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Annes Horrible Deed

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Author: BobJJ123
Published: 11-Jul-08
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This is my first attempt at writing from a woman's point of view. Perhaps I'm just not sufficiently attuned to the female psyche and this would be better unwritten but since I write primarily for my pleasure, here it is. . .

* * * * * * *

My name is Anne Poloucci and as you may guess I'm Italian. I'm known professionally as Anne Poloucci, MD, Neurosurgeon, at the big university where I'm currently head of my department. It might appear that I don't have a care in the world but I do.

I've got a secret so completely bad and evil that I can't discuss it with my most trusted friends. A mere hint as to that secret would create a sensation that would destroy me as surely as I'm sitting here at my computer.

On the other hand, not a day goes by that I don't think of that evil and the circumstances surrounding it as I feel compelled to tell my story. As I write, the names are changed and the events altered slightly to hide the true identities of those involved. The story remains unchanged.

It all began when I was a Senior Resident neurosurgeon in a different hospital ion a different part of the country. I had spent five years of my life studying and working. There had been no social life outside the hospital and no parties. It had been at least five years since someone addressed me in a friendly way as just 'Annie'.

It had been a busy five years with little time for social life and I had never been lonely until near the end of that residency. Then with the final days of my residency the hectic days of board certifications were about over and I had time for myself. . .suddenly I had felt lonely. It was then that a group from the hospital invited me to join them at the local watering hole for some fun.

It had seemed like a good idea and the watering hole was a regular hangout for the hospital set where we might engage in somer good conversation and maybe even meet a nice guy or two.

The evening had gone well at first as I ordered a gin and tonic and sat at a tble with an assortment of hospital types at a large table. It might have been fun except that two junior residents, Pete Flegio and Joe Kemming immediately stated to hit on me. Their crude attempts at seduction were both obnoxious and crude and I gave my best effort to discouraging them.

It was when I'd finally had enough of the two crude oafs that I left the table and joined another man at the bar in hopes of discouraging the pair. As I moved to the bar, the man I was addressing simply moved away and I was at the bar alone except for Pete and Joe. The harassment by these two animals was finally more than I was willing to accept and I made preparations to leave only to find a fresh gin and tonic on the bar.

I took a big gulp of the drink before me and turned only to find myself unsteady. Then, as I sat on the bar stool for support Pete handed me the remains of my drink and I drank. Then, as I sat in my drunken stupor, I tried to figure out how I had gotten so drunk on two drinks. It was all verey confusing as I tried to figure a way to get home.

When Pete and Joe quickly agreed to drive me home the folks in the bar were no longer concerned about one of their own and went back to their party. As they loaded me between them in the front seat of their pickup truck, I was still dazed and trying to figure what had happened. Then, I slept! As they arrived at my apartment, I was aware of them searching my purse for my keys and of their taking me into the apartment and passed out again briefly as they carried me to my bedroom and lay me on the bed.

When I again awoke, I tried to than the guys for their assistance but the words simply didn't come out as I spoke them. My arms and legs lay limp and unresponsive to my brains commands. I thought that I must surely be blotto. . . Still, the bed felt good and the guys could let themselves out. With that I allowed myself to sleep.

Some time later, when I again awoke, still in my drunken stupor, I was aware that my clothes were gone and I lay nude on the bed. Joe was stranding near me with a stupid grin on his face and It came to me clearly. . .I'd been drugged! Those bastards had slipped something into my drink.

Meanwhile as I lay, unable to move, I felt a sensation between my legs. It was both a pleasant sensation and one that drove fear through me. . . Pete, was eating me out with gusto. I fought with every fiber of my being to resist.

But I could offer no resistance as I lay in my drugged condition. My mind screamed for him to stop. My body rebelled at the thought of what was being done. Then, with the increased level of tension in me I passed out again and dreamed a pleasant sensation emanating from between my legs. The lusty sensation seemed to grow and expand until I awoke and tried to cry out.

By the time Pete crawled over me and inserted his cock into me, I had used every bit of reserve energy that I possessed. . . wit no alternative I lay passive as he had his way with me. As I lay half in and half out of my drugged stupor, I felt the lusty sensations that the friction in my vagina brought forth and rebelled again and once more I could do nothing. Then, after only a couple of minutes, I felt Pete's cock stiffen and spew forth his seed into me. My only thought was ,"That dirty bastard'll pay for that." and I relaxed thinking my ordeal was over.

