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A Chance Encounter

Author: JohnrepW
Publish Date : Sep 16, 2008
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She pulled my briefs down and wrapping her fingers round the shaft began working her hand up and down. She became wet very quickly, 'I've been hoping for a chance like this ever since you arrived,' she panted.

* * * * * * *

We arrived home in the early hours of yesterday from our two week holiday in Spain. We were staying in a villa in Santiago de la Ribera on the Mar Menor. The villa wa in whjat is known as an 'urbanisacion', i.e. a housing estate, but very pleasant. On Sunday it was extremely hot and as we didn't want to fill our suitcases with sand we went for a long amble around. To cut a long story short we got back to our villa early afternoon and my wife decided to have a nap. I went up a couple of doors to return some books we had borrowed.

I rang the bell and just as I was about to turn away the lade of the house opened the door. I apologised saying that I just wanted to return the books, she smiled an dinvited me in, her husband, she said, was on his usual Sunday walk which meant he wouldn't be home for several hours yet as the group he was with socialised afterwards.

Joy, as I shall call her, had on a bikini with a short skirt, split in fronmt that didn't quite reveal all. She was an attractive blonde lady, I guessed in her late forties, with a good figure most of which was rendered visible by the small size of her bikini. She certainly saw me looking, as she had before, for she was in effect advertising her wares. I followed her into the house and she led me through to a first floor sun terrace at the back of the house that wasn't overlooked. She offered me a drink and we were soontalking animatedly.

After a while she said that she had noticed me assessing her fugure, I told her that I thought she looked great and it was difficult not to look. She took that as a compliment and asked waht I had on under my shorts, I told her, my swim-briefs and dropped my shorts. She had a good look then said that she thought we could give each other a good time if I was interested. Obviously I asked about her husband, Des, 'Oh,' she replied, 'he won't be home for ages and, in any case, he doesn't mind if I have a litle bit of fun now and then.'

I took her at her word, putting my gl;ass down I closed with her and we were kissing straight away, 'I suppose,' I said, 'that yoy did mean this kind of fun' 'Why, what else is there' she replied. I pulled the string at the back of her bra and it fell off, she had small nicely shaped breasts with pert little nipples, I made sure they received the proper attention and she melted. She tossed the little skirt away and revealed a plump mons veneris which I cupped with my right hand, feeling for the groove between the lips of her fanny.

She pulled my briefs down and wrapping her fingers round the shaft began working her hand up and down. She became wet very quickly, 'I've been hoping for a chance like this ever since you arrived,' she panted. I slipped a finger into her and explored, there was no obstruction of any kind so I finger-fucked her. She liked that a lot so while kissing some more I felt for her clit. This turned out to be quite long and only just beneath the surface of the delicate flesh of her cunt. She gasped and worked her hand hard as I teased it very gently, she came quietly, 'Now fuck me!' seh demanded.

I lowered her to an air-bed that was lying there, 'Are you sure Des won't mind me fucking you' I asked. 'Quite sure,' she replied, 'after you've gone I shall tell him what we did and it'll really get him going and he'll give me a real good sloppy fucking!' She was surprisingly tight, 'No babies!' she commented. I fucked her with a firm stroke for several minutes, in between gasps she said, 'You feel as if you could go on for ages!'

'I can,' I told her, 'I fucked my wife this morning and I know that, if I have already fucked once I can go on until the lady's had enough!' 'Even if you're doing it really hard' 'Even then!' I agreed. 'Come on then, I love a good hard fucking, the trouble is most men would come in a matter of moments and I really would like it to last more than that.' Half an hour later I was still fucking, not quite so hard of course but apparently hard enough for she squirted. She laughed as it happened, 'Oh I do like it when my fanny squirts,' she giggled, 'I love it when it's all messy.'

I hadn't had a woman squirt on me for many years so, as I was naked, I enjoyed making Joy squirt immensely. She was extremely sexual and couldn't keep still, she wanted, so she told me, to feel my cock at every concievable angle before she finally had her main orgasm!

Well, I had to admit she was some fuck and I enjoyed her again a few minutes later after she had re-aroused me by sucking and licking my cock, she did a really good cleaning job, not that it lasted long. I was intrigued by the fact that she couldn' keep quiet and asked her about it. 'Oh, we don't worry here,' she told me, 'no neighbours either side at the moment.' She did her bit too, kneeling over me and fucking herself on my seven inch cock. I suppose, all in all, we must have enjoyed ourselves for well over an hour and a half. I finally shot my load up her for which she thanked me profusely, then I had a shower and returned to my ever loving, she was still asleep and didn't have a clue!

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