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My Sex Life

Author: NayoDickens
Publish Date : Jun 10, 2008
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Mike and I have always enjoyed a wonderful sex life. When we first met in college, it was normal for us to have sex two to three times a day -- every day. After marriage, children, and life "happened", sex slowed down to what we thought was a more normal, grown up pace.

* * * * * * *

Mike and I have always enjoyed a wonderful sex life. When we first met in college, it was normal for us to have sex two to three times a day -- every day. After marriage, children, and life "happened", sex slowed down to what we thought was a more normal, grown up pace.

A few years ago, we decided to spice up our sex lives with the addition of friends to our fun. Not knowing exactly how to do this, we discussed options like online swinger sites and sex clubs. The thought of going to a sex club both intrigued and scared us, so we opted to post a profile on one of the more popular swingers sites. We found that some experiences were good and some were not, but our eyes were definitely opened to the joys of swinging and swapping. The experience last night, for example, was over the top! A fantasy of sex with strangers was fulfilled!

Mike had purchased some furniture -- completely out of character for him, but he found a nice new leather sofa and loveseat, bought it, and had it delivered. We spent some time rearranging things in three rooms and on two floors. When the dust had settled, I noticed a small rip in the leather of the new furniture. Distraught, Mike soon had the store on the phone, and they agreed to send someone out but warned us that it would not be until later that evening.

Mike and I had finished dinner and sent our daughter off to her sleepover by the time our door bell rang. Mike greeted our company as I topped off my glass of wine.

I heard Mike say, "The furniture is here in the family room."

I turned to greet our guests. There standing in our family room was the most scrumptious couple I had ever seen. Mike introduced me to Christian and Alyssa. Christian was probably every bit of 6 ft 2 and looked extremely well built; I noticed broad shoulders and a nice trim tummy under his dress shirt and slacks. Alyssa was also tall, standing about 5 ft 8, and she had the most gorgeous body that was nicely showcased by a tight, v-neck spring sweater and matching skirt. Both had dark features -- thick wavy hair and deep chocolate brown eyes; not at all what I expected. As Mike and Alyssa began to talk furniture, Christian joined me in the kitchen. We both casually leaned up against the island and chatted. I found out that Christian and Alyssa were from Greece and owned the furniture store; their customer service approach was to get directly involved when problems arose.

I soon found myself lost in Christian's eyes, and I blushed when he asked if I was feeling ok. Embarrassed, I realized that my distraction had shown through. I could not believe my response which was, "I am sorry Christian. I am just lost in your gorgeous features."

Did I just say that Was I that bold Our recent sexual experiences had impacted me such that I was more comfortable speaking so openly with strangers. To my surprise, Christian placed his hand on mine and replied, "Thank you Ann. I am just as impressed with your features, and some more, much more, than others."

Mike and Alyssa had already developed a get well plan for the furniture; as they joined us in the kitchen, I realized that our night might end too soon. I quickly offered a thank you for the customer service and asked them to join us for a drink. To my delight, they accepted. An hour or so passed with great conversation and some bold wine which prompted even bolder flirting between the four of us. When I went to the kitchen for another bottle, Christian followed me.

I soon felt him behind me and his hands went to my waist. He pulled me back against him, and his hard cock pressed against my ass. I turned to face him concerned about Mike's reaction; I was just in time to catch a glimpse of Alyssa and Mike in a passionate kiss. With the knowledge that Mike was open for tonight's festivities, I looked back to Christian and lost myself once again. He leaned forward for our first kiss. I opened my mouth to receive his tongue, and I ran my hands up his muscular frame. He wrapped his arms around me and began to caress my ass. I gently massaged his shoulders and then ran my fingers through his thick hair. My hands found the buttons of his shirt, and I began to undress him. His cock was hard, and I could not wait to explore every inch of his body.

As clothes were discarded in the kitchen, the same was occurring in family room. The house was also filled with soft moans as two new couples experienced each other for the first time. Swinging and swapping had allowed us to recapture that "first time" feeling again and again. It is so hot and an absolute addicting high!

I stood before Christian in a hot pink bra and panty set; he stood before me in a pair of boxers.

"Ann, you are so beautiful and sexy... I need to see more, to touch you, to taste you, to make love to you...." His words were just as intoxicating to me as his tight physique. "Please...." was my only reply as I reached to stroke his cock through his boxers which were as damp as my lace panties.

Christian slid down the cups of my bra to expose my nipples to his gaze. He rolled and toyed them with his fingers before sucking one and then the other into his mouth. I tossed my head back and moaned as he pleased me. As I took a firmer grasp of his cock, he pressed one hand against my wet pussy. Soon expert fingers had exposed my cunt to him. One finger then two found my depths, and I bit my lower lip.

"Mmmmm.... So wet baby... you feel so good... so tight...." Christian moaned.

I glanced toward the family room to see Alyssa kneeling in front of Mike who was naked and reclined on the sofa. I had a perfect view of his cock sliding across her lips. I was overcome with the need to have Christian in my mouth. I pushed him back against the island and knelt at his feet. I gently massaged and kissed his balls as I scraped my nails against his thighs. I opened my mouth to suck his length into my throat.

"Fuck.... Oh my gawd baby.... That is soooo good."

I stroked his cock quickly, and he laced his fingers in my hair and helped set my pace. I once again glanced toward the moans in the other room, and as Christian fucked my face with his massive cock, I watched Alyssa straddle Mike on the sofa and lower herself onto his hard rod; they both squealed out in delight.

"Fuck me Christian. Please fuck me...."

Christian pulled me to my feet and pushed me down on to the island on my stomach. From this angle, I had a perfect view of Alyssa fucking my husband, and all indications that they would both explode soon.


I didn't have to say another word as Christian sank his cock into my wet pussy. I lifted my left leg onto the island to give him the ability to stroke deeper inside my cunt. Spurred by the sights and sounds of Mike and Alyssa, Christian began to fuck me wildly deeper and harder with each stroke. His cock seemed to grow larger with each movement. I reached down and fingered my throbbing clit. The combination of watching Christian's wife fuck my husband, Christian's enormous cock splitting my cunt, and my finger on my clit was leading me to the point of no return.

"I am going to cum Christian.... Fuck me.... Hard.... Here I cum baby..."

Waves of pleasure washed over my body as my first orgasm struck. My body clutched tightly to his cock, and he continued to pound me. To my surprise, his strokes continued... a second orgasm shook me before he yelled out that he was cumming. He spurted shot after shot of warm juice inside of me until he was spent. We stayed together as we watched Mike and Alyssa slowing down from their passion.

I thought the night was over, but it had only just begun. The next thing I knew, the island had been cleared, and Christian had lifted me on top of the cold quartz countertop. Alyssa had crossed the room saying something about dessert. She pulled me close to the edge of the counter, spread my thighs, and began to feast on her husband's cum as it seeped from my body. As I said, the night had only just begun.

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