Then, in seconds, Joe took Pete's place and fucked me as violently and roughly as I would ever have thought possible. His cock tore at the tender walls of my vagina and I tried again to resist. Finally, with the pain and angst, I passed out.

It was some considerable time later that I returned to consciousness and lay motionless, feigning unconsciousness, trying to collect my thoughts and determine the intentions of my abductors. Hearing nothing, I cautiously opened my eyes and after a moment turned my head to find Pete and Joe gone. Then, as I tried to raise my head, I felt the effects of the drug.

As I awoke again, I was aware that my mouth was dry and my head seemed to weave in dizzy circles. I could not stand without support as I managed to crawl to the bathroom and relieve myself.

It was early the next morning when I went to the local police station and reported the rape. A policewoman began questioning me about the circumstances and as we talked she became less and less sympathetic. Finally, I asked why. She reported that I had gone to a bar where I'd had too much to drink and been picked up by two men, taken to my apartment where I had apparently invited them in. She'd never sell that rape story to the court. In fact it was inconsistent with the facts.

I left the police station, humiliated and in tears, and went to the druggist for a morning after pill. As I( considered the situation, my Italian blood began to run hot and I wanted revenge. Before the day was over, I vowed that I'd have that revenge.

The next couple of months was spent developing a plan. Those evil bastards, Pete and Joe, would pay for raping me - for what they did to me! After work, I took pleasure in what I was going to do to them. They'd never again degrade a woman as they had me. I'd see to that. It became an obsession.

Then, with a fine job offer at a university hospital, half a nation away, I set a date for my retribution. I meticulously went over the final plans and preparations with growing excitement. I checked my prey's work schedules and found that they'd be leaving the hospital after the close of heir shifts that day.

It was about 1920 hours when Pete left by way of the side door of the General Practice area of the hospital for his car in the parking lot. Then, just as he unlocked his car door, I raised my tranquilizer gun and fired. As Pete felt the dart enter him and realizing what had happened, turned to escape back into the hospital; then, simply collapsed in a drug induced stupor. With my face covered to hide my identity, I dragged him to his car and placed him in the passenger seat where I searched his trouser pockets for his car keys. Now the man who had so violently invaded her privacy and violated her person would pay

Ten minutes later, we were at Pete's apartment and again, I carried and dragged him inside. Then, once inside his apartment, I dragged him to his bed as he had once done with me. There, I placed him on the bed, undressed him completely, and slowly fondled his cock to bring it to full erection, He continued to lay in his drugged state as I moved on with my plan.

As a surgeon it would be easy to remove his genitalia without his loss of blood and death. I had studied the operation carefully and using a common butcher's knife to make the cuts might appear the work of an amateur.

With Pete in his drugged state, it was easy to cut off his cock and balls, which I did with a feeling of wild excitement. . Then, after carefully rearranging his bedroom and hanging up his clothes, I called 911 and reported a man bleeding to death at the address and left. As I drove off, I again felt the exhilaration of what I had done. It had been so simple and I found great pleasure in recalling the act. His Cock and balls I dropped into a dumpster across town.

Joe had been even easier as I found him after his evening shift and repeated the process. Once Joe was in his drug induced stupor, on his bed, I took perverse pleasure in jacking him to full arousal and watching the pleasure on his face. His genitals I placed in a formaldehyde jar and tucked away in a hospital anatomy classroom. Now, my with retribution was complete, I felt the joy of success - or was it a success. For the first time I felt remorse. I had done an evil thing.

Next day, as I was at work, the gossip spread rapidly of the two interns who had been sadistically maimed. Several of the women were quick to note that it was probably the work of some woman that they'd wronged and other's seemed to feel that the two womanizers got what they deserved. One or two wondered why they hadn't bled to death. I said nothing.

As my final act, next evening, I went to the watering hole and ordered a gin and tonic at the bar. While there I entered into polite conversations with several men and even had a few offers but nothing of interest. At midnight, I left slightly drunk, alone, and trook a taxi to my apartment.

But the event was not over. I didn't realize it then but it'll never be over.

Now, with the passage of time, I realize that what I did was wrong. The act was evil and I was an evil person for doing it. My pleasure was evil and on realizing this, I could no longer take pleasure in it. My life is profoundly affected in many ways.

Today, I've withdrawn from society. I'm lonely and withdrawn as I live with the memory of that night. I fear close contact with anyone as I might disclose my dark secret in a moment of intimacy. My only joy in life is my work and it's there that I concentrate all my energy.

If only I'd have let the matter drop after the police had told me I had no case.

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