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Cunnilingus: How to Perform Oral Sex on a Woman

Woman showing boobs
Author: SexTails
Publish Date : Jan 28, 2015
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"The majority of nerve endings in the vagina are located at the opening and this sensitivity extends a couple of inches inside."

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Cunnilingus has the potential to give women immense satisfaction and highly satisfying orgasms if performed correctly.

Many women actually find that they can climax easier from Cunnilingus than full sexual intercourse. (Video demonstration below)

To learn how to perform cunnilingus takes some practice, but anyone can become skilled in the art of oral satisfaction and we have outlined some tips below to help.

Oral Techniques

Starting oral sex

To commence cunnilingus try the following:

Going up and down each side this is a great way to start oral sex and get your partner relaxed for further pleasure.

The Labial

Woman performing oral sex on another woman
Woman performing oral sex on another woman
Inside the vagina - Tongue intercourse

The majority of nerve endings in the vagina are located at the opening and this sensitivity extends a couple of inches inside. When performing cunnilingus target these areas.

A word of caution. Go gently with the above. Many women can be very sensitive and you should ask for direction about how hard you go when doing this.


This is a huge turn on for most women and also adds the element of frustration to highlight the pleasure.

The A - B - C Technique

Spell the alphabet when performing cunnilingus with your tongue.

This gives the tongue a variety of directions that it can go in and this variety can be a huge turn on.

You don't just use A - B - C use all the letters and ask which ones she finds the most exciting and keep them in mind for next time.

The exact technique for giving pleasure with cunnilingus will vary from woman to woman and the above is just a blueprint for you to use and explore with your partner

The key to finding exactly what your partner wants form cunnilingus is to communicate with her - Ask her what she wants, how she likes it and what is giving her pleasure.

Other points to keep in mind to make cunnilingus more satisfying for your partner are:

1. Make sure your mouth is moist

Fill your own mouth with as much saliva as you can, so that it is as moist as possible - Never use a dry tongue.

2. Don't go for the clitoris straightaway.

Make sure your partner is relaxed and aroused.

Try kissing and licking around the upper thighs and vulva area after some general foreplay and then work your way slowly to the clitoris.

3. Variety is the key.

If you repeat the same technique your partner will quickly become insensitive to it.

Keep in mind variety with Cunnilingus is essential as it is in all sexual acts as it adds to the excitement and anticipation.

4. Use your fingers as well

You can use your fingers in association with cunnilingus.

Try inserting a finger or two into her vagina as your partner becomes more aroused, even try finding her G-spot in order to drive her crazy with desire.

If you are using a sex toy for penetration, she might prefer to work the dildo or vibrator inside her while you're licking. This allows you to concentrate, and her to get the rhythm she likes best.

Cunnilingus is one of the most satisfying sexual experiences for women and you can do it correctly and give your partner mind blowing orgasms with a little practice and direction from your partner.

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