My Bus Ride

Published: Jun 10, 2008
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It had been a long day at work, one of those days that you are so glad when its finally over. I recently started to take the commuter bus to work and on days like this I was glad for it.

It had been a long day at work, one of those days that you are so glad when its finally over. I recently started to take the commuter bus to work and on days like this I was glad for it. I would be able to relax and unwind before arriving home and all that awaited me there, the kids, dinner, dishes, all the joys of being a single mom. Moving towards the middle of the bus, I moved into my usual row, and began to settle into my regular seat on the bus for the long ride home.

The air outside was fresh and clean, the wonderful scent of the mountain air as it rolled through the valley reminding me that autumn was on the way. I removed my suit jacket and I stood to open the window to let the in fresh air. The breeze representing the hopefulness that that particular time of the year brings to us all greeted me as it blew gently through my hair and across my chest. I snuggled into my seat, feeling fortunate the entire row would be mine and I stretched my legs out across the adjoining seat. As the bus finally pulled away from the station, I closed my eyes as the bus meandered its way through the hills. The gentle swaying motion of the bus lulled me into a peaceful rest; the gentle breeze blowing across my hair comforting me as a lover mulls his fingers through his beauty sleeping in his arms.

My peaceful rest made me only slightly aware as we made it to some rough and bumpy part of the roads, potholes and roadwork. I was still barely lucid, almost asleep, when I heard someone speaking behind me. Not really paying attention, repositioned myself and hoped I could find the blissful rest again.. I awakened with a start to find him on top of me. "I'm sorry," he said," I was trying to close the window above you." His breathe was warm on my silk blouse causing an intense sensation across my bosom, his neatly trimmed soft beard teasing my chin and collarbone. His liquid blue eyes meet mine and I saw a passion deep within him. In his attempt to close the window, he stretched himself over me and when the bus hit another pothole in the road, already off balance, he collapsed on top of me. He was a tall, handsome man, with a large muscular frame. Honey-ginger hair and pink peaches and cream complexion dotted with hundreds of pale freckles across his checks and nose. I wondered to myself about those freckles. I'd never seen him before; he was new on the commuter line. He was fully astride me his left leg was between my legs, his left arm at my right thigh and his right arm at my left shoulder. He tried to regain his balance when we hit another pothole causing his entire body to fall against mine. I could feel the entire weight of his body crush against mine. I felt his large rock-hard cock move against me, nudging my inner thigh. Our eyes met again, "I'm Jacob", he said with a sheepish smile. I was unable to move or breathe; his fall had forced all the air from my lungs. I waited for him to gather himself and watched him move back to his seat.

As we arrived closer to our destination, passengers began to alight at their various stops scurrying on their way. I glanced from time to time at this stranger our eyes meeting, exchanging smiles. A cool darkness had settled in and the stars were shining brightly in the moonless sky. I exited the bus and I crossed the street and headed for the park and the dirt path beyond it that would take me home.

The purple darkness of the night enveloped me as I entered the park. I heard his footsteps behind me; the handsome stranger. I looked over my shoulder again only to see that he was getting closer to me with his every step. My heart was racing, I downhill to the dirt path that would led me home. I glanced again to find him directly behind me, startled I lost my footing on the worn uneven path. He caught me from behind pressing my body hard against his, his rock hard cock poking me.. I felt his warm minty breathe on my neck and ears, I moved into his embrace. I teased his cheek with my lips, a gentle butterfly kiss. His left hand worked its way down my thigh and across the top of my stockings as I hummed lightly at the pleasure of his touch. He plunged his huge right hand into my skirt, across my garter and into my damp waiting triangle. His left hand found its way under my bra and began to playfully rub and pinch my nipples. He took me from one pleasure to another as we stood there together our bodies pressed together under a star filled sky as I moaned in quiet ecstasy. He knew just how to tease my clit with his broad fingers; I came in his hand, as he nuzzled my neck and cheek.

My legs were weak beneath me, he began to kiss and lick behind my ears and neck as he unfastened his belt, then his pants. He raised my skirt; I could feel his hot flesh against my ass, his muscular thighs against mine. He held me tightly as he engaged his cock in some very delightful ass play. His right hand was still working my damp soft layers, rubbing and stroking my clit. I was softly moaning as he pushed his cock deep inside my ass. I sucked in my breathe, I was in heaven. We moved in motion together, in perfect chorography, slowly gaining momentum. As his excitement grew, so did his cock within me. I could feel the throbbing and pulsating. It was electrifying. My body followed his as he began to thrust his hips, his cock going ever deeper with every thrust as he held me against him. We moaned in unison as the energy between us grew, him thrusting harder and faster, our bodies moving as one. He continued to work my clit and puss faster and faster as his other hand rolled and pinched my nipple. "Yes, Yes". I cried. He filled me with his warm sensation flowing through my ass while I came again in his hand at the same time. He held me closely and kissed that special place behind my ears, passionately. I felt his cock still throbbing within me as he slowed his thrusts to a gentle rocking motion and then slower, moving as if we were slow dancing to a song being played within our souls.

He removed his cock and fastened his pants while still keeping his hand firmly in my puss. He turned me around with his hand as he dropped to his knees and used his tongue to lick every drop of cum left between my legs and in my puss. His warm minty breathe was a wonderful final pleasure on my thighs and puss as he licked me clean and dry readying me for final walk home. What a gentleman! As he stood, his eyes met mine one more time and he gave me a soft kiss across my cheek. He turned walked in the direction we came from and soon disappeared out of site .

I wonder if he'll be on the bus tomorrow.....

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