Just a Pampering Treat

Published: Mar 9, 2008
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This is just a short story about the time i organised a little treat for my wife at our house.

My wife and i have lots of fun with each other,all the time and very much so when we make love.I especially love her openmindedness and the great turn on she can be.She is extremely sexy and drives me mad during sex.

I often tell her how i would love to see her getting well fucked by someone else while i watched,just wanting to see her drive another cock mad.Being as sexy as she is,she would often take up my thoughts and tell me in greater detail exactly what she would do to him while i watched.

She turns me on in such a way with this,that i would stay hard a whole day,dripping in my pants and even had a few wet dreams over this.

Anyway,a while back i decided to give her atreat,and called a masseuse to give my wife an allover body treat in the comfort of our home. The lady took my appointment and i told my wife about it. She looked forward to the treat.

Come Saturday,i had arranged for the kids to be at afriends,and we awaited the lady,who promptly turned up.I then excused myself as a male helper,a strong looking well muscled young man helped the lady set up the massage bed. I decided to leave the house for a while as i assumed the lady would be a while and i would be in the way.

I eventually returned and very silently let myself into the house not to disturb my wife.I had to walk past the lounge where my wife was being massaged and peeped in through the gap in the doorway hoping to see my wife enjoying her treat. I was instantly stunned to see my wife completely naked,enjoying a massage from who i thought was the helper,none other than the fit young man.I thought i was imagining ,but i wasnt and became very arroused.I didnt want to breath,hoping to watch my wifes massage.

It must have been really pleasurable for her,as she moaned sometimes when his hands touched certain spots on her body.She was lying face down,and judging from the oil on her body,it looked like her legs were the only parts not done yet. I started to get really breathless as he oiled his hands and started to rub her legs,starting at her feet and rubbing all the way up one leg using both hands all the way up,one hand turning over her bum cheek and the other going between her legs before starting down again.

I watched my wife twitch the first time but then slowly moan every time his hands ran up,and even arched her back a few times.I knew this had turned out to be a turn on for the young man as well as i noticed his hand linger a while between her legs before going back down. As he oiled his hands to start on the other leg,i noticed the glistening moisture on his fingertips and knew why my wife was moaning. Everytime his hands ran up,he thrust his middle finger just into her vagina and knowing my wife,this must have been a great turn on.Other than the occasional moan she did not show any signs of being turned on,and i thought that was as far as it was going to go. After rubbing her legs,the man then went arround,stood just at her head and started to rub her shoulders.

I was so engrossed in this that i didnt notice my wife's eyes open,staring at the door and smiling. I quickly pulled away from the door and slowly put my head forward again. She kept smiling,knowing i was there,and then started to give me the sexiest show on earth.

With her head still down,she moved one of her hand s over her head and started to fondle the young mans crotch.The young guy continued with his massage seeming not to notice as my wifes other hand came up and slowly tugged and lowered his loose fitting trousers.With just a glance in my direction,she popped her head up and straight away took his by now hard cock into her mouth. He had a cock that fitted in with his muscled body,and by the way it stretched her mouth it looked quite big.

My wife then gave me the show of my life as they seemed to melt together,with him sticking his big cock into her,and she sucking on it,he sucking on her big tits,ramming fingers up her vagina,she bouncing on his cock, him thrusting deep into her with her legs over his shoulders and wrapped around his thrustings hips,him even lifting her up against the wall, thrusting deep into her,she sitting on his cock bending over sticking her tongue into his mouth showing me her stretched hole with his cock deep inside,juices moistening his cock and her cunt lips,she seemed to lke his big cock going deep in and after her hole was well stretched, kept picking her legs over his shoulder and asked to be fucked hard.

Twice he pulled his cock out and she sucked on it and wildly sat and bounced on it again. It was just as well she came with a loud moan,and he slid his cock out at the same time and came all over her tits. I then walked away into another room and soon heard my sexy wife moaning again. I left her to enjoy her treat and couldnt wait to suck her hard fucked pussy.

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