its a lot more comfortable looking at you without any clothes on."

Looking down at Jacques lap, Bess remarked, "Yes you're happy to see me allright."

"Thanks for the sandwhich and beer Bess, but I should really go and let you get some sleep."

"Sleep! You think I can sleep now after seeing your sexy body Jacques I'm tired of being with girly men. I need a tumble with a real red blooded man. Just come up stairs with me. I have something up there I want to show you"

"Okay Bess, lead the way. You have me curious now."

"Take a good look now and tell me what you think of it up here Jacques."

"Its very nice up here Bess. But what did you want to tell me"

"Lay down on this bed and tell me what you think Jacques."

"Oh, a water bed. I love it Bess. This is super comfortable."

"Five hundred a month Jacques and its yours."

"Great Bess, I'll take it."

"Wait, not so fast Jacques. I require a three month security deposit thats due today for the apartment."

"That would be fiveteen hundred due right now. Sorry Beth I just don't have it."

"I think we can work something out Jacques. I just need you to put up a little colateral."

"My Timex watch has a market value of about twenty bucks and thats all the colateral I have."

"I'm willing to waive the rent for any month you can't come up with the five hundred if you do me on the rent date. I'm a business woman Jacques but I have needs."

"Do you on the rent date Bess! What are you trying to do, make paying rent fun again Of course I'm quite thrilled that you think a tumble with me is worth five hundred dollars."

"Oh, you're really worth quite a lot more Jacques but I'm a bit of a spend thrift."

"But I thought people paid you for their needs Bess."

"Yes they do Jacques. But thats for them. Thats for their needs. It does nothing for me outside of making my bank account a little richer."

"Okay Bess, you're on. Do you want the three months security deposit right now"

"Yes Jacques I'd like it now, all of it now if you can. But remember, this is for me, not for you. So I'm in total control. Just lay back on the bed and leave everything to me. I'm going to handcuff your hands and feet to the bed posts now so let me know if you want to change your mind before the cuffs go on."

"Bring on the handcuffs Bess. Your offer is just too good to turn down."

Now with the handcuffs firmly secure Bess stood over Jacques as her very full and firm beautiful breasts bounced over his chest as she came closer to him. He would have liked to touch her breasts along with her shapely thighs, but the handcuffs prevented him from doing so. Beth now climbed on the bed and sank her teeth sharply into Jacques neck. Jacques new that deep bite would turn into one giant sized hicky and he'd owe his friend Mike a pint just as soon as Mike seen it.

"The handcuffs are starting to hurt me Bess. I keep forgetting that they're on whenever I feel an urge to touch you."

"Stop fighting the cuffs Jacques. Just relax your body and tell me a story. Tell me how and when you lost your virginity."

"Its such a silly story I don't know if I should really tell you about it. I was sixteen when it happened. I lost it in my living room unexpectedly back in my home town of Joigny, France while I was watching television."

"Oh, you were watching one of those real hot french movies Jacques and you let passions flames run wild."

"No Bess. I was watching a soccer game on television. With my eyes glued to the action of the screen I kept sticking my hand in the popcorn bowl without looking. My sweet heart of the time was watching the game with me, but I was ignoring her as usual when the game was on."

"So how did you lose your virginity then Jacques"

"I reached over to take a handful of popcorn from the bowl, but instead of feeling the texture of the popcorn I felt something very soft and very feminine. Instead of my hand being in the popcorn bowl it was touching the pussy of my sweet heart for the first time. Somehow she had placed her pussy into the exact spot where the popcorn bowl had been had removed her panties and I reached into her exposed pussy for the popcorn. As I looked at her pussy in surprise she undid my pants and slowly pulled my underpants down as if she was unwraping a gift.

"Bet that was more exciting than the game Jacques."

"Oh yeah it was Bess. Damn, your not a vampire are you. You've got some sharp teeth. If I wasn't cuffed, I'd be checking you for fangs now."

"They were just love taps Jacques. Brace yourself for the big bites coming.

