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Female Ejaculation: How to Make a Woman Squirt


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Published: 28-Jan-15 Revised/Updated 09-Sep-17

During sexual arousal the paraurethral glands, also known as "Skene's Glands", fill with fluid and may in some cases be felt through the vaginal wall. The amount of fluid released by the paraurethral glands (These glands produce an enzyme called prostatic acid phosphatase and glucose) is reported to vary from a couple drops to almost two cups.

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The female prostate is actually a collection of paraurethral glands. These glands surround the female urethra on all sides and empty into it through many small ducts. Since the female pararethral glands do not have the same structure as the male prostate, it is not really appropriate to say women have a prostate gland.

The female G-Spot need not be stimulated for ejaculation to occur, but most women say that their first ejaculation experience came from massaging their G-spot. The response varies from a light sprinkle to a huge gush nearly 10 feet out!

The ejaculate is very much like prostrate fluid. It is usually clear, or milky and as thin as water. It does not have the look, smell or taste of urine and is almost odorless.

The taste varies, depending on the time of the month and diet, and possibly other factors, such as amount of stimulation received prior to ejaculating or time since the last ejaculation. It can vary from an almost honey sweet, sour, bitter, or a combination of these tastes.

Women who expel fluid during orgasm report the color, smell, consistency, and even taste, varies.

Researches have found that although many women feel a slight need to urinate right before ejaculation, however the fluid is definitely not urine. Even though it is ejaculated from the urethra, it is most definitely not urine. It is absolutely impossible to pee during a orgasm unless there is a weak pubococcygeus muscle.

The fluid from the paraurethral glands is released or expelled during orgasm as a result of pelvic muscle contractions. In some cases, all of the fluid emitted from a woman's urethra is ejaculate. In other cases, the liquid is likely a mixture of ejaculate and urine.

These fluids all exit the body through the urethra. The myths that female ejaculation is the result of poor bladder control, or excess secretion which sweats from the vaginal walls and pools in the back of the vagina to squirt out during the strong muscle contractions of orgasm, have been proven wrong.

The clitoris probably holds the key to female ejaculation for most women.

If the clitoris is not stimulated a woman is less likely to become highly aroused. If she is not highly aroused, her paraurethral glands will not fill with fluid. It has been estimated between 10% and 40% of women are capable of female ejaculation or squirting. Today we now know that the difference between women who squirt and those that don't is in the number and size of their pariurethral glands.

Learn How to Ejaculate

One method - the "Braun Method" begins with the woman lying back, legs spread open, her partner at her right side. After some sort of foreplay such as kissing, oral sex, nipple play, rubbing the clitoris, the partner inserts two fingers into her vagina, usually the middle and ring fingers, though you might prefer to use your middle and forefingers.

Slowly, her partner moves his two fingers around inside of her, continuing the foreplay. With probing fingers, he locates her G-Spot, a slightly raised, spongy bump on the "roof" of the vaginal cave (in most women, it is just behind the clitoris).

He then finds the center of this spot, pressing it gently but firmly. This pressure releases a warm flow of vaginal liquid, whereupon the G-Man begins vigorously "fingering" her, in and out of her vaginal opening, causing the rapid, orgasmic expulsion of fluid. That is female "squirting".

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