Our Trip Overseas

Author: Steve
Published: Sep 5, 2008
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We got back to our hotel room a nice mini suite she got undressed and wanted sex. We played some and we decided to get room service for a late night snack.

We had traveled to Portugal to visit family in the military. Staying in a downtown hotel we dicided to go out and walk around to see the sights of town. We found several bars and nice restraunts and took in a couple of drinks. We had a buzz and just being there she was horny as she thought all the guys looked great and loved their accent speaking. We got back to our hotel room a nice mini suite she got undressed and wanted sex. We played some and we decided to get room service for a late night snack. Unsure of how it got started I told her this may be her chane to show it all to the room service guy. The deal was if a girl delivered I would take it at the door and pay, of it was a guy he would be directed to set it on the bed around the corner that could not be seen from the door. She was in her late 20's at this time. When the door knocked I was also excited as I knew she laid in the bed completely nude on her back. Then I let in a gentleman probably in his early 40's. Worried he would take the bait or she would enjoy I directed him around the corner. I could not see him as I was behind him as he laid the tray on the bed but saw her smile. I returned the smile and she spread her legs. He turned looked at me I nodded as to say yes. He removed the tray to a table in the room turned to her bent over the bed and immediately started eating her pussy. I herd her as he was rough with his tongue going after her pussy and fingering her hard and fast. I took in a bite to eat while I watched. I think he got board eating her as he stood took off his clothes and climbed on top of her. He was very well hung and offered no additional foreplay as he shoved himself in her and pounded her pussy like I have never seen before. I somehow knew this had to hurt and could tell by her face and sounds. He held her legs up by her head as he pounded away and cum in her. When he got done he got up as to say he was done. I moved to the bed told him to stay. I laid her across our lap as we sat on the bed. He took her by the hair and forced her to take his dick in her mouth. As he forced her to take him I spanked her ass for being a whore, she loved this. He also joined in spanking her. Her red ass glowing and almost in tears she was now ours. Now I wanted my relief.

She got up as she wanted out of this hold, after a slight struggle he has her thrown over the bed and I wanted to be rough like him. I shoved me in her pussy and pounded her. The guy went aound raised her placed his dick in her mouth again as he grabbed her nice 34B tits. I could not last long and unloaded in her. Somehow afterwards she laid back on her back as he held her legs down sitting on them on top her and I sit on her face holding her arms. Unsure how this happened but the next thing I knew he pulled her nipples so hard she screamed. Then he slapped her tits leaving marks with each hit to her. Seemed like we were beating her but I could see joy in her face with a smile to me between slaps. Then he slapped her crotch and inner thigh making her thighs red. he picked up on words or knew them saying you my whore. I pulled her on top of me leaving him out. as we fucked he then again beat her ass spanking her right before he joined me as we double penetrated her. This sream I knew was real so did he. I looked at him he pulled out and went right into her ass.

Needless to say she got all and more than expected. Afterwards we we returned to the US she has now become a MMF junkie and cannot get enough.

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