My Sons Friend

Author: Amie
Published: Sep 5, 2008
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I said Wayne your too young and it isnt right. What would people think. he moved closer saying who cares what they think. he had his boner in between my legs against my vagina.

My name is Amie im blonde, 5'3" tall, weigh 118lbs.I have a son named Adam. He is now 20. My son Adam and i had just moved into a new town and didnt no anyone. He started school and had meet new people and made a few new friends. About after a week of school, we were all moved in, he brought his friend Wayne home to meet me. Wayne was a bit older than adam. Adam being 19 Wayne was 18. Wayne was a very nice boy. but one day Adam had to stay after school for football tryouts. I was in the shower and someone started beating on my front door. i ignored it for a while but it didnt stop. So i figured something was wrong. I wrapped a towel around me and ran to the door, to find wayne there. I said Hello is something wrong he replied nope. (as he was looking me up and down... i said well what do you need Adam isnt home and he wont be home till about 6. He said oh yes i know. And i said well what are u doin here if you know adam isnt home. He said i just got bored and wanted to hang out. and i said well i need to get dressed, come back in a lil bit. he said ok. i shut the door and headed to the bathroom to get dressed. then i heard the door open.. i thought it might Adam comming home early. I yelled ..Adam is that you no answer. so as soon as a got my panties & bra on i threw my towel back around me to go check. I didnt find anyone. so i headed to my bedroom to get more clothes. And as i was looking through my dresser. Wayne appeared in my doorway. He said Damnn... looking good Amie. I was startled and said Wayne what the hell are you doin i siad come back in a lil bit i have to get dressed, he siad its been a little bit. and i siad well leave!. He refused he started to walk towards me and i back up till i hit the night stand. he had me cornered, i siad what do u want, he siad oh nothing just this right here, as he reached his hand up my towel and pinched my clit. i shoved his hand away ass soon as i could. I said Wayne your too young and it isnt right. What would people think. he moved closer saying who cares what they think. he had his bonder in between my legs against my vagina. he was long from what i felt of. I tried to push him away but it didnt work he grabbed my towel and threw it to the other side of the room. so i was standing there in my bra and panties, while this young man looked and got his eye full of my body. he threw me on the bed, pinned me down and pulled a knife out and held it to my throat. he told me if i screem hell kill me! i was terrified.. He held his knife in one hand right by my head while his other hand fondled my breastes and vagina. he started to kiss my body. he licked my neck down to breasts and ripped my bra on. He dropped his knife and grabbed both of my boobs with both hands.. (for my size i had nice sized tits.) (36 c).. he got really horny and started to lick, bite, nibble at them. he then moved down to my tang area. i was very wet. he pulled my panties off and seen how i wet i was,, he siad haha u enjoying this.. i replied YOU TOO YOUNNNNGGGG,, just as young has came out of my mouth he shoved his long tounge in my pussy and licked and sucked for about 10 mintues.. he siad yeah well see whos too young when im fucking u and your screamin my name while your fucking head bounces off the wall.. and slappes my pussy with the back of his hand. i moan slightly. he jumps up pulls his pants down and gets in the 69 position. He shoves his cock in my mouth and fucks my throat like a wild animal. he cums all down throat and all over my face. He then tity fucks me with his semi hard dick till its rock hard again. he then goes to my vagina area and gets ready to stick it n when we hear a car pull up. ITs ADAM! thank god ... Wayne hurrys to get dressed and reminds me if i say anything about any of this hell kill me.. he ram out the back door.. just as Adam comes in the front. he yells mom im home.. i get up and shut my door and say ill be out in a mintue, got dressed and went out there like nothing had happend.

About: The author of "My Sons Friend" is Amie. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Short Sex Stories section.

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