"How bout you Bess. What was your first time like"

"My first time was also a surprise Jacques, but it was with another woman first before it was with a man. I was staying over night at a friends house and the three of us were all sharing the same bedroom. I opened my eyes when I heard one of the beds creeking and noticed that my two friends were stark naked on the bed touching eachother. They invited me to join them but I just went back to my bed. A little bit later they both walked over to my bed and one of them unbuttoned my pajama top and fondled my breasts while the other one pulled down my pajama bottoms and touched my pussy. I wasn't sure what that meant as far as my sexual preference went. All I knew is that it felt very nice at the time. None of us were really sure what it meant at the time. But we all agreed to talk three boys we liked into having a game of strip poker with us so we could all get naked and lose our virginity to the boys all at the same time."

Bess planted bites and kisses as her mouth slowly moved down his chest. As she started to twirl her tongue around his nipples he started to get a tremendous erection. He quickly realized just how skilled her tongue was as it twirled from the shaft of his cock to at last reach around his helmet. Then she thrusted him slowly into her savouring every moment.

Her thighs were tremendous and powerful and Jacques knew that she could make him explode inside her ay any time she wanted, but she was careful not to over excite him. After about an hour had gone by and Jacques body was in a profuse state of sweat she turned up the tempo as her powerful thighs thrashed ever so harder as Jacques exploded inside her at last.

Smiling now as she uncuffed Jacques, Bess said "That was the best I ever had. Now lets shower together."

As Jacques soaped up Bess he became fully erect again. Leaning her body against the shower wall he thrusted quickly and deeply inside her. Beth moaned with delight as she experienced multiple orgasms. As Jacques climaxed he said, "Thats two months security now."

Now Jacques had Bess completly toweled dry when she asked, "Could you give me that third months secuity deposit now."

"Yes I can," Jacques answered as he stretched her out on the bathroom floor and thrusted deep inside her as she moaned wildly.

"Thank you for the three month security deposit Jacques. And I'll be looking forward to seeing you again on the first of the month."

"Sure thing Bess. You know where I'll be."

Jacques: Episode Two "Get that shirt on Jacques, you've got a lady to pick up at the Air Port." "Gonna be in the buff by this afternoon driving this broken down cab with a heater I can't turn off. Whats her name Fred

"You're breaking my heart Jacques. Did you ever think of opening the window Her name is Ellen Simonetti ."

"Is she a tall blonde with a great pair of legs."

"Yeah she is Jacques. How did you know."

"Saw her on TV the other day Fred. She's the first Flight Attendant to ever be fired for blogging."

"Whats blogging Jacques"

"The word blog is derived from the word web log. They took the b from the end of the word web and then combined that letter b with the word log. So blog is kind of a hip way to say web log."

"Whats a weblog"

"Never mind Fred. Don't think you'll understand. Lets just say its a little something they invented a little bit past your Pony Express days."

"I'll tell her you've got great abs so you don't have to keep your shirt off."

"Okay, okay, I'm putting the shirt on now Fred. Tell her I'll be there in about five minutes."

Arriving at the Airport his waiting passenger asked,"are you the cab driver with the great abs"

"What else did my dispatcher tell you about me," Jacques asked.

"Oh nothing much. He just mentioned that you slept with the librarian and your school teacher just to get an A."

"Gee, I mentioned that in confidence to one person, now I suppose its all over town. Anyway how have you been Ellen Simonetti I've seen you on the Today Show and on CNBC. I'm sorry that you were fired from your job as a Flight Attendant because of your blogging."

"Thank you Jacques. Its kind of you to say that. But I came here to forget about my troubles. My very good friend is getting married and I'm gonna be her Brides Maid. So I'm gonna just forget about Delta and TV and newspaper interviews for a few days and just be plain old Ellen Simonetti again."

"I understand Ellen. I think taking a break from it all is the best thing to do. Besides New England is beautiful this time of year. How are you fixed for cash"

"I'm okay Jacques. I'm getting unemployment benefits at last. I just hope I can finish my book before the checks run out. I'm not happy about being on such a tight budget but I have no choice unless I take the offer to be a centerfold."

"Oh, so they did want you do a centerfold. Figured they would. It would of sold magazines but I'm sure you made the right decision."

"Just couldn't do it Jacques. Any way I wear white socks."

"White socks! I don't get it."

"Its kind of a Texas saying Jacques. Good girls wear white socks."

"Oh now I get it. Oh by the way Ellen would you like to make some quick easy money"

"Sure I would Jacques, but just keep in mind that I wear white socks."

