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Charleys Opportunity


Author: Stoneypoint
Published: 13-Sep-08 Revised/Updated 18-Nov-08

Boy grows up. Seen by female doctors all his life. Boy is a big kid, but grows up and adored by certain physicians who love supple big handsome men with abnormal pectorals- soft tissuey pectorals that doctors admire and adore.

* * * * * * *

He had gone to the doctor's office all his life for all the regular checkups. He always made sure due to hereditary factors, his gene pool that he followed up on doctor's orders. Either him or his parents with similar builds made sure Charley carried through on all recommendations the doctor's made.

Charley was always assured of two things in life throughout infancy, adolescence, and his teenage years as well as adulthood. Those were he was tall but he was always going to be bigger and always more "blessed" then most his peers in life. That he was. His personal physicians were always happy he was too.

He loved being taller. He despised that he was always big; much, much bigger then everyone else. He was the front line practically by himself on football teams his coaches joked behind closed doors. He was a shoe-in as a heavyweight wrestler on any wrestling team at any high school he planned to go to or if he so chose to wrestle, which he didn't. But Charley was so much more then that. He wrestled with his size all his life. But there was one redeeming quality to it all. There was one thing which redeemed him he finally found out once he was older.

Each physician, whoever it was who saw him as their patient allowed Charley two things to his advantage. Thankfully each was a woman for whatever reason. Each of them throughout his childhood and teenage years coincidentally was a plus size woman as well. That definitely helped in Charley's favor. In their younger days, like Charley, they had struggled to some extent with their weight and one still struggles with hers she said.

That put him at ease to a degree.

With his mother in the room and a medical assistant too Charley sat with his shirt off, but his pants remained intact as he sat upright on the examination table. "Charley, Mrs. Cooper" Dr. Harris said with a smile "I completely understand Charley's condition. He's a wonderful boy, but his size does concern me. I understand being big is not an enjoyable way to go through life. In truth it is a terrible cross to bear. In fact, in my own childhood and teenage years I fought day in and day out with it. It tears at your heart. It tears at your soul. I know he's a healthy young boy, but he' is big. These here" she said pointing to his lumpy 'breasts shaped pectorals' which were not muscular by design, "are always going to be a big source of frustration. He may find he will be teased by other boys and possibly girls too. I'm sorry about having to say that. But there are some ways to reduce the size of these" she told Charley and his mother.

As a kid he didn't understand most of it the anatomical issues. He knew one thing. He hated his chest. Dr. Harris understood he did. She looked at Charley with a compassionate face. She told him to understand that she thinks he's the sweetest young man and one of her best patients. She told him that she believes seeing as he's a nice boy and well rounded that he is most definitely one healthy boy for his age and size.

"You are always busy, active" she told him. "I love that. You always are out riding a bike, getting out doing stuff, and playing sports too. All that activity you're able to involve yourself in allows you opportunities to keep yourself in the best shape possible. To me that's so important honey" she told Charley face to face while maintaining the same compassionate look he needed to see.

"Plus... yes, plus I love those soft and ohh so tender lumps on a man when I see them. When he grows up, maybe he'll understand. And if and when you find a woman Charley after you grow up, make sure she loves a body like yours honey" she mused. "Because I know I sure do" she told herself. "I find guys who have bodies like yours so darn tempting that... yes Charley... that I wanna jump his bones, scramble all over his body, and smother him with lust and my every desire. And someday you might understand." She wanted to tell him. But Charley was too young for the truth. Some day she'd tell him she hoped.

Charley's mother asked some other questions. The doctor answered them and it seem to be wrapping up before she said one last thing; a positive note too.

"Charley... listen" she said looking him at him cheerfully. "If you ever have questions about anything, anything at all such as what we've talked about here, do not hesitate whatsoever to call this office, ask for me, and we can talk. Alright" she told him. "And if I'm busy you just make sure you leave a message on my answering machine that you want to talk about something important. I will make a point of calling you back. We can speak privately about it. Is that a deal" she asked as she reached out to shake his hand.

Her eyes were fixated on his chest. Neither his mom nor Charley noticed her interest in his physical makeup. She told herself she loves seeing men with their shirts off and displaying an upper body like that highlighting a not so popular upper body which is slightly flabby, but very, very appetizing in her opinion.

