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Erotic Story Category Summaries

Outline of Our Adult Story Categories

Incest and Taboo: Taboo stories of sex in the family (what society deems as incest). Father - daughter, uncle niece, aunt nephew, mother - son etc. involved in sex.

First time sex story: Stories involving the loss of virginity of both females and males. Some of these stories are funny as you may recall your first sexual experience(s).

Voyeur Stories: You'll find it all here. From your classic tales of peeping toms spying through windows to motel rooms with hidden cameras and wives and husbands filming their own private sex shows.

Most popular adult stories: Erotic Stories most read from various categories that our readers have voted to be the most popular due to excellent writing style and storyline.

Sex stories with pictures: Erotic Stories that use pictures to illustrate the plot. These sex tales contain several adult images that are included to enhance the story line.

Short stories: These are some of the shorter erotic stories submitted to SexTails by various authors. They cover a range of topics and are not limited to any category.

Longer erotic stories: This group of stories are longer than the rest and may require some time to read. Generally this adult literature includes several chapters and sometimes features a continuing series.

Erotic Stories: This is adult literature that is suitable for both straight men and women. You will find many erotic everyday life type tales that you can possibly relate to in this category.

BDSM stories: These sex tales involve Domination & Submission including Bondage & Discipline and spanking. Because the area of bondage covers multiple fetishes these stories and the subject matter varies greatly.

Gay erotic stories: Tales of gay sexual encounters and relationships with other males. These stories include first time gay sex and males first being aware of being gay and coming out of the closet.

Lesbian stories: These stories are based on tales of lesbianism and lesbian sex acts. Many of these stories are true to life that were submitted by lesbian authors wanting to share their writings with you.

Sex Story Series: Erotic sex stories that are in several chapters or serialized. Some are complete series and others are ongoing writings.

Spanking stories: Tales of discipline involving spanking and being spanked including tales of submission and domination, spanking and discipline.

Group sex stories: These sex stories involve men and women with multiple sex partners. The fictional tales include wife gangbang stories wife swapping and wild sex orgies.

Interracial stories: Sexual encounters between two races. Our interracial stories include black men with white women, Asian, Chinese, Japanese and other stories.

Erotic horror tales: From nightmares involving sex to wild beasts and alien sex. These are sex stories with a difference, some stories are quite weird and strange.

Fetish sex stories: Our fetish sex stories include erotic tales of fetishes including leather, chains, whipping and smoking.

Stories for women: These erotic stories listed below are of a more sensual nature for our female readers who may not be interested in the more hardcore variety of story.

Writers of Erotica

Authors of adult fiction or sex stories are welcome to submit their work for publishing on our erotic xxx stories website. We regularly accept submissions from talented authors seeking recognition and those who enjoy sharing their writing talents with readers of erotic literature.

Write iconSubmit a story - Writers of adult fiction who want to share their work with our readers are welcome to send us their stories.

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