"Sure Ellen, it just so happens that I wear white socks too."

"Yeah, great Jacques, that gives me a lot of faith in you. You just slept with the librarian and your school teacher but you wear white socks. What are we talking about here I don't deal drugs or rob banks either."

"No, no Ellen, nothing illegal. All you have to do is place a bet on a horse race. And its not on a ringer or anything like that."

"Whats a ringer Jacques"

"A ringer is a horse disquised as another horse. Lets say you own a grey horse thats a top allowance grade horse and I own a cheap horse that runs for a low claiming tag. What we do is switch horses. The bettors think they're betting on my cheap claiming tag horse but he's really your allowance horse. Its getting harder to get away with this today because now they have more ways to identify horses but people still try it from time to time."

"So whats so special about this one horse race and why do you need me to place the bet"

"My friend is a horse trainer Ellen. He's been secretly clocking Joisey Girl in the early morning before the clockers show up at the track. He figures that Joisey Girl is at least ten lengths better than the top contenders in the race. But if either one of us is spotted making a big bet on the horse the price will go down. Joisey Girl hasn't run in two years. She was hurt but she had surgery and my friend nursed her back to health. She figures to go off about seventy to one if no one gets wise."

"How much do you want me to bet on it Jacques"

"I only have five hundred dollars that I saved for my rent to bet. I'll give you one hundred dollars worth of the bet just for putting it in. Just walk up to the five hundred dollar win window two minutes before the race goes off and say one ticket on number seven."

"But what if it loses Jacques Then how will you pay your rent"

"Its no big deal Ellen. If Joisey Girl loses I'll just have to sleep with my land lady again. She'd much rather have me sleep with her than give her the rent money any way."

"Sleep with you're land lady again! You're putting me on about your land lady. Right"

"No, thats the deal we made. She said five hundred a month or I sleep with her on rent day. But she wanted a three month security deposit, so I had to sleep with her three times because I didn't have the fiveteen hundred for the security deposit."

"Take off that shirt Jacques. I want to see if your abs are worth five hundred dollars a month free rent. And I'm gonna take pictures to show my friends in Texas if they are."

"Okay Ellen, I'm taking off my shirt but I don't want to see those pictures ending up in Play Girl or something. Remember, I wear white socks."

"Damn, I'm snapping. Those abs are worth a thousand a month rent. Hey take of some more Jacques. Maybe I could sell the pictures to Play Girl."

"Okay Ellen stop snapping where here. Got to put my shirt back on now. Just remember to play it cool. If anyone asks you why you're betting number seven just say its your lucky number and act like you really don't care if it loses."

"Okay I'll do it Jacques. Any way seven is my lucky number. I've got ten dollars of wild money. So I'm gonna play a seven and seven daily double for my self."

"I was going to leave right after the first race Ellen. After all, I am supposed to be providing a cab service. But okay, put your double in. Maybe its a winner."

"Thanks Jacques, I feel lucky today. And you're right. It is a picture perfect day today. New England is really a beautiful place."

"There she is Ellen. Joisey Girl is walking out on the track now."

"She's a beauty Jacques. Hope she runs as good as she looks."

"I'm gonna head down to the finish line. See ya there after you get the bet in Ellen."

"You've got it Jacques, the finish line is my favorite place at the track also."

Ellen returned with the five hundred dollar win ticket on Joisey Girl and then the track announcer announced "their in the gate."

"Are you nervous Jacques You've got a lot riding on this race."

"A little nervous Ellen. I found the most beautiful property in the world that I want to buy, but I can only buy it if Joisey Girl comes through for me."

"Will you show me the property if she wins"

"Sure Ellen. I'd be glad to. They're off. Oh, Joisey Girl got bumbed by two horses leaving the gate. She's back on track now but she lost a lot of ground."

"How much ground did she lose about Jacques"

"I'd say she lost about ten lengths of ground being bumbed like that."

"Then she could still win Jacques. You're friend said she's at least ten lenghts better than the top contenders."

"Yeah, she could still win Ellen, but she can't make any mistakes. Wow, she just made a bold move in the center of the track. She's only four lenghts away from the leader. Now dead even. Oh damn, the jockey lost the whip. Their nose and nose. Neither one yielding. Here's the wire. Too close to call."

