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Free Guide to Giving a Blowjob - Sucking Cock to Make a Man Cum


Author: Randy Mandy
Contact: SexTails.com
Published: 02-Jul-14

The ultimate free guide to performing a blowjob on a male for beginners and provides new BJ tricks for old hands.

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One of the most sexy ways a man can be pleasured is when a woman adores his cock. This article explains exactly how to give the ultimate blowjob.

I think a cock represents about 80% of his ego, so if you want to make your man smile from his soul; you need to completely and thoroughly ADORE his cock. One of the BEST ways to do this is to suck it for him. And I don't mean just lightly lick it, I mean take it in your hand, devour it, lick it hard, suck it hard and feel it down your throat, really deep throat your mans cock.

First of all, men know if you like doing this or not, just by how you go about it. If you don't like it, he will know because the enthusiasm is not there. Be PASSIONATE about giving head. Go for the gusto and it will turn him on so incredibly that he will say "I had the BEST blowjob today," and he will remember it for many hours of masturbation later.

A woman in charge of the blow job and who wants to seriously give her man pleasure is in control of him in this moment. Make sure he knows YOU are sucking him; he is NOT fucking your face! One thing I always tell the man is not to put his hand on my head. I don't need any help pushing my head down. God I just HATE that!!!

Deepthroating Tips

The number one request guys have when it comes to blowjobs can be summed up in three words: deep throat action. They just can't get enough of their dick hitting the back of your throat- profound penetration couched in throat muscles contracting, and taut lips running the length of their shaft. It's all they can do not to orgasm right there on the spot.

The first thing you need to know about deepthroating is: it's crucial you breathe through your nose. Without adopting this habit, you run the risk of cutting off your oxygen supply, unintentionally inducing faintness, dizziness, or even an inimitable feeling of panic.

Secondly, it's very important to relax. In fact, the more you relax, the more flexible your throat muscles become, and the more comfortable it'll feel for you as he enters more and more deeply into your mouth.

One thing you can gauge ahead of time to make the whole process easier for yourself is the curvature of his cock. If it curves upwards, you may want to try deepthroating him in a 69 position, reducing the effort necessary to get the job done. In contrast, a penis that curves in a downward direction is best tackled from a kneeling position in front of him.

Once you've determined the angle from which you're going to approach it, start by sucking his cock normally, arousing him and getting him nice and hard. Once he's horny, plunge it deeper past your gag reflex to the back of your throat. If you have trouble doing this try yawning or swallowing a few times to enlarge your throat.

Relax while you're doing this. It will help open your throat up and prevent you from choking. If you do choke or gag though, take his cock out of your mouth altogether and breathe for a few minutes before trying again. Practice will help significantly with this technique. Just as things 'downtown' were tight when you lost your virginity, your throat needs to loosen up and get used to its new function.

As you go deeper, you might hear a popping noise. That's nothing to worry about; it's just the sound of his penis penetrating your throat. He's not breaking tissue or muscle mass. But it might feel strange at first.

The other difference you'll notice is that his dick will be covered in thick mucous- it'll be more consolidated and substantial than your usual saliva. This is nothing to worry about either. It's just the deeper you go, the more lined your throat gets.

When you're comfortable with deep throating, and your body has gotten used to relaxing its gag reflex, there are a few advanced techniques you can try that'll get him hotter than an exhaust pipe after a three day road trip.

1) Contract your throat muscles while he's inside you, massaging the head of his dick simultaneously.

2) While his dick is down there, swallow a few times- the sensation will make him reel.

3) Then, practice taking the head of his cock in and out of your throat- not bringing it right out of your mouth, of course, but just enough so that it's penetrating and exiting the point of no return (where your gag reflex used to kick in.) He'll go nuts!

Good work, you're on your way.

The key things to remember when deep throating your man are: that practice makes perfect- no one did this flawlessly the first, second or even third time they tried- and that relaxing makes it much more comfortable for you.

