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Author: J. Emo
Publish Date : Sep 25, 2008
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A sexy love story about a man and the woman that he yearns for.

* * * * * * *

I woke up to the soft sound of rain falling lightly outside of our open window. I could hear the sound of waves rolling onto the white sandy beach, as distant thunder rolled across the open ocean. The fronds from the palm trees on the beach rumbed on each other gently, as a mysterious tropical bird sang it's song quietly underneath the eves of our room. A sense of happiness washed over me, and I could not suppress an early morning smile.

The first thing I felt was the warm body of the woman lying next to me. I could feel her naked leg resting over mine, and her hand lighting softly on my bare chest. I could smell her hair close to my face, and feel her breath softly on the back of my neck. As I turned my head away from the window to face her, I saw her beautiful brown eyes staring longingly at me. She had on the same early morning smile that was on my face.

Good morning darling.", I said in a voice still soft from the nights rest.

"Well good morning my love." She replied, as her very beauty took my breath away.

I leaned forward and gently kissed her once on the forehead, once on the nose, and finally once softly on her lips as I had done a hundred times over. She replied by holding me tightly and snuggling closer.

"Do you love me," she whispered in my ear with a sly smile on her face.

"What do you want" I replied with a smile of my own, knowing that I would give her the world, should she only ask.

"I am hungry baby." she replied in her oh so sweet voice. I chuckled, knowing that it had to be something.

After taking her order, I quickly got up, got dressed, and headed towards the door. As I opened the door, I looked back to face the bed and said, "Don't go anywhere ok" and blew her a kiss. She replied by smiling and blowing me one of her own. My heart burst with love for this wonderful woman, and I grinned boyishly into the morning sun as I closed the door and headed down the stairs.

On my return I could smell wax burning from somewhere in the house. I put the groceries in the kitchen and called out my wife's name as I headed back up the stairs.

"Up here my love," she called back from inside our bedroom. I was surprised to see what I did when I opened the door.

The smell of wax came from the dozens of candles that were lit around our room. The bed that I had left a short time ago was made neatly, and was covered in pettles from various tropical flowers. Soft music from the stereo near the door drifted lightly across the room. But the most exotic view in the room, came from my wife standing in front of our bed.

Her reddish-auburn hair fell straight beneath her shoulders, and her brown eyes looked at me seductively from across the room. Her lips where pursed in a mischievous smile, and she used her index finger to summon me forward. She wore a white sheer bra that barely covered her her C-cup breast, and pushed them tightly into the most beautiful cleavage that I had ever seen. Her stomach was bare, and as I looked further down I saw that she wore a lacy thong that barely hid her beauty. On her legs she wore white stockings up to mid thigh, and she finished the ensemble with a pair of white high heels.

I moved towards her as beckned, and began to trip over myself in an attempt to speak. She put her fingers against my lips, and softly made a shooshing sound.

"Don't speak" she said as she gently pulled my face towards hers, and embraced me in a tender kiss.

"You are mine for rest of the morning," she whispered devilishly in my ear, "and you will do excactly what I say."

I could only nod my head as my mind spun in anticipation. She reached down and grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it over my head, raking her fingers down my chest and stomach as she headed towards my belt. The feel of her fingers on my bare skin sent electricty through my body and a glorious chill down my spine. As she undid my belt, I could feel my cock rising to meet her touch, and every moment that she did not felt like an eternity. My pants fell to my ankles after she undid them, and I stepped out of them. Finally she ran the tip of her finger up and down the bulge in my boxers, and the sudden sensation made it jump on it's own.

"Ooooh" she cooed "Lets see what we have here," and pulled my boxer over my ass.

She reached her whole hand down and took ahold of my dick. As she stroked me up and down slowly, she pulled my face to hers and kissed me passionately. I could feel her tongue dancing with my own, her warm lace covered breast on my chest, and her soft hand on my penis. The triple sensation took my breath away.

"I want you right now." I said to her as I caught my breath once again.