"Do you think she made it Jacques"

"I really can't say for sure Ellen. I know its a nose job. But I can't tell whose nose got there first. The judges are calling for a print."

"Whats a print Jacques"

"When the judges aren't sure what horse won they ask for a blow up picture of them crossing the finish line. Seven, they just put seven up Ellen, we won."

"How much did we win Jacques

"They just made it offical now and put the price up Ellen. Joisey Girl paid one hundred and forty two dollars for every two dollar ticket. So you had a hundred dollars on her, so thats one hundred and forty two dollars times fivety and I get one hundred and forty two dollars times two hundred. Thats enough and more to buy the property I want. Lets cash the tickets in and have a drink."

"Okay Jacques, but just make my drink a coke, a coke with a double shot of bourbon that is."

"Here's your money Ellen and thanks for putting the bet in. And hey you still have a ten dollar double going. The seven and seven double is paying fourteen hundred dollars for every two dollar ticket."

"Thanks Jacques and cheers."

"Cheers Ellen."

"They're going in the gate for the second race Jacques. There they go. My number seven Texas Sweetie went right to the front. Go Texas Sweetie, go, go, go. Texas Swettie has opened a five length lead, now seven. Keep opening Texas Swettie, take some more real estate honey."

"She's got a good lead Ellen but the closers are starting to make their moves now. She's down to four lengths now but they're at the eigth pole. I say she hangs on. A sixteenth of a mile to go and she's still in front by three. The five horse is charging hard late, but here comes the wire. Texas Swettie hangs on to win by a half a length. Cash your tickets and lets walk out of here as big winners. Doesn't get any better than this."

"Okay, cashed the tickets Jacques. Where to now"

"How bout a few songs at the Piano Bar to celebrate, then I'll show you that property. Do you still sing"

"Just once in a while. I haven't felt much like singing since Delta fired me for blogging. Why do you ask

"I wrote a little song I thought you might want to sing at the Piano Bar. Its a sort of political song. I thought you might get a kick out of it. I just jotted it down for you while you were cashing your tickets."

"The song looks interesting Jacques. I sing and play piano. I think I have the perfect piano tune for this."


"Realy Jacques. Think you have something hear. Order me a steak and I'll try this out on the piano while were waiting for our order."

"Okay, let me introduce you. Hi everyone, we have a special treat this afternoon from Austin Texas. Ellen Simonetti is going to sing "Got The Red State Blues."

I'm living in a red state

But I'm feeling blue

Don't know how it happened

But I woke up blue

My Daddy was in a union when Texas was blue

But ever since Texas turned red on me

There was no union job for me

I'm living in a red state

Yeah I'm feeling blue

Got fired for blogging

Now I'm seeing red

With no union job I wasn't making much

But I was still the best that I could be

I did my job and never complained

Then my Mom passed

I tried to kill the pain

I took up blogging

Just to ease my pain

But didn't mention any names

I blogged out of Quirksville

Called it Annomymous Airlines

Just talked bout my travels

Till one day the phone rang

They said I was suspended

Something about blogging in uniform

Just didn't make any sense to me

But when you're living in a red state

Oh its just so blue

No union to represent you

Oh that door can slam hard

But what did I do wrong

I really don't know

But I'm living in a red state

Oh yeah, I've got the blues

Ellen finished her song to thunderous claps.

"You did great Ellen, but why are you crying"

"I'm crying Jacques over the fact that you could write a song like this in five minutes and still be such a slut. Give up women Jacques and just write."

"But Ellen, what would I have to write about if I gave up women"

"You don't have to give them all up Jacques. Just cut it down to a parade of one. In fact I'm going to introduce you to someone today that would be perfect for you. She really is a good girl. And she'll be worth you're waiting."

"Maybe you're right Ellen. I guess I have been a bit of a slut lately. I've been with three different women in three days now. Its getting harder to seem sincere. Introduce me to your friend. I need someone that may see me as more than just a good time roll in the hay. But first I want to show you that property I'm going to buy."

"Oh yeah, the property, I do want to see it."

"Okay, lets go then if you're ready Ellen."

They drove through the valley passing by several lakes and then heard the sound of thundering water falls.

