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About SexTails.com

Hi guys and gals, I'm Mandy, or as the boys used to call me in school - Randy Mandy. I'm new here so you'll have to bare (sic) with me a bit as I learn the ropes. Apparently in this section I'm supposed to tell you a little about myself and the sextails.com website.

OK, first the easy part. As I said above I'm Mandy, 25 years old and a little (just a little mind you) on the chubby side. I live in the great state of Texas in the good ole U.S. of A. My home phone number is... ha gotcha, not quite yet... I barely know you :-) I'm single and have one cat, I was going to say pussy but you would think I have a dirty mind. I drive one of those Mini Coopers that are all the rage these days. Pink? No it's bright red though, you can see me cumming for miles :-) Oh, I am being bad today aren't I

Alrighty then, Sextails.com the best adult literature site online (I might get a bonus for saying that), there are other sites that list free sex stories but have you ever visited them A popup here, a popup there, everywhere a popup, little ole Mandy's computer nearly took a fit. We don't use popups on this site - hate the flaming things, really piss you off don't they. Watching a good skin flick online, with a hand under the miniskirt going hell for leather, and POP a friggen screen blocks the best part - ahhhh! enough to drive a girl batty. Sure, we run advertising, running a website isn't free, and time spent reading, approving, and posting your stories all takes time. But popups? Never, if you see one on this site make sure you run a good computer scan to check for any nasties as we never use them.

As I mentioned the stories are all free to read and print for your own use only. If an ad interests you then by all means click it, I gotta get paid too :-), if your not interested then just ignore those half naked temptresses showing what they had for breakfast in the banners.

Authors of adult fiction or sex stories are welcome to submit their work for publishing and we regularly accept submissions from talented authors seeking recognition and those who enjoy sharing their writing talents with readers of erotic literature. You can learn more about story submissions here, you can also contact us at the same link.

If your feeling really bored here are the links to our legal mumbo jumbo - Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Have a great day/night, stay horny and have fun! Talk to you again soon... Kisses, Mandy.

Write iconSubmit a story - Writers of adult fiction who want to share their work with our readers are welcome to send us their stories.

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