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Author: kalyan
Published: 14-Jul-08 Revised/Updated 16-Jul-08
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Haritha grunting and slurping of pandu cock drove in and out of mouth.

* * * * * * *

Pandu completed the work and started to went outside to take tea break and said...Arre Chanti send one cup elaichi tea......Chanti served Tea.....Pandu drinks tea....and thinks....Pandu...new one...Pandu came recently from Vijayawada and searched several jobs and after got this Data entry job in one of the software office, this day Pandu did work. Pandu views all works those in Office, few ladies also works in that office.......Pandu now feels very very fantasy thinkings when Haritha moves near pandu work place. Haritha completed degree and works with pandu...but senior. Pandu helps work related when Haritha asks. Haritha gather all work files and arranges with carefully and prepares statements and submits to office manager. Daily pandu observes, but in this day Haritha came with sweets and given to Pandu...and said...hey pandu....this for you...to day haritha Birth day. Pandu wished. This birthday day Haritha weared a Light cement color saree and looks like a very beautiful that pandu not noticed till this day like that way. Haritha had a sensual body with curves and beautiful when the sun races touches parts and shines like a knife edge. Pandu drinks tea, and pandu talks with pandu....arre pandu....Haritha is fine and Haritha blouse given chance to view which color bra touched and catched the Haritha breasts. Haritha told .....to day morning...with mother and father and sister went to temple and after purchased sweets and to day very happy, and said.....Pandu..please give help in this day also...Pandu looks Haritha...birth day changed totally...Haritha hair and face totally looks very beautiful looks like a Rose.

After completing the work Pandu helped Haritha, and Haritha went into office manager room with work files and statement Haritha eyes met Pandu. Pandu tired....and relaxes in chair...and suddenly adjusted....and given reply...Haritha any forget.....Haritha not given answer...only moved head...."No..". And went into office manager room. Pandu thinked till this day several ladies or womans or girls came....but Haritha smile touched and looked sensational, given electric sensation go through the Office employee Pandu in that time Haritha madam smile. Haritha came back, and said......Pandu to day completed the work....and taken bag...haritha didn't look away and with a wave and crincle of haritha eye, Pandu listened......."hey pandu...see later", and was out the door. Pandu got a chances to move with close Haritha several times in work places. Haritha smiles and shares with Pandu and others work. Haritha asked....new form entry ...hey pandu...and inquired how to complete the form haritha was working on in Office. Pandu turned in chair to face Haritha. Haritha hair very tightened with elastic band and Haritha punjabi dress fell open little bit way, offering a brief glimps of Haritha body parts, Haritha asked...."Pandu....this is the correct way...if one two mistakes happened also or strictly fill....", Pandu flied in clouds....and came in to office...and concious...given reply..." Haritha actually ....first prepare rough and then after fill with carefully......that gives to control lot of mistakes...then after verification.....gradually modifies the mistakes...and showed that way..". After that Haritha follows Pandu instructions and try to completes the form...Pandu....taken a chance to view with eyes away from the Haritha opening punjabi dress...pandu thinked....definitely Haritha gives another chance to got satisfaction. After that stand near Haritha chair and view the filling form, Pandu tried to came near, Haritha knowing look and smiled....that time pandu ...gaze near to haritha face. Haritha said, "Ok pandu, got little bit relief from fear, next one hope that will do confidently". After that next day came with Haritha a file and said, this rough fill with careful is important, so Pandu...don't think another way...please sit and give help. Haritha sat near Pandu....Pandu started filling form.....Pandu smelled scent.....not a body spray....but a sweet faminine scent. Haritha saree touched arms....suddenly middle of the form pandu turned to speak Haritha, Haritha leaned over pandu, Pandu noticed...haritha saree blouse unhooked , down from hook one opened...where it had been happened.