"This is it Ellen. I'm buying this property and soon after I get my Medical Degree I'm going to build a house right near this waterfall."

"Its breathtaking Jacques. Could I write my book here"

"Sure Ellen, you can come here any time you want. And you're right about the writing. I do all my writing here right by the waterfall. And perhaps some day I may paint a few landscapes here as well. See that tree up there. I have a tree house build in it with a water bed and everything. Had to do it because sometimes I felt so peaceful here I would close my eyes and fall asleep. But its not a lot of fun waking up in the dark here. But I have lights in the tree house and plenty of warm blankets."

"So there is another side to you Jacques. You do have feelings and warmth. I think you very well may just write a great novel here some day. But behind every great man Jacques is a woman hen pecking him to fame and fortune. Always remember that."

"You're friend. Will she hen peck me gently Ellen"

"Yeah, she'll be gentle Jacques unless you totaly revert to being a bad boy again. I'll be back next summer to write my book and check up on you. Its been a fun day Jacques but you better get me to my friends house before she wonders where her Brides Maid went to. Oh and her sister Maureen is the one I want to introduce you to. When you see the most beautiful looking woman in all of New England you'll know that you're looking at Maureen."

"Okay on to Hanover. I don't really know what to say Ellen. You're just full of surprises."

"Sometimes Jacques its better to say nothing. Lets just watch this beautiful New England sunset in quiet as we drive down these beautiful quaint country roads.

"My lips are sealed Ellen."

Jacques: Episode Three "Youre test crash dummy is ready Maureen. But be gentle."

"Gentle hell Jacques, I want full thrust or I'm going back to Karen."

"Oh, I love it when you talk dirty Maureen, tell me more, tell me more."

"Its a beautiful tree house Jacques, but are you sure that no one can see us up here"

"I'm sure Maureen, but whats there to see Were only kissing and I told you that I understand that you want to wait."

"I know you can't be satisfied with just hugging and kissing Jacques."

"I'm more than satisfied Maureen. Some day when you're ready we'll do more. But with you its not just about sex. Just to hold you, to kiss your lips, to hold your hand, I'm amazed by all of that."

"I have a deep dark secret Jacques. The truth is I'm only attracted to you because your pretty. I know you're very muscular and masculine. But you're prettier than most women I know."

"Thank you Maureen, I think, but I'm just a regular guy."

"You really don't know you're pretty. Come on Jacques, if I spent an hour putting on makeup my face wouldn't look as perfect as your beautiful face. Aside from your long blonde hair, you have a pefect nose, a perfect mouth, lips, teeth and everything else. Your voice is soft and sexy. Every step you take is graceful. I know that guys are supposed to be handsome, but you're pretty. Thats the only way you can be described."

"I know what your secret is Maureen, but I don't care and we never have to talk about it."

"How could you know Jacques"

"I see the way you look at beautiful women. Buts that not unusual or anything to be alarmed about."

"You don't understand Jacques. I don't know if I can ever stop looking. And, any way its more than just looking."

"I know its more Maureen, and when someone is as beautiful as you are, its not unusual to comparison shop."

"Well, I'm glad you at least said that Jacques. Because thats why I talked you into taking me up to your tree house and why I asked if anyone could see us. I let everyone think I was a virgin and that I intended to stay a virgin till marriage just to mask my little secret."

"It worked Maureen. The entire town thinks you're a virgin and I'm quite sure that I'm the only one that noticed how you look at other beautiful women. So, I guess you didn't lose it in this town any way."

"Thats right Jacques, it was on a ski weekend and I never told anyone and it never happened again. But I and Karen have gotten together a few times."

"Karen the librarian is bi."

"I don't know and I didn't say that, but you seem very certain. You and Karen didn't, did you Jacques"

"Yes we did Maureen, but it was before Ellen introduced you to me. But since I've been with you there have been no others."

"Thanks for being honest with me Jacques. I can understand. After all, Karen is a beautiful woman. Now that were both being honest, I guess I should tell you why I asked you to take me up in your tree house. To be blunt Jacques, I want to take you for a test drive."

"A test drive! What do you mean Maureen Does unzippering my zipper have something to do with this test drive"

"You guessed right Jacques. I want to find out if you're better than Karen."

"Whait a minute Maureen. Thats not fair. Karens some stiff competition. I was attracted to her myself."

