The woman next door part 2

Author: fuckherharder
Category: Short Sex Stories
Published: Jun 14, 2008
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Due to Natasha working a week of nights Shaun did not get to repeat the quick fuck that had happened while Natasha was cleaning the car, so he had to come up with another plan to get his tongue exploring her tight moist fanny.

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The woman next door part 2

Due to Natasha working a week of nights Shaun did not get to repeat the quick fuck that had happened while Natasha was cleaning the car, so he had to come up with another plan to get his tongue exploring her tight moist fanny and then it came to him, what about the gym he has in the garage surely she must work out especially with the body she has a body of a teenager Height 5 foot 9 waist 12 and breasts 29 B even though she was in her late thirties the perfect body and to cap it all long brown hair to the waist just thinking about her gave Shaun a boner in his underpants.

So Shaun said to himself "IL go around on Saturday morning just when she arrives home from the Hospital and ask her if she wants to come around and work out with me"

But that was still two days away and he still had this erect cock to deal with so he crossed the road over to the woods and found a quiet spot and started to masturbate his 7 inch cock with a 2 inch girth, Shaun was masturbating for about 2 minutes when he heard a sound of someone giggling "who is there " he said "come on show your self" but no one did and after a few minutes continued to masturbate, Again a giggle came from in the bushes but this time instead of asking if any one was there Shaun rushed over to find 2 young girls crouched down with their fingers in each others fanny's "what are you doing watching me" said Shaun one of the girls said "we saw you come into the woods from over in the park you were rubbing the front of your pants so Claire said to me lets follow him" "that's right we did Mandy" "we watched you take out your cock and start playing with your self" said Claire, Shaun said to the girls "then tell me why you both have your hands down the front of each others Panties" "We don't know" said Mandy ""come on you have your fingers in each others little pussys and you don't know why I don't believe that" said Shaun "We did not mean to stay and watch you mister but when we saw your big cock we just could not leave" said Claire "but you still have not answered why you have your hands down each others panties" "Well we got so excited after seeing your erect cock that I whispered to Claire lets finger each other and pretend that it is that cock inside us" said Mandy "Oh I see, how old are you" said Shaun Claire said "well I am 18" "and I am nearly 19" said Mandy .

Shaun could not believe what he was hearing and seeing, two young gorgeous looking girls pretending that he was fucking them, and after hearing this Shaun's cock began to swell again much to the two girls pleasure, and before Shaun could pull away the two girls still on their knees and fingers in pussys took turns in giving him a very pleasurable blowjob. "Oh my fucking god" said Shaun "this is fucking amazing" with both girls looking up to him with their blue innocent eyes Mandy pushed one of her long fingers into his anus this had the immediate effect of making Shaun empty his load all over the girls faces and down Claries mouth taking her by surprise and partially chocking her for a few seconds. "Thanks girls that was fantastic" "hey what about us we haven't come yet" said both girls in unison, "oh sorry what do you want me to do" "Fuck my cunt hard in the doggy position" said Mandy "I want you to fuck me up the ass" said Claire with that both girls lifted up their skirts and took off their white moist cotton panties, Shaun could not believe what he was seeing two shaved pussys with swollen lips just ready and waiting for his cock in one and fingers in the other. Mandy got herself in the all fours position and Clair lay down beside her with her legs wide apart."Fuck me then mister" Mandy ordered "fuck me hard you bastard" So Shaun positioned himself behind her and holding her waist slowly pushed his 7 inch cock inside her, he had only got about 2 inches inside her now stretched pussy when he came up against an obstruction "fucking hell you're a fucking virgin, I'm going to enjoy making you a woman" so Shaun pulled back his cock so that the purple helmet was just in the flaps and gave a big stab of his cock breaking through her hymen pushing all 7 inches deep inside, Mandy's now bleeding cunt "Ahhh that fucking hurts take it out" said Mandy "No fucking way I'm going to ride you until your cunt is so wet and well and truly a woman" after several orgasms from Mandy Shaun finally unloads his spunk into her now swollen teenage vagina and they both collapse in a heap on the crass. " hey mister don't forget me" Said Claire "don't you forget my tight little ass" Shaun gets up and lifts the girls legs up over his shoulder and rubs his awakening cock up against her soaking pussy that the young 18 year old had been finger fucking for the past ten minutes "No not in there I want you to fuck my ass not my cunt" said Claire but with one lunge forward Shaun's cock went right up to his balls in her now slurping cunt, "you dirty little girl your not a virgin but this is still nice"

Claire starts to try and get up protesting that its not her cunt that wants a good fucking but her ass, but Shaun had got her legs held tight around his chest, Clair started screaming "make him fucking stop Mandy" but Mandy started laughing at her friends now cock filled cunt, "sit on her face and make her lick you spunk filled cunt to stop her screaming, as some one might hear her" said Shaun, so Mandy did just that, in this position she could hold Claries pussy lips open and rub her friends clitoris, this made Claire start to come covering his cock in fanny juice "ok now your ass has lubrication Il fuck you in the ass"

After both girls had come several times Shaun got up and watched both girls in a 69 position licking and sucking each others now spunk filled pussys, they were that engrossed that he was able to slip away without being noticed by Claire and Mandy.

Shaun had just got back home to find Natasha sitting in his kitchen in her nurse's uniform

"Where have you been then "Natasha said in a soft voice "Hello what are you doing home, why aren't you at work" Shaun hoped that she could not see that he had got green knees from fucking the two horny teenagers in the wood " I had a problem at the hospital and needed to get a clean uniform on, I need to get back to work " Shaun thought to him self "thank god I'm to fucked to fuck you right now" " Listen at the weekend I was wondering if you might like to come around and have a work out in the gym" "ok sounds great see you on Saturday" Natasha turns gives his cock a quick squeeze and walks out the door saying "don't wear out that cock by masturbating" Little did she know what he had been doing for the past two hours "ok Natasha don't worry this is yours" with a grin on his face he says Roll on Saturday.

About: The author of "The woman next door part 2" is fuckherharder. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Short Sex Stories section.

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