At that time, Charley was only 18 and going to be a junior in high school. Dr. Harris made him feel good about himself. Even Charley's mom felt good about Charley's predicament. Seeing as she was a full figured woman like Dr. Harris, she felt she could relate to Dr. Harris' condition as a plus size woman. And Charley's dad was similar in build to Charley. He had the tall solid frame. He had big ankles, big wrists, and his own fair share of "breasts" which most people were unable to determine if his were hardened pecs gone soft or if they were the perky, lumpy ones struggling forever to develop into some form of "manliness" along the way as far as his dad was concerned.

"Mmmmm if only he was willing to slip out the side door for one afternoon. Mmmmm yes now that would be adventurous" she told herself as she gave Charley his semiannual physical. She referred to Charley's dad. He chose once or twice to take him to see Dr. Harris. Dr. Harris loved those opportunities. She could let her brain drool while she gave Charley his examinations. Seeing Charley's dad and their similar builds gave her an estimation of how Charley would turn out in years to come.

But Dr. Harris moved on and joined a larger practice in South Carolina. Occasionally she and Charley stayed in touch by either email or texting. Both ways delighted both of them. She came to admire and truly miss Charley as her patient. She hoped he'd somehow stop in some day. Some how she'd treat him to the "good times" she dreamed of treating a grown man to.

Charley felt much more comfortable with female doctors then any male doctor due to the overall compassion most afforded him. He knew he was "overweight" but in its entirety, his size was a hereditary factor and he knew he'd struggle with it all his life, so he was well prepared from a psychological aspect.

He knew what his basic diet would consist of and if he did play football it would only add to the complications of having to lose more weight somewhere down the line. He didn't want that to add to his present problems. He left football and wrestling and most other intense sport related activities for the fools who wanted to undergo the stress of weightlifting, eating radically bigger diets, and looking worse for wear when all was said and done. Plus he had the issue with his weak knees. He wasn't going to make too many collegiate programs with his knees despite his height and size.

College life was good to Charley. He got into a good college, was close to obtaining his undergraduate degrees, and was able to get in as a patient where there was a female physician of "substantial" size and body features relative to his own. In other words, he found himself a physician who was full figured, had struggled most her life with her own weight and physical issues growing up as a child, but knew exactly how to deal with them as she grew older.

It all was advantageous to him. Whether he was 18, 20, or 22 as a senior graduating from college his physician always was praising him for keeping in shape as best he could while maintaining a good healthy lifestyle and diet, and maintaining a positive attitude towards it all as he continued to jump almost every hurdle as the hefty man he was.

In Dr. Carter's personal but private opinion, Charley was one potential voracious sex machine. But that was Dr. Carter. Dr. Carter loved men of "substance." She loved men who weren't afraid of going through life aware of who they were, what they looked like with or without their clothes on, and were open to "constructive" criticism made available to them by their physician... such as her. She'd love to "constructively criticize" Charley at her house any time he was willing to stop by. She smiled at the idea of it and winked knowing her thoughts were naughty and playful ones, but Charley might have the potential to fulfill her dreams she hoped.

Plus Dr. Cary Carter wasn't one to hold back boasting her own beauty either. She loved her short skirts. She loved promoting her own thick and luxurious curves which in her opinion were most definitely sumptuous and viable options to the right guy. She adored her legs, her thighs especially and to add to her own sexuality, the 35 year old physician loved wearing blouses which always gave the impression anyone who gave her a long look could see beneath it and see her endowments bestowed on her by hereditary means.

And since Dr. Carter was so well endowed but always remained professional in her approach to her patients for the most part, she loved making sure each, and every blouse was undone just enough so hints of her escalating cleavage caught a patients attention.

"Well Charley you sure are looking great. Looks like you've kept that weight down too" she said. Asking if there were any other questions he had, he basically told her no so she went through the process of listening to his lungs, taking his blood pressure, which every nurse already does anyways, and for Charley they love doing it because its Charley. The nursing staff coincidentally was a group of admirers of big men too.