Take deep breaths, go slowly, and visualize yourself feeling calm and centred as you perform the act. Some cocks will be too big to deep throat entirely, and others will be swallow-able in one gulp. Gauge your limits, be reasonable, and don't push yourself too hard at first. You're sure to improve quickly, and your man's sure to love it!

The Top 10 Fellatio Mistakes - How to avoid them.

1. Teeth

The number one blowjob mistake: letting your teeth hit his cock. We can't stress this enough. Ask any guy and he'll tell you again and again: nothing is worse than a blowjob that is "all teeth". In fact, most guys won't admit it, but their idea of a perfect blowjob would be getting sucked off by a gorgeous woman with removable dentures. Teeth can nick and scrape the sensitive skin of the penis. Open your mouth wide enough that they stay away from his cock, or suck your lips in over them to cushion the rough edges. If he's wearing a condom during the blowjob this may provide a slight buffer, but don't count on it.

2. Going too fast

Some guys enjoy a quickie, but unless they're in a hurry to get back to work or back to their wife/girlfriend, most men like to savor the experience of getting their cock sucked. So don't rush them. It's not a race to see how fast you can get him to spurt. Take your time and make it last. Concentrate on different parts of his penis, or his balls, then go back to basic sucking and stroking. At the end of a luxuriant BJ session, he'll blow a much larger, more satisfying load.

3. Sucking too hard

Hoovering him like a dustbuster may seem like a good idea in theory, but there's a wrong way to do it. Don't fasten your mouth around the head of his cock and suck like you're trying to get a triple-thick milkshake though a straw. Guys' dickheads are the most sensitive part of the penis, and uncut guys are even more sensitive there. The proper technique to hoover is to take more of his cock into your mouth and apply moderate suction.

4. Crushing his nuts

Don't grab his balls and squeeze like you're trying to crack walnuts. This is a move you want to pull on a would-be rapist, not a guy you're trying to get off. It's painful. Many guys like to have their sack rubbed, licked, or gently tugged during a bj. You can even take a break from sucking his cock to take one or both of his balls into your mouth. But don't yank on the family jewels, and don't put them in a vise grip.

5. Barfing and gagging

Throwing up while giving a bj is definitely a turn-off, although sometimes this happens to the most well-intentioned cocksuckers. What happens is they get overenthusiastic, take the cock too deep or hard into their throat, the gag reflex gets triggered, and then it's all over. Or once the cum starts hitting the back of her throat, things start flowing the wrong way. Don't try to deep throat on your first BJ. Everyone will be sorry. Practice first on dildos to get your gag-reflex under control. Or just work up to it at your own speed.

6. Remaining immobile

Putting his cock in your mouth and then doing nothing is as bad as overdoing it. Most guys don't want to feel like they're face-fucking a cadaver. You need to work it at least a little. A total lack of effort or enthusiasm on your part is a real buzz kill. If you don't know what to do with your tongue, at least bob your head. After a while, he may want to take a more active role and have you relax while he fucks your mouth, but you need to give him a little encouragement to get him aroused.

7. Not using enough pressure

Wimpy blowjobs are no fun. Be firm and suck him like you mean it. Lapping his dick lightly will just make him feel teased. Licking his dick like it's a lollipop or popsicle may be fun to get warmed up, but then you have to get down to business. Use a firm (but not too firm) hand to work the shaft of his cock, while you get your mouth all over his knob and caress it with your tongue.

8. Spitting

Most guys want you to swallow and think that a BJ really isn't complete until his load goes down your throat. The only exception is if he gets off more on spraying it on your face, tits, or somewhere else. If you really don't want to swallow, this can be an acceptable compromise. Symbolically, swallowing shows that you accept him and his manly essence fully. Although we can't endorse unprotected bodily fluid exchange in any form, if you happen to be giving an unprotected blowjob (i.e., without a condom) and you end up with his spunk in your mouth, do not retch his cum into a wastebasket in front of him. If you really feel you must spit, do it discreetly into a towel or tissue.

