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My Teacher and I - Part 1

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Author: Nayo Dickens
Published: 28-Aug-08 Revised/Updated 30-Aug-08
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You sat on the couch and you told me to bend doggie style before your feet with my ass in front of you...you told me to start playing with my pussy, to make it nice and wet so you can use my pussy juice for my asshole.

* * * * * * *

I am wearing a tight, white t-shirt...no bra underneath, a denim miniskirt...short that it only falls midthigh and a pink thong. my hair is loose about my shoulders, my lips would be pink and flavored bubble gum and i would be wearing a red pointy stilettos... you opened the door and you said, "Candice, what are you doing here"...i said, "hey Teacher, i'm just wondering how i can raise my grade...you know in any way you want"...i walk through the door past you and sat on your couch...i crossed my legs and you can see far enough between my thighs to know i'm wearing a pink thong...i crossed my arms over my chest which hid my nipples that's poking through my shirt...i looked up at you and i saw you lick your lips, looking like you want to eat me up so i stood up and walked toward you...i've put my arms around your waist and whispered next to your ear, "so how about that extra credit i'm willing to do anything you want me to"...you pulled back a little from me and looked at me then you gave my ass a squeeze and a spank and you said, "okay, let's talk"...i sat down on your couch again, you sat next to me and told me, "here's the rules...you agree and do whatever i tell you, i will fuck you however i want, i will call you whatever i want, if you raise your grade up enough we can negotiate to stop but if i still want to fuck you...i will, understand"...as i run my hands over your shirted chest, i said "i agree with everything, Teacher"...you replied with, "good, and keep calling me Teacher...i like it...so let's start now, take off your clothes you slutty girl". i stood up and took off my shirt then i reached down to take off my denim skirt...only in my pink thong, i sat on your couch to take off my shoes...then when i stood up again, i pulled down my thong and stepped out of them then i sat next to you and start kissing your lips...i said, "shall i undress you, Teacher" you said, "yes, bitch. take my clothes so i can fuck you". so i pulled you up and pulled up your shirt...giving your chest a few kisses especially on your nipples, then i reached down to unzip you jeans...i pulled them down and you stepped out of them...you took off your underwear then you pulled my body close to you and start rubbing your hard cock against me...then you whispered in my ear, "suck my cock, bitch"...you gave my ass a spank then i kneeled before you...with my hands on your cock...i began to suck your big hard cock then you moved your hips forward and as i suck you, you began fucking my wet mouth with your cock...so hard, your balls slap against my chin...then you stopped fucking my mouth so i pulled off my mouth and began sucking your balls as i stroke your cock up and down...sucking and tasting your balls...you taste really good...as i suck you, you pulled on to my hair gently and i looked up, you said, "i'm gonna cum, you nasty WHORE slut...open your mouth and let me cum"...so i opened my mouth as you stroke your cock furiously...the first squirt of cum lands on my tongue and i swallowed it...and opened my mouth again for more...when all your hot cum is in my mouth now...you pulled me up and told me, "swallow it, whore" and you watch me swallow your delicious cum then you asked, "have someone ever fucked your asshole"...i said, "no" and you said, "i want to"...i looked doubtful and said, "is it gonna hurt"..."no, it will feel really good" you said...so i smiled and said, "okay, let's do it"... you sat on the couch and you told me to bend doggie style before your feet with my ass in front of you...you told me to start playing with my pussy, to make it nice and wet so you can use my pussy juice for my asshole...as you sit on the couch and i look back at you, i watch you stroke your cock as i finger and play with my pussy...you listen to my moans as i play with my clit and get my pussy reallly wet...when my pussy is all wet and ready...you told me to wipe my juice-covered hand over my asshole then you kneeled behind me and reached for my pussy to get more juice...you couldn't resist to push a finger up my face...you said, "eat your juice, bitch"...i gladly sucked off your finger and then your juice-covered hand began playing with my asshole...you pushed in a wet finger and i moaned...you slapped my ass and said, "stay still, you nasty slut or i'll fuck your ass now"...i'm not ready for your cock yet so i stayed still as you spread my juice all over my ass then to my surprise, i felt your tongue lick my asshole...pushing gently into my hole...i said, "oh Teacher...more" and with that, your tongue left my ass and i felt your big hard cock pushing in my asshole...your hands keeping me still and steady so your push would be deep in my ass...i cried out from the sudden feeling of your cock stretching my inexperienced asshole...you pulled me towards you...burying your cock so deep in my ass then you leaned forward to squeeze my tits really hard...i cried out again and then you said, "one more noise from you and i'll pound my cock to your ass"...and to prove your point, you nudged your cock deeper in my ass...i gave another moan and with that, you gave my ass a loud spank and said, "you slut...don't say i didn't warn you" and you began to pound my ass with your deliciously hard and deliciously big cock...with each thrust...i moan my pleasure and because i'm still noisy...you spank my ass the same time your cock pounds me then you reached for my clit and began playing with...with your pounding and playing with my clit, i am so wet...my cum drips down my thighs....you're pounding my ass so hard, i can feel your balls slap noisily and hard against my wet pussy...i start to feel you cumming inside my asshole...you spanked me harder and faster and with the first squirt of your cum...i feel you bury your cock very deeply in my ass as you keep on cumming...your hips nudging forward...deeper and deeper in my ass as you lean forward and grabbed my tits...giving them a hard squeeze and i cry out...then with your cock empty and my ass full of your cum...you pulled out and i just laid on the floor trying to catch my breath as you sat down to your couch again...you said, "damn bitch...are you sure that's your first time with anal"...i nod as i look up at you from the floor then you said, "yes, Teacher...that was my first and i loved it"...you said, "of course you would, you nasty CUMSLUT whore...you love it because you're a dirty anal-fucking slut"...i smile and sat next to you, i gave your lips a deep and thorough kiss as i whisper in your ear, "i want more...more for my extra credit" Hope yall like schoolgirl9876@yahoo.com any comments or anything talk to me

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