My Lucky Break

Author: David Michael
Published: Jan 31, 2008
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The first chapter of an Erotic Book that l am writing, l have 3 chapters writen already. I am new to writing so l am hoping for some feedback to help me. The book is about my personal experiences (and fantasies) with the girls who worked at a Gentlemans Club in Johannesburg SA. I was employed as an electrician for just over 3 years.

A Tribute To All The Sex Workers Out There And For What They Do

Chapter 1: The Upside.

I was enjoying myself that night, sitting at my table in the Gentlemens Club, chatting and flirting with 3 very beautiful Thai girls who worked there, Nan, Joy and Mai. Nan was sitting astride my right leg, rubbing herself against me suggestively and massaging my neck. Joy and Mai, sat next to me, one on either side, one of them (not sure which one) was rubbing my crotch with her hand, which was doing wonders for my ego as well as my cock. My hands were firmly between their shapely legs, gently stroking their pussies through their panties. Nan, not to be outdone, lent towards me and suggested we go to one of the bedrooms, jokingly l asked if we should all go, she said no, only her and me, l told her, ok, she then spoke to Joy and Mai in Thai and stood up. Both Joy and Mai looked disappointed, so l told them they were next on my list, which seemed to satisfy them, l then stood up and taking Nan by the hand, we went to the front desk to pay for a room.

Nan went into the room first with me just behind her, l closed and locked the door, as l turned around Nan pressed herself against me, slipped her arms around my waist, reached up and kissed me full on the mouth. This took me completely by surprise, but it was so enjoyable, l wrapped my arms around her and kissed her back, passionately. After a minute or so, we untwined ourselves and Nan began to undress me, once l was naked, l undressed her leaving our clothes in a pile on the floor. I looked at her longingly, she was so beautiful, her body perfect. She stood about 5ft 2inches tall, very slim but not thin, had small firm breasts with perky nipples, long dark hair that reached halfway down her back, her soft lips inviting and for the next hour, she was all mine. She looked down at my manhood, which sadly had gone limp, she took it in her hand but still it did not respond. I told her not to worry as these days, this was quite normal (l suffer from E.D.) she said ok, then went to the shower and turned on the taps. Taking my hand in hers, we both got under the warm water and washed each other, stealing kisses as we did so. We then dried ourselves off and moved to the bed, where l laid her down with her head resting on the pillow, her hair spread out on both sides.

I laid down next to her and looked her straight in the eyes, she smiled up at me, reached up with her arms and pulled me down to her and we kissed again, with more passion this time, her tongue fencing with mine. Reluctantly, our lips parted and l kissed her slim neck, l then kissed my way down to her small, firm breasts, then gently sucked each of her nipples in turn using the tip of my tongue to lick them at the same time. Nan was moaning softly, her nipples getting hard, l continued kissing my way down her lovely slim body, pausing at her belly button, where l licked small circles around it, her stomach muscles tightening as l did so. I now went lower, kissing her navel and then l reached the small triangle of pubic hair, her legs parting in anticipation. Moving my position, so that l was now lying on my stomach between those lovely legs, l lowered my head and kissed her inner thighs, Nans legs opened wider and she pulled up her knees. All the while her soft moans getting louder, l put my arms under her legs and reaching up, gently cupped both her breasts and began to massage them and tickled her nipples with my fingers.

Lowering my head between her legs, l kissed her pussy lips which were already quite wet, then with my tongue, l licked my way up from the bottom of her pussy to the top, keeping my tongue between her now swollen lips. Nan was groaning, her small body contorting, her legs now behind my back and her hands guiding my head. Her pussy lips were now fully open as l licked up and down, tasting her nectar, l licked up to the top once more and found her clit, fully erect now, l gently sucked it into my lips and ran my tongue over its tip. Nan went mad, l thought she might fall off the bed. I looked up at her, her eyes were tightly closed, her head rolling from side to side, her stomach muscles tight, her breath coming in short gasps. She was now pushing her hips up towards me, her hands pushing my head down, so that my lips were firmly clamped onto her pussy. I kissed my way down to her entrance and put my tongue inside as far as l could, rolling it around, in and out, her hips were now off the bed and gyrating against my face, her hands clamped tight against my head. Nan took a deep breath, her body went rigid and she let out a long deep groan. Her pussy juice flowing freely into my mouth, over my tongue and down my chin. Her body gradually relaxed, sagging down to the bed, her hands and legs allowing me some free movement at last. I kissed her pussy and clit again lightly, before kissing her body back up to her breasts, which l kissed fondly and then sucked on her now very hard and erect nipples.

We kissed passionately again for some time, our tongues licking each other, my free hand gently stroking her breasts and her pussy, which was now very wet indeed. Nan reached down for my manhood which was now semi-erect. Kissing me again, she guided me onto my back, she kneeled beside me and began to stroke my cock, at the same time moving into the 69 position on top of me. Her pussy looked me straight in the eye, l could clearly see her swollen lips and her erect clit, l inserted my index finger and placed my thumb just above her clit, l then gently fingered her, slowly. Nan gasped and her body stiffened, then relaxed again and she began stroking my cock, sucking the tip of it in her lovely soft mouth, oh such heaven, the sensations were fantastic. My efforts with her pussy were having an effect, l could see her lips contracting and relaxing, her juices dripping onto my chest, my manhood was at last responding to all the attention it was getting, which was good news. Nan sat up and reached for a condom, opened it and slipped it on, l withdrew my fingers from her pussy, she then turned herself around. Her fingers still holding my cock, she guided herself down onto it, it slid in easily until it was right in as far as it would go. She then leaned forward towards me, my arms going around her and we kissed again, at the same time moving up and down on my shaft, first slowly then faster, l too started to thrust into her. It was not long before we were both gasping and climaxed together, we continued to kiss until l slipped out of her, our time was nearly up. We got up and showered again, dried ourselves, got dressed and returned to the bar, our arms around each other and kissing.

