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Author: Dale Harrison
Publish Date : May 26, 2008
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Jordan had always had a good relationship with his schools Liberian, well he would he was in all of her clubs and was her best student Liberian. But his life at school was about to change!

* * * * * * *

Jordan was 14, had short black hair, a slender body and face which went the same way for his body, tall and slim. He had always be a clever body always getting 6's and 7's and was good at P.E and most teachers favourite, especially Miss Woods Jordan thought as he watched her bend down in front of him showing off her thong! Jordan thought about this the whole way through history, he had always fancied Miss Woods and for obvious reasons, she was a little shorter than him with long brown hair and a nice ass and a kind, welcoming face, just think about her made Jordan's dick harden. After an hour Jordan made his mind up he would go and see Miss Woods and see if she did actually want to fuck him, he didn't get a chance to go and see her as a minute later a message came for him, saying to meet her in the library now.

So he grabbed his bag and went to see her, when he went in she was bent over putting a book back on the self. So quietly he crept over and standing behind her he pushed his hands up her skirt and started couresing her ass cheek. She moaned and looked round to Jordan and smiled seductively. Jordan led her over to a table and bent her over it face down. She then told him to go and the rope from behind the desk and tie her feet to the table and her hands behind her back, he did and to his surprise she fitted across the desk perfectly with her ass over one side stuck in the air and her head over the other. "I going to rape you Miss" he whispered in her ear and then lifted her skirt up, he then slapped her ass and got out his phone took a few videos with it and then put it on a shelf on video mode.

Jordan then pulled his rock hard cock out and rammed it in her mouth and he did it hard making her gag on his dick and when he finally was ready to cum he whipped his dick out and came all over her face. Then he moved behind her and pulled her G-string thong down and stated to lick her warm cunt, he swirled his tongue round and round licking up juices and then he moved his hands up and put 2 fingers in her ass and started to ram them in and out. He then moved up and began licking her ass hole tongue fucking it. Then he stood up and placed his cock at the beginning of her pussy, placing his hands on her hips gripping them tight her pushed his cock into her pussy. A wave of pleasure washed over them both and Jordan kept ramming his dick up her pussy, harder and harder and harder... Until he came in her pussy so much cum was dripping everywhere. But Jordan was finished yet, he moved his cock up a hole and put it in her ass, with one quick thrust, her ass was so tight and wet his cock felt in heaven as her fucked her ass harder and harder and harder... Until she clamped down on his cock with her ass muscles because she had entered an orgasm and that wave of pleasure made him cum so hard his cum was dripping from her ass before he had even taken it out. He stood for a second and fell on top of her and breathing heavily he passed out on top of her happily.

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