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Outline clipart of girlHuman sexuality is the capacity of humans to have erotic experiences and responses. Someone's sexual orientation can influence that person's sexual interest and attraction for another person. Sexuality may be experienced and expressed in a variety of ways; including thoughts, fantasies, desires, beliefs, attitudes, values, behaviors, practices, roles, and relationships.

Sexuality is part of what makes us human. Naturally, its fundamental function is to propagate the species. But clearly, sex goes far beyond the powerful evolutionary instinct to procreate. Sex is also about sensual pleasure. Enjoyment. Excitement. Even ecstasy. Our informative articles on sexuality and day to day sexual issues include diseases, sex related problems or fears, and performance in bed issues.

List of Sexuality Stories
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1 - Virtual Reality (VR) Pornography - Using a headset like the Oculus Rift or Playstation VR allows you to become an active part of virtual sexual experiences.
2 - How to Have an Affair and Cheat Without Getting Caught - How to have an affair mobile app helps cheaters have discreet affairs without getting found out caught.
3 - List of Foods Said to be Aphrodisiacs - Explains what aphrodisiacs are and lists some of the products and substances that you may not have heard of.
4 - How to Tell if a Woman or Girl is Leading You On - Information regarding how to tell if a female is just leading you on and what you should do about it.
5 - Tips on How to Get a Girl or Woman Interested in You - List of tips on attracting girls by getting them to like you and how to keep them interested in you on a date.
6 - How to Tell When a Woman or Girl is Flirting with You - Important tips for males outlining when a woman or girl may be flirting with you, or not.
7 - Meaning of Colored Jelly Bracelets - List of sexual meanings of the colors of jelly bracelets originally designed for health and cancer research.
8 - Why Are Asian Sex Videos and Pictures Blurred Out - Explains why Asian and Japanese porn pictures and videos are censored with both male and female genitalia blurred out, or pixelated.
9 - Foreplay: Sex Tips for Women and Men - Learn how to increase sexual pleasure with our tips for men and women on making sex more enjoyable for you and your partner.
10 - Sex Positions: New and Old Variations - Information and instructions for performing sex in a number of position variations to spice up your sex life.
11 - How Many Calories Do You Burn Having Sex - Find out the amount of calories you burn during sex sexual activities, foreplay and other sex positions.
12 - Does Penis Size Affect Sex - When it comes to sex, am I big enough has got to be the top question men have been asking themselves forever.
13 - Free Online Adult Chat Rooms - List of online adult chat rooms at Adult FriendFinder chat section that are free to join and mobile friendly.
14 - How Do Men Masturbate: Male Masturbation Methods - Masturbation techniques for men explaining what happens when a male masturbates and how to have more intense orgasms.
15 - Average Penis Size and Measurement Chart - Facts, figures, and information regarding the male penis including average penis size chart.
16 - How to Locate the Clitoris: Clit Picture and Information - Information on the female clitoris including how to locate and stimulate the clit to bring a woman to orgasm.
17 - Female Ejaculation: How to Make a Woman Squirt - Article provides information on female ejaculation (squirting), includes tips on how to make yourself squirt cum.
18 - Cunnilingus: How to Perform Oral Sex on a Woman - Detailed instructions regarding performing oral sex to females to give women satisfaction and satisfying orgasms.
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