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Truck Stop Fuck

Author: Suzie _ _ _ _
Publish Date : Jun 12, 2008
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I reached the pavement with one foot and one of the drivers noticed that I didn't have my panties on. He said he wanted to eat my snatch until he reached my heart from the inside. That gross bastard! I slapped my ass and said "It's all mine and you can't have any".

* * * * * * *

A drunk driver killed my husband in a crash 3 years ago. I had to pay for the truck somehow, so I started driving. I was heading east across the Nevada dessert. I pulled into a truck stop to fill up my fuel tanks, go potty and get something to eat. I opened the truck door and stepped out. It's kind of hard to get down in a dress. This weather is too hot to wear anything else. It was just before in touched down a bunch of other drivers were watching me. I knew they were going to say something. I heard whistles, statements like "What an ass you have" Would you just look at those titties and I could use those jugs as a pillow. Just crude comments from the male drivers in these truck stops. I have gotten used too. It doesn't bother me any more.

I reached the pavement with one foot and one of the drivers noticed that I didn't have my panties on. He said he wanted to eat my snatch until he reached my heart from the inside. That gross bastard! I slapped my ass and said "It's all mine and you can't have any" There was one male driver on his way out that wasn't in that bunch that did catch my eye. He was short and well built He was about 40 a little graying at the temples. I started to fuel up when he came over to me and asked if I needed some help. "No, I don't but thanks for asking". He introduced himself to me, Names Mack & you are I'm Suzie I said. We stood there talking a while. He asked where I was headed and maybe we could trail together. "Well I'm going to Houston, Texas" He asked what I was hauling. I have 85,000 pounds of produce in my wagon. It doesn't pay much, but it's a load. "Yeah these fuel costs are taken most of my profits"

He laughed and he asked if I would join him for dinner. We talked over dinner about driving, trucks and talking shop. Mack said "I've have seen four wheelers do some amazing things on the highways. Looking at a road map, shaving, talking on cell phones and even sex going down to highways. I replied " Yes I have also. I saw a young woman giving some dude a head job for about ten miles. As I watched my pussy was getting wet wishing that was me. Mack asked why I was driving this ol truck.

I answered all his question: "Ya see 3 years ago my husband was driving this cold lonely stretch of road up north in Maine. This car cut him off and forced my husband off the road with a tanker full of gasoline. The road was so far out he died before anyone got there. He was so badly burned they didn't know who he was until the dispatcher wanted to know where he was so he called the county sheriff. Later they found his billfold under his burned out rig. My husband died that night just because some four-wheeler wanted to drive home from a party drunk. My husband died and the SOB that did it is still walking around alive. It's just not fair!

We got in my truck I pulled it away from the fuel island to a spot in the back of the sleepers lot. We talked for a few hours and eventually the subject of sex came in. he asked what I did to relieve myself and get off. "Mack I don't think that's any of your business! Oh I'm sorry for saying that, come on let's go & I'll show you" I put a dvd in in the player and sat back in the sleeper cab. He was expecting a porn video. When I was in full view on screen Mack' eyes nearly fell out. There I was completely naked, all he could say was "Damn" you looking;' good Maggie. I took off my wedding rings and put them next to the dvd player. In the video I was playing with this double-headed dildo. I had half of it stuffed in my snatch and was going for the glory ending. I reached over and unzipped his fly. He didn't stop me. I said, "I want you to know I don't normally do this, this is my truck, well me and the fuckin' bank own it. I then pulled out his cock and started to lick the under side of it's helmet. He gasped a few times. He took this as an invitation. He wanted me to remove Kirk's picture. He said it made him uncomfortable. I turned it around and swallowed his dick to his nuts. It didn't take him long to get his nuts off. I used my throat muscles to milk his cock. I did however swallow most of his spunk.

He said, "now it's your turn Maggie" he laid me down on my bunk as he turned around to a 69 position. His face buried in my sopping wet pussy he began to lick my holes from the navel to my ass. I was so wet and turned on I didn't even feel his thumb enter my ass hole. Mack knew how to eat pussy, just right where a lady likes to be sucked and licked. Not too soft and not too hard. I had Mack's dick hard and ridged as I continued to suck it deep down my gullet. His cock was increasing in rigidity & I knew he was about to shot his wad down my throat again. I was thrusting my hips back to his face as he suck my clit. Mack took a deep breath and said " I'm going to cum Maggie, I'm cummmin' "Oh Gaud" The first blast hit the back of my palette nearly making me gag. Spurt after spurt of hot heavy creamy gold was being pumped in my mouth. . I swallowed his wad whole

Wow that man had his balls full of it. I worked to keep it all my mouth until I could show him what he gave me before I swallowed his seeds. I was nearing a gut-wrenching climax as Mack was sucking and biting my clit between sucking my cunt hole. I felt the pressure building as it hit me. I was thrusting my hips up so his mouth was pressed harder into my pussy. I was cummim' right into his waiting mouth. My female cunt cum shot in his mouth. And he swallowed. We rested for ah while until our breath came back to normal.

I asked Mack if he had anymore of that cream cum in his balls. I wanted my pussy filled also. I rolled over and met his mouth with mine as we kissed passionately. I could taste my own cum waters as we kissed. I grabbed his dick and started to stroke it again. It came to life soon after. Mack was on his back. I got up and straddled his cock. I sat on his dick just a little just to tease him. I rose up off of it and down where only his cock head was in my snatch. With all my weight I dropped all the way down. It was too much for him to handle. Mack was cumming in my pussy as I wanted. I stayed down on him and wiggled my hips sideways to get all of his cum while I milked him dry with my pc muscles. We were real hot and sweaty now. Were so sweaty that we almost stuck together. To my surprise his dick wasn't quite down yet. It stiffened and I continued to fuck him. The dvd had played out and stopped.

I worked on Mack again by coming off to the tip and back down hard. Up and back down real fast and hard. I rode him like ah pogo stick and like I was rowing a boat. I was thrusting my hips back to him as he was fucking me back. I placed my hands above his head and he could thrust his cock into me with ease. We fucked like this for what seemed like an hour. I was cummming again all over us. His dick was rubbing my G-Spot I washed us with my lady cum. Mack tensed up as he was shooting his last wad of hot sticky cum in my pussy. We road each other until we were so tired and sweaty.

The sun was coming up on the dessert horizon. I awoke to an empty sleeping bunk. Mack was gone. I got out of the truck to get a shower before heading east. No note, no sign of him anywhere. I thought well that SOB! I showered off the dried cum in my hair and sweat. I douched over and over again to get all signs of that SOB out of my system.

I headed back to my truck. I got under the wheel, buckled up and headed east. About two hours later I seen his truck along side the highway broke down with flairs burning. I just Flipped him off and kept going...

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