"Do you want to fuck me Jacques, or do have to get consumer reports to do it"

"No, I'll play test crash dummy for you. Umm, nice looking head lights you've got there. Let me give them a little tongue twirl before I look under the hood."

"Nice Jacques. So far you're ahead of Karen on the tongue flick score."

"You're unbuckling my saftey belt so soon Maureen. What ever happened to foreplay"

"I want to see what your ass looks like without the wrapper."

"Sure Maureen, whatever floats your boat."

"Its a beauty Jacques. You have the most perfect ass I've ever seen."

"I bet you say that to all the guys Maureen."

"Youre a real comedian Jacques. But no more jokes. I'm sliding my panties off and I hope you're ready."

"Ready for what Maureen"

"Ready for crazy love Jacques".

"Youre test crash dummy is ready Maureen. But be gentle."

"Gentle hell Jacques, I want full thrust or I'm going back to Karen."

"Oh, I love it when you talk dirty Maureen, tell me more, tell me more."

"That feels good Jacques, really good. Are all French men this proficent in love making."

"I really wouldn't know Maureen, I only swing one way."

"Very funny Jacques. Now stop cracking jokes and keep flicking me with that hot tongue of yours. Yeah, thats it, oh yeah, my motor is now on vroom."

"Would it help Maureen if I put on an auto mechanic outfit and gave you a good lube job."

"Now you're talking dirty Jacques. Keep flicking, I'm cumming like crazy now."

"Wow, you're a pool of saturation. Okay no more jokes. You are ready my love."

"Okay, I am ready Jaques, but after you're done I want you to be honest and tell me if I was better than Karen."

"All right babe, get ready to burn some rubber."

"Oh Jacques, you feel fantastic, oh I wish this could last all day."

"I do too babe, but I've got good news and bad news. The good news is you're much, much better than Karen, but the bad news is I'm about to go full throttle."

"Can't you hang on just a little bit longer Jacques."

"I just don't know, but I'll try babe."

"I'm coming again Jacques, let it rip."

"You don't have to ask me twice babe."

"I love you Jacques."

"Ditto Maureen."

"Just hold me Jacques and be next to me."

Jacques: Episode Four Donna Puts On Her French Maid Outfit "What's going on Diana Why did you want me to put on my French Maid outfit"

"I want to make love to you Donna. I've tried to fight it all these months

but I can no longer resist."

"Oh, sure Diana. But what about that naked guy over there."

"He makes it more thrilling Donna. With him watching were having

Sex al Fresco. Watch him watching as I unbutton your blouse. Can I touch

your breasts Donna"

"Where am I"

"You're in my bed."

"Did we"

"No, we didn't, its nothing like that."

"Then why am I in your bed And why am I naked"

"I had to throw all your clothes away. They were

all torn and tattered from the accident."

"I feel okay, but I can't remember anything."

"You were very lucky, you only have a few scrathes

and a bumb on your head. It was all my fault. I was

drinking and I flew right threw the stop sign and

hit you. I've had the best Doctors secretly look

at you and they asure me that you will be fine."

"What do you mean, looked at me secretly And who

are you anyway"

"Surely you josh, of course you must know who I am.

I'm sure you must have seen a few movies. Are you just

pretending a loss of memory just because you know I'm

very wealthy.

"No, I'm not pretending. I really have no idea who you are,

but you are very beautiful, and I'm not surprised that you're

a movie star."

"Yes, I'm a movie star all right, but I paid a price for it,

a very big price. Fame has given me a bad drinking problem."

"Why is that"

"I drink to forget. Drinking helps me to forget all the men and

women I had to sleep with to claw my way to the top."

"Men and women. Are you bi"

"No, I'm quite straight, but when in Rome, you do like the Romans

or you leave Hollywood and return to a little hick town that no one

has ever heard of. Besides, after a few snorts, it doesn't seem to

matter very much who you're in bed with or how many people are in

bed with you. And half of them are so spaced out, they don't even

know that their there anyway. So what about you What's your sexual

persuasion or can you even remember."

"I can't remember. At least, I can't recall anyone in my life. I can't

really say for sure what my sexual persuasion is."