9. Dry mouth

A good BJ involves a lot of saliva. Don't be afraid to get a little sloppy and drool on his cock. If your mouth is dry from nervousness or whatever, there will be too much friction and stickiness to give good head. If your mouth is dry, drink some water and rinse. Try to work up a good mouthful of spit before you go down. Suck on a hard candy to get your juice flowing, or suck on an Altoid to give him a mentholated BJ.

10. Stranglehold

Don't put his cock in a deathgrip. It's fine to wrap a hand around the shaft, but don't clench and for god's sake, watch the nails. Just hold it enough to keep it from flopping around and shuck his pole with your hand while you work him with your mouth. His dick shouldn't have a handprint on in when you're done.

Basic BlowJob Tips to Make a Man Cum Hard

1) Grab his cock hard and suck it hard.

Let him tell you if it's too hard. Don't be afraid you will hurt him. Have you ever seen a man jack off You think he's going to seriously hurt himself. LOL. He yanks that thing and pulls it so hard, you think he is going to pull it off!!!

2) Make noises like "mmmmm" or moan when you take it into your mouth.

He will feel like he is a yummy lollipop as you slurp his love muscle. He is thinking to himself, "Oh she just loves my cock," and this excites him unbelievably. Remember, you are sucking his EGO.

3) Get it WET. Most men LOVE sloppy slurpy juicy blowjobs.

The saliva heats up with friction and is a real turn on for the man.

4) Stroke his balls, but do this carefully.

I love men who shave down there because the softness of their skin is such a turn on to me. Also, licking is more fun and sucking balls that are shaved is HOT!!

5) Create a good suction and pop his cock in and out of your mouth.

On circumcised men (more common in America than anywhere in the world) the lip of the helmet is sensitive and some men just go wild when you flip this lip as if you could tip it off his shaft. This is a technique that many don't know about, but it drives men nuts. The part that is most sensitive is the part underneath where the shaft meets the head and causes a valley up the head to the pee hole. Flick this spot in an upward motion with your rigid tongue and cup the rest of the head with your mouth and lips, sucking at the same time. Then plunge his cock down your throat while tonguing his shaft wildly, creating suction as if it is stuck to the roof of your mouth. Any time you can suck then tongue then suck, you can get incredible results and moans from your man. (They are usually looking up at the heavens by this time)

6) Let him watch as you master his cock (ego).

If you are lying on the bed between his legs, or if he is standing looking down, he is intently watching you. Use one hand to stroke his tummy, balls, up and down his legs, thighs, nipples, and hold his cock with the other hand so you can guide it carefully away from your back teeth. Guys, who pull your hand away, sometimes regret it because they don't realize you are keeping his precious head from those sharp grinders in the back of your mouth. If they've pulled your hand away though, it might be an indication that you were squeezing too hard, or that he wants you to take his cock deeper into your mouth, especially if he is small (4" or less) and your hand takes up most of the length of the shaft. Going all the way down is incredibly pleasurable for the man to see his cock disappear (as if down your throat).

7) One time I was with some bi men and was watching how they sucked each other

One technique I had never tried is to start at the tip and spiral down to the bottom of the shaft. Twist your head and mouth as you go down. Apparently this feels great for the man. Go all the way down. If he is too long for you to do this, go as far as you are comfortable with going. The gag reflex kicks in when you go too far but you can.

circumvent that reflex with practice in opening up your lower throat. I love to be able to get ten inches down my throat. Who doesn't (We know where it eventually ends up don't we Hee hee hee).

8) Suck his balls.

Men don't usually get a lot of attention to their balls because most women think they'll hurt them. But if you gently stroke them and suck them by taking one into your mouth at a time, tonguing it then moving to the other one, you will see how much enjoyment is derived from this attention. Then use your tongue horizontally up the vein of the cock and feel him gasp when you again, suck the head into your mouth.

9)Don't forget to use your tongue a lot.

The flicking and wagging of your tongue using good pressure is very pleasurable. Try twirling it around the head one way, then the other way. Again, this will bring gasps and moans.

10) I recently discovered how much fun playing with an uncircumcised cock is.

