Young Love

Author: Madison C.
Published: Jun 4, 2008
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The feelings were gone, but the attracted was still so strong, trying to be 'friends' will prove harder than i thought.

I'm 18, i had this boyfriend for a bit over a year. He wasnt the best boyfriend ever but the sex was always fantastic. we had a messy breakup but we have recently decided to be friends as we are now seeing other people. He called me the other night and said why dont you come over and watch a movie with me, when i complained about being bored.

I got to his house, i hadnt been there in about 6 months i glanced over to his bed a smile coming to my face as i had flashbacks of his sweaty face over mine. We walked into the next room he put a dvd on, and i made myself confortable on the couch, wrapping myself in a blanket.

As soon as he sat down his hand landed on my leg, i didnt know if it was habbit or if it was intentional, i was already hot after seeing his bed and this just intensified that. Under the blanket our bodies were close his hand was hot on my thigh, he started moving his fingers slowly, i was paying no attention to the movie.

After a while he complained about being uncomfortable, he layed down, but this left no room for me he put his arm out i layed down next to him, he hugged me from behind his hand running up and down my back, "Your stupid bra is in the way, im just un doing it, okay" I grunted in reply, pretending like i didnt even notice what he was doing. His hands were all over my back and sides, because my bra was un done he kept touching the side of my breasts, i was hot. I started questioning what i was doing, i wanted to roll over, i wanted his kiss.. but he was my ex. I forced myself not to roll over although my chest was heaving now and i was aware how loudly i was breathing. His hands gently felt my hip and then down the side of my jeans, his fingertips felt for the zip, i felt my tight jeans release as he un-did them. I drew in breath. His palms felt my lower stomoch and then went back up to my hip, he pushed on it, and turned me, i layed with my eyes closed and i felt the soft touch of his fingers slide into my panties, i gasped as i knew what was coming, id felt those fingers so many times before, but it was never like this, the emotion was overwhelming and i wanted him so badly.

he touched me softly and i began to moan very quietly with each heaving breath. His fingers entered me and i let out a moan, i opened my eyes for a second and i saw his face smiling, he knew what he wanted just as i did i closed my eyes and smiled at what i knew was going to come. His fingers moved inside me and i felt my body growing with anticipation, his hands were all over me now, he slowed down and kissed me, his tounge probed mine as he felt my breasts, all this was so familuar but so forbidden as we were both seeing other people now. He kissed my neck and worked his way down my collar bone to my breast he sucked on my nipples and fingered me hard. I wanted him then, i wanted him so badly. "Let me take you to my bedroom" he whispered through rushhed breaths, i didnt say anything but he picked me up off the couch and kissed me, my feet felt for the floor, i walked backwards all the time kissing he held my hands and when we reached a wall he put them above my head, he pushed his hard bulge into me and i groaned. He gently pushed me towards the bedroom door, still walking backwards i found the handle, and pushed it open.

As soon as we entered his dark room he pushed me into the wall, his hands ran up my sides and then lifted my top off, my bra was already undone and i was topless. he felt my breasts and kissed me hard. he kissed down my body and slowly took my jeans off, as i stood up my back pressed to the wall i looked down at him on his knees he had both hands on my thighs, his face slowly advanced into me, i felt the hot wet touch of his lips on my clit, i jolted, i was compleatly in his control and he knew it. He stood back up and lifted my leg up and around him, i took his top off and our naked bodies pressed together, he took his pants off quickly and lifted me up, still against the wall we began to fuck, my hips rolling into him he entered me, i was already about to come and he knew it, he walked us over to his bed where he dropped me, he crawled ontop of me and slowly ran a hand from my neck down my body to my clit, he hovered his face over my wet centre, i wanted him so badly, my clit twitched it could feel him so close, and with one central lick i was almost coming, he slowly started to finger me and licked me gently i was moaning now, and rolling my hips into his face i felt it build i grabbed his hair with one hand, the sheets with the other, my legs shook as i came moaning all the time, my body went limp as he climed ontop of me, i wasnt finished. He entered me and we began to fuck, slowly at first but he soon grabbed the bed head and pushed into me hard,i came another 4 times before not being able to take anymore, he finished me off with a kiss as i tasted myself on him, we re dressed with the light off, he drove me home and i coudnt wipe the smile off my face. It was the best sex ive ever had in my life. I'll remember to break up with my next boyfriend sooner!

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