An Amazing Sexual Encounter

Author: Wet-Lady
Published: Aug 23, 2008
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For a while me and my husband have been talking about how to inprove our sex life. we had been having sex in the park, the car, bathroom at friends houses and a number of other places. although the sex was amazing and everytime it just got better we still wanted something more.

For a while me and my husband have been talking about how to inprove our sex life. we had been having sex in the park, the car, bathroom at friends houses and a number of other places. although the sex was amazing and everytime it just got better we still wanted something more.

one night we had an engagment party to go to and kids were not invited. we hired a babysitter to look after the kids. when the babysitter arrived i opened the door in my towel as i had just gotten out of the shower and hadnt had time to change. she walked inside and immediatley i thought WOW!!! she wore a tight white singlet top and black jeans with flip flops. between her singlet and her jeans was about an inch of bare flesh exposed which lead to my excitment of what is below. i was distracted by her beauty that i hadnt noticed i was staring straight at her box. "Um, excuse me Mrs Benton may i come in its quite hot out". "oh sorry Lola. yes sure come on in".

i showed her to the lounge room and she said she had a lot of homework to do and was it possible to plug her laptop in. i showed her where she could work and as i bent to plug the cord into the power outlet my towel slipped a little showing one of my breasts. "oh. sorry" i said as i quickly grabbed at the towel. "oh dont be it's fine. but i must say you have the most amazing breasts. i mean after having 2 children. wow." i laughed as i explained tht the kids are in bed and that wewould be back aound midnight.

i went upstairs to getr ready and about 20 minutes later i came back down to see my husband and lola sitting on the lounge talking. "ok lets get going babe". we left and went to the party.

meanwhile lola tried studying at home unsuccesfully. everytime she started to write her thoughts would travel to seeing my breast.

it came to 11:30 and we arrived back home. when we came inside lola was sitting on the lounge with nothing but her light pink bra and a thin matching pink thong. she had her head rolled back and was masturbating. she was softly moaning. my husband was right behind me and i felt him start to grow at the sight as his dick was bulging against my ass. we walked up behind her and she heard us replying with "you guys are home early." i walked around the lounge and stood unfront of her. by this time i was wet to the point i could feel my panties moisten. she stood up and undid the zipper on my dress slowly slipping it down my body. we stood in our bra and panties and watched my husband undress. i walked them both to the spare room at the end of the house as far away from the kids as possible. i walked in and grabbed my husband and kissed him passionatley. i pushed him on to the chair in the corner and told him to wait there. i grabbed lola and laid her on the bed slowly kissing my way down her body until i got to her tits. quite big for a 18 year old. i grabbed at the massaging them gently until i felt her nipple tighten at my touch. i looked over at my husband who was now wanking.

i lifted her bra up and licked her nipples. i could her moaning and this really turnt me on. she put her arms on my hips and then onto my back and started clawing at my back. i kissed my way down a little more and i reached her panties. nice little thong. i kissed along her panty line then stood up flipped her over and slapped her ass. sheshudderedat the pain but i knew it turnt her on. i unclipped her bra and threw it to my husband i leant forward and rubbed her tits. she rolled over and took my bra off while playing with my tits. i turnt myself around and lowered my clit into her mouth and lowered my mouth onto hers. i licked her out until i heard her start to come she shuddered under me i follwed immediatley after her. we looked over and to our suprise my husband had the video camera out.

we got up and walked towards him and put the camera on the dressing table we pulled him over to the bed and lola sat on his face while i sat on his dick. lola turned around and we kissed. i felt this excite my husband because he shot his load right up inside me. i orgasmed again and so did lola.

after our encounter we all went back down stairs and watched the recording reliving the nights events. i offered to drive lola home. we pulled into her street and she asked my to stop a few houses down from hers. she leaned over and kissed me again the put her hand between my legs and massaged my pussy for a minute. "same time next week sexy". she then got out of the car and walked up the street to her house.

i got home and me and my husband watched the recording again and made love thinking about lola and about the possiblility of another encounter.

we still see lola and she kept her word. every week for almost a year now we have sex together and lola will occasionally bring a forth person to join. but we definatley will never need a new babysitter.

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