All that skin is fun to suck on and lightly chew on. Most men who are uncut are extremely sensitive when you expose his penis by pushing the skin all the way down and holding it down to suck him (but be careful here as some can find this painful). You have to ask the man which he prefers. Exposed or unexposed. And leaving the skin up makes it a little difficult to create and maintain a good suction, but it is much easier doing the up and down motion with gliding smoothness. Sometimes I try to leave the skin up and stick my tongue between the outer skin and see how far down I can slide my tongue in before the skin folds back with my motion. Pressure is important too. Squeezing with your lips as you move up and down is VERY important. Consistent pressure evenly squeezing with a hand and lips is usually what makes him cum.

11) Another little trick that makes my men gasp with pleasure

Is when I use my teeth ever so gently on the cap of the penis. Be sure there is a lot of saliva for gliding your teeth on. I start out by having my teeth clenched together at the tip of the penis. Then as I glide down the cap I slowly open my jaws. My lips are closed around the shaft as my head moves downward. Then I flick my tongue as my teeth give way and cause a suction with it. This sensation seems to bring a new experience to each recipient and usually elicits some comment like. "My God, where did you learn that"

12) And last but not least, swallowing cum.

I have asked men which they prefer. A woman swallowing his cum or him jacking off in the last seconds before he cums, onto her breasts, ass or whatever. Many men grew up watching porn and in all porn, pulling out of the mouth and other orifices is the norm, so the viewer can see the glorious "cum shot." As a result, many men associate an awesome orgasm with pulling out and cumming on her breasts, face, tummy or ass as he strokes. It is a turn on to see the fruits of your labor for sure, or feel the warm love juice on your breasts. And it's especially nice when the man then goes and gets a warm washcloth, and cleans you up after that. That is a return compliment. But most will say they want you to swallow. Of the top 5 questions MOST asked by guys online, "Do you swallow" is one of the most asked questions. This is because if you remember in the beginning, my first point was; a man's ego lives in his penis. If you swallow his ambrosia, his EGO is given the ULTIMATE compliment.

After he cums in your mouth, slowly pull away and leave the penis alone now. It is painfully sensitive and can't bare any more attention for a few minutes. A nice warm washcloth placed on his shaft and scrotum feel lovely to him as well, while he is resting and recuperating.

You are now equipped with some knowledge of how to pleasure your partner in ways he might not be familiar. Listen to the noises he makes and be acutely aware of what makes him happy. If you want to make him cum as opposed to just warming him up for hours of pleasure, just remember these 5 things: Patience plus passion plus proper pressure plus variety of moves plus swallowing his cum is going to get your man to tell you that you give the ULTIMATE blow-job.

Blowjob Positions

There are many positions for sex including oral sex, and they are only truly limited by your own creativity and knowledge. For now we'll cover some of the basics, that every woman should know before she sets out to give a blowjob.

Here they are...

1. Kneel or sit in front of him as he stands. This provides a great form of control. Be sure to provide ample room for yourself, as he gets excited, he is apt to thrust forward toward you.

2. Kneel in front of him as he sits. Although this can be a bit more challenging as it takes a bit more finesse to find the right angle, it is also a good position.

3. Have him lay on his side, facing you. You can either lie down next to him or kneel by him. If you're playing on the kitchen table, you can easily sit in one of the kitchen chairs. These positions are a more comfortable way to situate yourself for longer duration blowjobs, as it's less burdensome for you.

4. You may want to start with the reverse-missionary position. With him in this position, you can easily mount him as he lies on his back. Don't feel you have to stay on top; you can always approach him from the side or between his legs.

5. Positioning your self 'head to toe' and 'toe to head' is another option. This position is commonly called 69 ' think of the 'circles' in the numbers 6 and 9 as your heads, with the 'tails' at the end of the circles in the numbers 6 and 9 as your legs, feet and toes ' and it's easy to see why the it's called 69.

It's one of the oral positions most utilized when giving a blowjob as it provides the opportunity to take the penis deeper into the throat. Work up to this one so you can better handle the penis deeper in the throat. This will be covered in an upcoming section.