We returned to our table where Joy and Mai were still sitting, they both looked at us and smiled knowingly, seeing that their drinks were finished, l went to the bar for refills leaving the girls to chat. When l returned with the drinks , l could see Joy and Mai looking at me strangely, Nan had a huge smile on her face but said nothing. I sat down, Joy and Mai sat next to me and Nan sat opposite, on the other side of the table. We sipped at our drinks and chatted about Thailand and where they lived, which brought back some lovely memories as l had spent some time there, many years ago now. As l was sitting between them, it was only natural for me to put my arms around their shoulders, they both responded by moving closer. I turned my head towards Joy, intending to ask her something, she however, had other ideas. She looked up at me at the same instant and bending my head slightly, we kissed full on the lips, our tongues darting in and out, at the same time her hand found my crotch, rubbing my cock gently through my jeans. As out lips parted, Mai reached up her hand to my face and pulled me around to her, we also kissed passionately, Joy still rubbing my crotch. Oh God, l thought to myself, what to do now, it was still quite early in the evening and obviously these two wanted me, but was l up to it, that was the question. As Mai and l pulled apart from our kiss, l asked them both if they fancied going in the Jacuzzi. They both said they would, l looked over at Nan who was smiling at me, but shaking her head, obviously she had had enough for a while, so Joy, Mai and l stood up, picked up our drinks and headed for the front desk. As l paid for the Jacuzzi, the girl behind reception looked at me in amazement, l just smiled and winked at her, before heading for the Jacuzzi room.

Once inside after locking the door, Joy and Mai stripped off their clothes and stood naked before me, their hands caressing their bodies gently, this was new to me, l had never been alone with more than one naked woman before. To say l was unsure of myself is an understatement and as they both advanced towards me, l did not know what l was supposed to do next. I did not have to worry though, Mai and Joy knew exactly what to do, as they both began to remove my clothes and once l was as naked as they were, they led me to the Jacuzzi. They sat me down on the edge of it, Joy with her lovely slim body and ample, but firm breasts getting in the water and began to massage my feet and legs in the warm water. Mai knelt down behind me, rubbing her small perky breasts against my back, the nipples scratching my skin, she then began to massage my neck and shoulders, giving me little light kisses as she did so. If this is heaven, l thought to myself, then l don't ever want to leave, allowing all the wonderful sensations to wash over me as these two beautiful women worked their magic on me. To be honest, l cant remember the last time l felt so relaxed, Joy kept brushing against my cock with her hands, as she massaged my upper legs, every so often Mai would pinch my nipples softly, then carry on massaging me. My cock was semi-erect by now, which surprised me, but as l was in heaven l did not give it a thought really, not until Joy took it in her mouth that is. Very gently she was sucking and licking my cock which was getting harder and harder all the time, Mai stopped massaging me and instead moved closer to me. Her breasts again rubbing against my back, her nipples very hard now, her fingers gently pinching my nipples, which were also getting hard and erect. Joy now started to stroke my balls, while she sucked on my now stiff cock, l reached down to her with one hand so l could fondle her long black hair. At the same time l could feel my climax rising, so l told her l was about to cum, but instead of pulling away, she sucked me in even further and sucked harder. That was it, l could not hold back, groaning l let go my seed in her lovely soft mouth, which she swallowed not wasting a single drop.

Joy released my cock and smiled up at me, licking her lips at the same time, she then said something in Thai. Getting up from behind me, Mai slipped into the water, she and Joy started kissing and caressing each other. Wow l thought, this is every mans dream, two women getting it on together, how lucky can l get, eagerly watching the scene before me. As they kissed, l could see that they were both stroking each other's pussies under the water, every so often they sucked on each other's nipples until they were hard and erect. After a short while, they both turned to me, each took one of my legs and pulled, splash l went into the water, they both giggled and guided me back to a seat, my back against the side of the pool. The water was up to my chest and felt so good, the warm water rushing against me, two beautiful women smiling down at me and coming to kneel down on the seats next to me. First l kissed Mai full on the lips, moving my tongue around inside and then Joy, the same, l then sucked on her now erect nipples, and then l gave Mai the same treatment. Under the water, l could see them both stroking and fingering themselves, so l reached for their hands and gently took their place, inserting first one finger into each of them and rubbing their clits with my thumbs. Before long l had two fingers inside each of them, stroking gently, both girls squirming against me, their breasts face height, so l could suck their nipples each in turn. I could hear their soft moans and looked up, they were kissing above my head, and this spurred me on more, so l began to finger them faster, their slim little hips gyrating against me. Mai was the first one to start gasping for breath, l knew she was close to cumming, so l began to suck her nipples hard and licked the tips with my tongue, she reached climax soon after. I then concentrated on Joy, sucking and licking her nipples, her breasts full and firm, Mai was kissing her passionately as well, my fingers sliding in and out of her pussy, at last she climaxed letting out a loud groan at the same time. I removed my fingers reluctantly and they sat down beside me, both smiling and happy, we all kissed and relaxed a bit before getting out and drying off. Once we had dressed, we headed back to the bar, our faces very flushed, everyone could see that we had enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

Nan was not at our table when we returned, so we guessed that she was with another client, we finished our drinks and l told them that l had to get home, but l would see them again in a day or two. We kissed each other again before saying our good-byes, l could see that they did not want me to leave, but it was getting late and to be honest, l was exhausted. I got up to leave when Nan walked into the bar, l kissed her goodbye as well and left the club for the night, but the story continues.

About: The author of "My Lucky Break" is David Michael. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Sex Story Series section.

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