Pandu got a full view of Haritha breasts, "oh it was very beautiful, that time the red bra bears the weights touch with Haritha body". Pandu thinked......slowly with haritha went to into a fantasy heaven without taking permission from Government or boss. pandu said.."haritha these completed....", pandu identified and felt...Haritha pressed hips into pandu side as stood next to pandu...when the work papers arranges on table. Pandu ....feeled very very....then feeled...cock was beginning to get very hard...and the pant looks bulge. Haritha was looking straight at the bulge in Pandu pant with haritha lips slightly parted haritha ran haritha rose tongue over them. Then after taken the bag and said," hey pandu, like the way it stands out too", and gave a pandu shoulder a squeeze as haritha turned to go. Remaining the time, pandu opened the internet and messanger sended messages and after sign out, started the fantasiases sucking of Haritha nipples, and of how Haritha black public hair on pandu face and scissor style fucking fantasy given much more satisfaction. Pandu wondered if fantasies come true. Haritha really being wetting lips as started Harith with penis. Went to home, and sleeped and next day waked with sleepy memories of passionate with haritha, and erotic riding with haritha in drean. Pandu continue the fantasies with Haritha. Pandu cock was constant state and that given reply.....if with haritha any thing and every thing with Haritha. Now, pandu sitted in office near Haritha....with fantasies and thoughts of hard, soft, steamy sex with haritha, and feeled some uncomfortable Haritha also near...but thinks bad. Pandu decided and laughed and innnerly delivered word..."arrre pandu.....this haritha only for just for pandu". Haritha asked....."Pandu...not went to eat means....", pandu given reply "Haritha yestarday sweets...till this filled in stomach"...Haritha smiled and went into boss room. Pandu watched ....Haritha busy with files and papers on the table. Haritha moving in work place time Pandu views with Haritha body parts and curves". Haritha said, "pandu....this day all peoples not come....when boss tell also....now continue similar forms work....which one completed last days.....". Pandu thinked..."definitely catched...observing when walks in work place..". Pandu feel excitement and gradually growing and feeled slightly out of the breath of Pandu penis grew and throbbed when Haritha walks near pandu. Haritha turned and sit near. Pandu watched....Haritha bent over from the hip, and observed Haritha saree tighted to body and shows the not weared petty coat and underwear. Haritha ass was very magnificient....nicely shaped....with saree pulled tightly and it was too much to resist. Pandu reached haritha near and pandu wanting to press penis into Haritha pussy and pour it. Pandu said...."haritha give a chance...", Haritha leaned back into pandu, luscious butt on pandu crotch, pandu said "hoped haritha.....", haritha given "ohhh". Haritha moaned as haritha laid haritha head on one arm folded across the desk and hiked up haritha saree with the other, while humping against pandu with haritha pussy. Pandu held onto Haritha waist as pandu returned haritha pressure against pandu, grinding pandu hard dick against Haritha ass. By now Pandu cock was immense, wanting to be freed, wanting to be in Haritha. Haritha was keeping up a steady motion and making soft moaning sounds. In one fluid motion Haritha stood up and turned around while dropping saree. Pandu kissed haritha and probing tongue enter in mouth. Haritha pressed body against pandu. pandu reached around and squeezed haritha ass in pandu hands. Haritha kicked off shoes and pulled away saree to reveal legs, long and lean and smooth and silk. Haritha panties were so skimpy there were almost not there, pandu see haritha ample bush of black public hair through them and identiged haritha got already wet with excitement . Pandu starting from the bottom, pandu released one by one haritha dreses. Pandu leaned over and kissed hard on the mouth hands moves up to cares haritha orbs. There were large and pandu surprised at their firmness. Pandu ran hands down and squeezed haritha ass, stil frenching with haritha , after came to boobs. Haritha started one by one, pandu feels very very happy...Haritha now played fingers over the belt and squeezed the pandu bulging cock and harita whispered..."hey dear pandu....why do haritha want pandu bad"...after that Haritha tits, that are big and perky. Haritha pressed breasts against pandu, and haritha moved up and down, haritha continued down pandu body. Haritha started rubbing with lips and cheeks up and down entire length of Pandu male asset. Haritha started putting cock and balls in mouth and started play. Haritha rolled eyes looking pandu as began sucking pandu cock. haritha lips moved over pandu penis, head and down the shaft until Haritha swallowed all of it, flicking of Haritha tongue across the bottom the releasing the pressure, sliding haritha mouth back, letting pandu cock almost come outside from haritha mouth, then going slowly back down to swallow even more. Haritha grunting and slurping of pandu cock drove in and out of mouth. then Pandu pumping penis in to Haritha welcoming mouth. Haritha began to coo as haritha tasted the pre-come that started spill from pandu penis. Pandu feel orgasim coming. Haritha continued Voraciously suck and pull on pandu cock, licking it and swallowing it. Pandu cock throbbed, sending waves of pleasure and pain through the pandu penis, pumping a huge load of cum in to Haritha mouth. haritha lappint it up and swallowing pandu cock as pandu coming and licking of the head of pandu cock and rubbing it haritha around lips as come pulsed from pandu. Haritha told, "hey pandu.....loved very much.....and loved the taste of the pandu come". Then Pandu moved to lick Haritha pussy.....with tongue going began outer lips, tasting Haritha nectar and ending up on Haritha hardening clit. pandu licked circles of around the clit as haritha began to moan. Haritha pulling pandu to haritha with legs and rubbing pussy into pandu face. Pandu driving with tongue in and out of Haritha cunt as haritha bobbed haritha hips up and down.

Pandu sat on the office chair, haritha looked at pandu cock sticking inches of the cock stepped over to pandu and Haritha pussy slowly dripping the cock filling haritha with pandu cock. Then Haritha rotated hips and moved further down on to pandu penis. Pandu feel Haritha pussy gripped the cock. haritha gently rocked on Pandu penis. Haritha rising hips higer taking longer strokes. watching Haritha pussy loving pandu cock. After that pandu said...cum started....Haritha taken into mouth...and suck.....and told.....hey pandu......pour it ...pour it in mouth. After that Pandu released the heat in Haritha mouth. haritha eated. After that weared the dresses and opened the door and went to outside. AFter that Haritha went to office and similarly enjoyed several ways.

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