"Let's take off your shirt" she told him in the best trained voice. "What's it been Four years now you've been coming here I've heard from Jenna that all your past physicians were women doctors. Why I didn't know that I have no idea, but it's interesting that they are; that you've seen only women as your physicians. Any reason for that" she said.

Shrugging his shoulders he said he thought about it every so often. He told her it probably stemmed from when he was a kid. And seeing as he was a big guy, the first physician he ever had was both a woman and a plus sized doctor too. His first two he told her were always sympathetic towards his problem like she was, which delighted Dr. Carter, and they always supported him one hundred percent. They offered him all the support he needed.

"Hmmm well that's interesting; I'd have to agree. I do understand as you know that it can be a huge source of frustration in life" she told him reaching out in a professional manner to carefully hold one of the resilient or supple like "tits" on his chest. Holding back an excited smile she said "You know from what your charts say these at one time were much larger. Did you know that Now these have a unique quality about them from what I can feel" she said in a grateful tone as she carefully and conscientiously compressed the malleable, but sexier then hell features surrounding it.

Since she touched it the way she did, carefully squeezing it with her elegantly manicured hands surrounding his male "boob," it seemed to abruptly put his mindset out of whack. Charley instinctively pulled away. He loved how Dr. Carter felt his fleshy "tit" the ways he did. He wanted her to touch it repeatedly. "God why the hell did I do that" he thought. "What a freakin idiot I am" he told himself. "Like... god... nobody's ever done that! Nobody ever did that, but damn that was freakin' ass cool! I mean fucking cool."

Charley leaned in again. Lying he said he felt something weird when she touched his chest. She asked what he meant, but in a professional and serious voice. Normally she wore her "lab coats" to see a patient when in the room. And normally she'd have it buttoned up too, so he generally never saw her figure in its entirety. But for whatever reason she didn't have it buttoned up at all. He could see practically her whole body and it was good. It was really good! He saw the mushrooming cleavage. He saw the wonderful burgeoning bosoms too. He also saw her thighs! "Oh yes, yes her thighs are awesome, and her legs" he remarked. "God she's a sight for anyone's eyes!"

That day his eyes seemed to be really, really sore, especially after she decided it was time she felt what she'd been yearning to feel for a long, long time- her favorite patient's lumpy and delicious pectorals. Charley was her first and only attempt at it. "God did they feel great!" she thought. "God did it feel incredibly amazing to touch them!"

"Where Charley... what's sore" she said in a worried voice. "I don't want to umm to feel anything if something's sore dear. If something is sore Charley I don't want you to be in any pain honey." Why was she using terms of endearment with him "Maybe we should put you through an MRI's or an x-rays to be sure honey so we can make sure everything's okay How's that sound" she said.

Charley knew it wasn't necessary. All he wanted was her sexy hand holding his chest again. He told her nothing hurt and only needed to feel it because something "odd and unusual persisted to bother him" when her hand grabbed hold of it. It excited her when he told her the truth or so she thought was the truth. It excited him when he saw her reach out again and gently clamp down on the tender and lumpy pectoral slab. "No girl's ever done that before!" he thought. "God touch it! God feel me! Yeah doc touch it, feel it Doc feel it!" he thought while hoping she would.

"How's it feel now Charley" she said, her own heart beating rapidly. "Does the other one have the same problem" she said reaching out to hold it too as well.

He nodded too anxiously while trying to maintain a sense of dignity in his face. Even so, there was a new sense of chaos running through him. He felt everything go numb. He felt everywhere in his body tingle. He felt his body running on all thrusters and all at the same time too. His metabolism rate went through the roof all of a sudden. What was it about her feeling his manly "tits" that led him to wanting her to not stop doing it One person, a woman specifically was touching his chest in the way she was doing it and he loved how it felt. It suddenly had him turned on to no end.

"Am I turned on" he asked. "Fu-fuck yeah... I'm definitely turned on." His dick was tingling. It definitely was tingling. He felt his dick take the shape of an erection he thought. He felt his crotch thundering too. Pounding and arousing him so much that he felt it suddenly in the pit of his stomach as pangs of erratic sensations climbed upwards into his lumpy chest, which she was still holding in the same tender manner. And all of a sudden, he felt a lump in his throat. Charley noticed he was gulping as though he was cornered by the only sex goddess in the world and she decided to target him and only him.