Remember, you can approach him in many ways, moving and turning in any direction works best at the time. The key is to adjust until its comfortable for both of you. Be adventurous and start with any of the suggestion above.

You can start with one and switch around to any or all of the others ' be sure to have fun making up your own positions!

If you find he's attempting to maneuver you when you don't want the help, or that he's thrusting more than you're comfortable with, you can always control the situation by tying his hands and/or legs down. This will limit his thrusting and man handling.

BlowJob Techniques

Now that you've got a bunch of delicious cock sucking techniques under your belt (or, more accurately, under his!) it's time to up the ante. These advanced moves are not only going to make him cum like crazy, they'll be the tricks he fantasizes about later when you're not there. And what's more, they're good reason for him to bow down and kiss your feet.

The Tail Wag

This is when you kneel down over top of your man who's lying on his back (you can also try this position kneeling in front of him while he's standing) and place your mouth and lips over the head of his cock. With some pressure in your lips, create a vacuum sucking sensation while simultaneously flicking your tongue back and forth over the tip of his dick like you're wagging a tail. If you can manage these two things at the same time, believe me, he'll be wagging more than just his tail!

Remember, when doing this, to start slow and tease him first. A prelude to the feature presentation is always a sure fire way to get him excited. Also, for extra bonus points, as you're doing all of this, use your free hand (the one that's not at the base of his shaft) to tickle, lightly pull, or massage his balls. He'll be putty in your hands.

When you're done, take your tongue away and simply resume the usual vacuum suck motion he so loves.

Infinite Cock

This move, named for the infinity emblem featured in it (also known as your basic figure eight), is a lovely and very creative touch to add to the ultimate blowjob. Much like you did in the first move, create a vacuum suck and move your lips all the way down his shaft until you have gone as far as you are able. (When your face is nestled in his pubic hair, you'll know you're there.)

Then, start moving back up the cock shaft tracing figure eights with your tongue all the way up. You can do this slowly or quickly, and several times in a row- it's entirely up to you. But the best thing to do is listen to your man for sounds and signs of whether to continue or move onto something new. He'll tell you either in words or through his nonverbal body signals.

Hot Air Balloon

For this move, start by placing your lips on his cock and moving all the way down to the shaft again. But this time, rather than tracing shapes with your tongue like in the last move- 'Infinite Cock'- continue up his cock towards the head while sucking in your breath. Keep sucking in until you reach the head of his cock, and then begin moving back down towards the base of the shaft while blowing out. This heat and cold differentiation (heat as you blow out and cool as you suck in) feels highly arousing and will put him in the mood to go all night long. He won't be expecting it, which is what makes it so erotic.

The Joystick

For this one, place his dick loosely between your lips so that the entire head of his dick is covered by your mouth. (The best idea for this one is for him to be lying down and for you to be kneeling over him.) Then begin to move your head in a circle, forcing the dick to move into different compartments in your mouth, and in different directions. This will stimulate all sides of his cock and yield differences in pressure, a little roughness, a little airtime, and then a little licking every now and then. His dick will be moving around much like a joystick and 'joy' is certainly the key word here! (For extra fun do this one in both directions!)

The Thermometer

Get your guy to sit down on the bed/sofa/laundry machine (hey, whatever works!) with you situated below him, and take his cock in your hand. Lift it up a bit so that you have direct access to his balls. Now get your head and tongue under there, and lick from the very bottom and back of his balls, all the way up the front, up his shaft, and to the tip of his dick as if your tongue were working its way up a thermometer. Repeat this several times in a row. Keep your hand where you can control the cock from falling to the side or moving out of your way. Make sure it's in a direct line of contact, ready to get the licking of its life. And trust me; the thermometer in the room won't be the only thing heating up!


Now you know how to give your man the ultimate blowjob (fellatio) to make him cum even if you've never done it before.

There comes a time in everyone's life when they have to quit worrying about societies wacky rules, and start learning on their own. No one is going to walk up to you on the street and offer to teach you this stuff, and you sure won't learn it in school - well maybe you will these days...

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