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Female Orgasm: How to Make a Woman Cum


Author: SexTails
Published: 14-Nov-08 Revised/Updated 06-Feb-16

Female orgasm all men want to give their partner one but not all men achieve it.

If you follow the simple tips below you will achieve not only more pleasure for you but make your partner have a memorable orgasm too.

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Let's look at the female orgasm and the 6 simple tips to make it happen.

1. Relax and Enjoy

Most women view sex as both an emotional and physical experience and are generally not as easily aroused as men.

It is important that they don't feel like sex objects for male gratification, so take time to be considerate and let your partner know you really care.

Female orgasm comes from the mind as much as the body.

2. Foreplay

To relax your partner you need to have plenty of foreplay. Keep in mind there are many erogenous zones apart from the obvious ones.

To give a couple of examples 80% of women don't believe that their partners kiss them enough, so do it. Another great erogenous zone is the neck; kissing or nibbling it will drive your partner wild with desire.

The buttocks what women doesn't feel self conscious about her behind Show her you appreciate it, stroke it and kiss it and remember - All these gestures add up.

There are many more erogenous zones and we have written on 12 others in previous articles that most men don't think about so discover them.

3. Oral Sex

Women simply loVe oral sex and can orgasm from it easier sometimes than sexual intercourse, so perfect your art. Oral sex does not just mean a quick lick - it's a specific technique.

Plenty of oral sex (10 - 15 minutes) will get your partner in the mood and relax her.

4. Go slowly

Many women claim their men come too quickly. If that's you then you need to slow down or vary the pace.

Sex is not simply about orgasm for you, the build up is pleasurable and it will come eventually, so take your time to give your partner a chance to come to - Don't leave her frustrated.

5. Correct Breathing

Breathe deeply and slowly this will help you prolong sex and you can also synchronise your breathing with your partners, which will be highly erotic for both of you and give the feeling of becoming "one" in sexual union together.

If you haven't tried it do so it's very erotic.

6. Forget complicated positions!

Your main aim is to target the g-spot to give a pleasurable female orgasm, there are really 3 positions that work well for this and there mentioned in writings thousands of years ago and they still work.

Don't use such complicated positions all you do is concentrate on holding the position or one you have seen in a porn movie hitting the g spot is much easier than that.

7. Visualization

Lose yourself in the act and use visualization.

Imagine a warm glow, in the pelvic region going out to the extremities of the body.

Doing this concentrates your mind on one thing and one thing only - What you are doing and everything else doesn't matter.

Visualization is used to achieve many things in life and can be used as a powerful tool in helping you help your partner achieve orgasm.

Try the above tips and you will make your partner feel relaxed, excited, wanted and loved and you will both enjoy more satisfying sex.

How Women Can Experience a Clitoral Orgasm

The most common way for a woman to regularly reach clitoral orgasm is through direct or indirect clitoral stimulation.

"Because the entire area is highly sensitive, experimenting with these types of orgasms can also add some interest and spice to sexual relationships which may have become less enthusiastic over time."

By far the most common way for a woman to regularly reach orgasm is through direct or indirect clitoral stimulation. Before we just into that subject, I think it may help to share with you some information about the clitoris.

The clitoris is located just by the vaginal entrance and behind the labia minora.

In most women, it is a small nub of flesh which contains a high concentration of nerve endings which make it highly sensitive. It is often covered by a clitoral hood. Many people don't realize that only a small portion of the clitoris is actually visible. The remainder of the organ is surrounded by the rest of the reproductive system and extends all the way to the bottom of the pubic bone.

Two things are particularly interesting about the clitoris.

First, all female mammals have a clitoris.

This is interesting because the sole purpose, at least according to biologists, of the clitoris is sexual pleasure. That would seem to mean that humans aren't the only ones who enjoy the way sex feels.

Second, the clitoris is made from the same material as the penis.

In fact, in men the clitoris becomes a full-fledged penis after the embryo is exposed to testosterone in the womb. Just like the penis, the clitoris fills with blood and becomes erect during sexual arousal. The clitoral hood is essentially the same as the foreskin of a penis. The only real difference between a clitoris and a penis - besides location in the body - seems to be that the penis is also used for urination while the clitoris is not.

With that said, its important to realize that the clitoris is really similar in size to the penis, even though most of it cannot be seen. Vibrations through the pelvic region caused by intercourse could stimulate the nerve endings in the unseen part of the clitoris as well and this can also cause orgasms. What many people don't realize about the clitoris is that the penis alone usually cannot stimulate it. Because of its position in the woman's body, the ability of the penis to provide rhythmic stimulation to the clitoris is extremely difficult. That means traditional intercourse usually needs to be coupled with clitoral stimulation.

The question is how does one engage in clitoral stimulation.

Some male partners take the approach that the women should be responsible for the stimulation themselves, which has always seemed a bit unfair to me since the woman is providing him with the stimulation he needs to reach orgasm. However, this is one way to deal with it.

Another method is by, what I like to call multi-tasking.

Multi-tasking basically means the man does more than one thing at the same time. For example, he may be penetrating the vagina while also stimulating the clitoris in one way or another (we'll discuss those ways a little later). If the couple wants to achieve orgasm at or near the same time, this is clearly the best option.

Other couples I've met with have resorted to an alternative approach.

One person reaches orgasm at a time. Depending on how each person best reaches orgasm, this may be a possibility but it's usually not the most satisfactory approach.

The best thing about clitoral orgasms is that they can be achieved in many different ways. Because the entire area is highly sensitive, experimenting with these types of orgasms can also add some interest and spice to sexual relationships which may have become less enthusiastic over time.

And the key is experimenting because different women prefer different types of clitoral stimulation. While some prefer direct stimulation, others find it uncomfortable and prefer to have the area around the clitoris stimulated instead. Women who have masturbated will generally have a much better idea of what type of stimulation they prefer than women who have not.

Before I close this article, let's talk about what happens during a clitoral orgasm.

As I mentioned above, the clitoris feels up with blood and becomes erect like a penis. This means its usually easier to spot when a woman is aroused. Because the clitoris does not need to be erect for sexual intercourse to occur, clitoral orgasms will only happen if the woman is aroused properly. That means some type of foreplay is generally a requirement. When the clitoris is stimulate repeatedly, it becomes more engorged with blood and this further heightens its sensitivity. With another stimulation a point is reached when all of the tension in the area must be released and this point is considered the orgasm.

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