The good doctor... yes his good and unquestionably sexy doctor had created all the sexual chaos running wildly within him and Charley loved how it all felt inside. He loved and adored how she held his lumpy pectorals. He loved almost everything she had been doing. "Ohhhhhhhhh god doc... geez doc you... you have know idea how-"

"Yes I do Charley... Oh yes I do!" she said as her eyes gazed at his sharply. She felt the same erotic chaos forming in the pit of her stomach. Dr. Cary Carter was amazed that Charley allowed a professional like herself to remotely touch his body unprofessionally like she had even though she hoped her masquerading it as part of a physical exam. "For whatever reason Charley and I don't understand it myself either" she said trying to lie to him too "but you turned me on a long time ago and this is a tremendous turn on for me. This has turned me on in a way Charley I can't even begin to explain. I want you! I want you to know that too! I absolutely and positively love doing this to you and for you. I unequivocally adore your chest Charley. I always have dear." There it was again; the term of endearment. "Most big woman I know don't see a man that way. I do. They don't know what they're missing; passing up Charley. I do. I know what it's like. I know what it is not to have a opportunities like this. Your big and ohhh so beautiful chest" she went on and explained passionately as her eyes focused on its natural beauty "and knowing a chance exists for me, except for one thing Charley, one thing."

"Huh... what's that doc" he said.

She told him. He said he didn't care. Any time or any place she's in need of it now that he knew what it truly felt like he was more then willing to allow her that opportunity to be with her, sit down with her, and let her have him so she'd feel his lumpy pectorals.

"God I never knew how excited that could make me feel. God... you have no idea doc, no idea whatsoever.... none at all" he exclaimed.

Without hesitation she reached for the door and locked it. "Just give us one minute" she said putting on a serious face. He didn't understand. Putting up her index finger to indicate to him to give her a second, she leaned in, bent down, and put her mouth against his chest.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" he wailed. She pulled back. Smiling she looked at him as if she found the fountain of life. She asked if he liked it. She sucked on one of his "tits" and she had sucked hard and she had sucked quickly. But she had suckled it like a baby pig suckling its mother's own tit. "Fuck doc... you gotta do that one more time before I leave" he said in an exasperated tone. "One more time doc and do me on the other one... please" he demanded.

She smiled, told him she couldn't, and told him that "this one is only an 'introductory offer.'" She winked and reached back to unlock the door. Nurses stood nearby outside it wondering between them what had just happened. Why was Charley groaning like that" they said amongst themselves. Nobody was the wiser, except for Charley and his good and sexy doctor. "Plus Charley... knowing what I know about you... anatomically speaking that is, well if you will please... I'd be willing to consider future options."

"Huh" he said aloud. "Uhhh what would my anatomy have... Ohhhhhhhh okay ohhhh yeah" he exclaimed realizing what she said about his anatomy. "Ohhh ummm uhhh yeah you mean you, me" he said.

"Me and you huh and my anatomy huh... Your anatomy, my anatomy and uhhhh well ummm" he asked as she stood silently in front of him smiling and staring into his eyes as he buttoned up and scoped her body. She simply nodded and winked.

Then she wrote something on the pad usually used for prescriptions and orders. "Here... here's my home address. This is my home phone, cell phone, and well wait" she added taking back the paper. "I suppose while I'm at it... here's a web site you'll love too." She wrote down her web site. "Once you pull it up... you'll understand completely."

The doctor leaned in, kissed Charley's lips, and rubbed his shirt up and down. "Mmmm let's get this started, okay Let's get you over to my place and as soon as possible! I like you Charley... I really, really am looking forward to this and I sure hope you are too."

"I am... how's tonight sound"

"Mmmmm ready when you are... let me get you a key to my house. How's that sound"

Charley left with an erection in his pants. He wanted to get to her place and masturbate. He knew that was a bad idea. He didn't even know if she wanted his cock, but she did mention something about his anatomy. What did she mean by that It was a tough decision. He knew one thing for sure. He was going to get over to her place and as soon as possible. He wanted her lips on his chest feeling and hearing her sucking it like piglets on their mothers' tits. And he wanted to see her naked body too. God did he ever.

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