"Oh you silly man," she said, "we aren't even close to being done yet."

With that she let go of me, and grabbed me by the hand. She led me to the bed, instructing me to take a seat. I did as I was told, and she walked seductively to the stereo by the door. I watched her as she walked away, and my mind was filled with all that I wanted to do to her, all the pleasure I wanted to give her, and all the pleasure I would recieve in turn. My mind swirled with the possibility.

She changed the C.D. in the stereo, and put on a song that she could dance to. It was slow, and sexy, and she moved her body to it like a goddess. Her hips swayed and I was mezmerised by there motion. She reached her hands behind her back and unclasped her bra, allowing her beautiful breast free. I reached up to touch them, but she backed away, and wagged her finger at me. She continued to dance for me just out of arms reach. I throbbed with want for her.

Moving her hands sentually down her breast, across her stomach, and closer to her panties, she clasped them, and ever so slowly allowed them to fall. As they fell inch by inch, I could feel myself getting harder. She stepped out of them, and took one step after another towards me.

As she reached me still sitting at the edge of bed, she pushed me back until I was lying down. She lay across me so that I could feel her nakedness, and wettness of her pussy. She kissed me passionately on the lips for a brief moment, and then began kissing me farther and farther down, slowly backing off the bed. As she got to my cock, she stood up in front of me and grabbed it in her hand. She bent at the waist and began running her tongue over it's head, and up and down the sides. Alittle precum oozed out of the tip and she wiped it up with her finger, and slipped it in her mouth smiling and licking her lips.

She finally took me into her mouth, and moved her head up and down slowly. The warmth and the wettness of her mouth felt wonderful on the hot skin of my cock, and when she began sucking and and moving her hand with her head, I could feel the blood coursing through me. With her other hand she began tickling my balls lightly. I could feel myself getting close to the edge, but I could not stop myself. She knew my body so well though, that she sensed my urgency, and lifted herself off of me to my deep despair.

As she crawled on the bed closer to me, she said "Not yet honey. We still have more activities."

With that being said, she straddled my face, looked down, and gently said, "Lick it."

I did not need to be told twice. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and began licking her softly. I licked up and down her lips, and down inbetween them. I lightly rolled my tongue just on the inside of her, and I could hear her moan with pleasure. I then took the tip of my tongue and ran it up the middle of her beautiful lips once again, and started to run circles around her clit. I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked gently, running my teeth over it softly. I could feel her thighs tense around my head, and I knew that she was close to climax. I sucked on her clit harder, knowing that she liked that, and ran circles with my tongue faster and harder. I heard her cry out, and felt her body shudder with the orgasm. I could feel the juices of her climax run down my chin, and I licked my lips to savor the taste of her pussy.

She got off of my face and straddles my dick. She reached down and grasped me in her hands, guiding me into her tight hole. Slowly she lowered herself on me, and eventually took me all the way inside of her. She then began to move up in down in perfect rhytham to the music. Her moaning, and the sensation of being inside of her hot wet pussy, put me into heaven. I began to thrust back to meet her movement, and we moved in unison together. I could see her breast heaving with our effort, and I reached up to hold them in my hands finally. I knew that we were close to climax, so I gently lifted her up, and placed her on the bed on her back. I wanted to see her face when we climaxed. I wanted to look into the eyes of the woman I loved, and see the pure pleasure in them. I wanted to kiss her and hold her tight to me as we became one.

I put myself inside her once again, and we started moving together. I reached down behind her head, bringing her to me, and kissed her with all the love that I had. She wrapped her arms and legs around me, and pulled our bodies together. We moved as one for a moment in time, until our bodies could not take it any more. With a cry in unison we both orgasmed, and I spilled myself inside of her. We continued to move for a brief time, until finally we collapsed in each others arms, exhausted, and tingling with joy.

"I love you darling." I said to the woman of my dreams.

"I love you too." She replied to man that would be hers forever.

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