"Would you like to find out"

"Sure, but how

"Okay, lets do a few things and well try and find out. Unbutton my blouse

Jacques and decide if you'd like to remove my bra."

"Jacques, why did you call me Jacques"

"It was on your ID Bracelet, but that was all I found. By the way my name

is Diana in case you may care. Well, what are you waiting for Don't you

want to unbutton my blouse

"I'm not sure if I do. I really can't remember."

"Allright Jacques, I guess I will have to give you a sex test. Here, my

blouse is off and here goes my bra. Is that doing anything for you"

"You have very beautiful breasts, but I'm not feeling anything."

"Okay, here goes my skirt and panties. Anything yet"

"Sorry Diana, but I'm just not feeling anything at all."

"Okay Jacques, I'm going to call my cook Jake into the room. Jake, please

come upstairs.

"Yes Diana, what can I do for you"

"Could you please take off all your clothes Jake."

"Sure Diana, but why You know I'm gay."

"Yes I know Jake, but I need to find out something."

"Okay, I'm taking everything off. Anything for you Diana."

"Well Jacques, Jake is now totaly naked. Are you feeling anything

"No, nothing Diana, maybe I'm just not sexual."

"Could be Jacques, could be. I hate to have to resort to this, but its

time to go nuclear. Jake, please go downstairs and ask Donna to

come up and tell her to wear her French Maid outfit."

"Thanks for trying Diana, but I think it hopeless. I just don't know who

I am or what I am."

"Don't worry Jacques, well know soon, very soon. Oh good, here comes

Donna in her French Maid outfit."

"What's going on Diana Why did you want me to put on my French Maid outfit"

"I want to make love to you Donna. I've tried to fight it all these months

but I can no longer resist."

"Oh, sure Diana. But what about that naked guy over there."

"He makes it more thrilling Donna. With him watching were having

Sex al Fresco. Watch him watching as I unbutton your blouse. Can I touch

your breasts Donna"

"I guess Diana, but isn't this kind of weird"

"No more talking Donna, let me kiss you as I caress your breasts."

"You have a nice touch Diana, but just how far do you want to go. I

mean, I thought you were still going with that hunk Paul."

"Oh Paul, he's just a man. What can he give me Donna. I want to

go all the way with you Donna. Come and lay on the bed."

"Okay, I'm on the bed, but it still feels weird with this naked

guy on the same bed. What are you going to do now."

"Just lay back Donna while I unhook your skirt."

"Oh okay, now what Diana."

"Now, I'm going to slide your panties off and give you the time

of your life."

"Oh stop Diana, please stop, I want you. Please send Donna away."

"So you are straight Jacques. When did you get a feeling of desire

for me."

"Just as soon as you started kissing Donna. Then I knew Diana that

I was strait. It was a real turn on when I saw the two of you

kissing. I'm sure now that I want you. Thank you for everything that

you've done."

"Do you want me made enough Jacues to be my sex slave"

"Yes Diana, anything, I'll do anything to have you."

"Okay Donna, you heard him. Help me handcuff him to the bed."

"Handcuffs Diana. Why on earth would you need handcuffs."

"With the hancuffs Jacques, I make sure that it wont be just

all about you and just wham bam for me. I like to be in

control. But if you object to the cuffs we can just forget

about it and still part friends."

"Anything, anything you want, its okay. Put the cuffs on. I'm

ready. Oh am I ready." Wow, those cuffs are tight. Whats that for."

"I'm covering your eyes, so I can keep surprising you." I putting a

drink up to your mouth, just drink it."

"Okay, I drank it. But what was it"

"Its a super sex stimulant, that will keep you going for hours."

"I'm going to rub some oil on you know to stimulate all your sexual

senses. I'm going to do it nice and slow so it penetrates deeply."

"Oh, give it to me, give it to me now, I need it, I need it bad Diana."

"No, its not time yet. That's why I have you handcuffed Jacques."

"Okay Diana, but all that rubbing is really turning me on."

"You just think you're turned on Jacques. I've just barely began. Are you

ready for the whip cream. I'm going to spray it all over your body and then

lick it all up. Every last drop."

"What happens when you lick up the last drop of whip cream Diana"

"Then I play ride em cow girl."

About: The author of "Episodes Of Jacques" is Timothy McCorkell. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Sex Story Series section.

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