My Neighbour

Published: Sep 30, 2008
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She had obviously noticed that I had a rampant erection. I stripped quickly and got on the bed, she spread her legs wide, her fanny snicked open too.

I lost my wife when we were only in our thirties, after a while I missed the sex most of all. I had never been very good at picking up girls and I suppose in the state I was in I wasn't any more successful now. My hand was my lover.

Then a new couple moved in next door, they invited me in to meet them and have a drink. They were a nice couple in their fifties and I was pleased that they were there. The husband worked for a firm that often sent him away on jobs and Amy, as she was called, had asked me once or twice to do things that she couldn't do, you know changing light bulbs or a fuse, that sort of thing.

I had noticed that there was a sort of atmosphere whenever I was in their house and he was away, but didn't really think much of it. Then one Saturday afternoon she rang me, could I go over and fix the shower, I said I'd do my best. When I got there she was in a dressing gown, it wasn't tied properly and it became obvious that, undressed, she had a much better body than had been apparent when she was dressed. She led me upstairs, climbing up behind her I could see almost to her fanny, my cock started to react. When we got up there she turned with a smile on her face and said, 'We don't need to mess with the shower, why don't you mess with me instead' As she said it she pulled the tie of her dressing gown and it fell completely open.

She revealed a lovely pair of breasts, not large but beautifully shaped, she was shaved too. She took my hand, I was speechless, and led me into a bedroom. She shucked off the dressing gown and lay on the bed, 'I'm sure you know what to do with this,' she said opening her legs and showing me her fanny. The lips were already engorged and slightly open, everything glistened with her love-juice. 'Why me, why now' I asked. She smiled again, 'I've fancied you ever since we first met and Joe's away so much, I get very needy and I am sure you do too in your situation. Come on, you don't need to play with me, just push that lovely thing up my fanny!'

She had obviously noticed that I had a rampant erection. I stripped quickly and got on the bed, she spread her legs wide, her fanny snicked open too. She had well defined inner lips and a big bud of a clit, I could see her love-hole twitching. I moved over her and pushed my cock into her cunt, it went straight in. I came in about thirty seconds! But she didn't worry about that, as my cock slipped out she turned round and sucked it into her mouth. She really worked at it and a minute or two later I was hard again. She reversed her position and I mounted her again. Her red hot cunt was sloppy with my spunk, she smiled as I pushed up inside her. I had been surprised at how tight she'd been the first time, now I mentioned it, she laughed, 'No kids,' she told me, ' and I love fucking!' I fucked her, fucked her for ten minutes, shot my load then rested until she got me hard again, then fucked her again.

I fuck her all the time now, I bet her old man wonders why she's so happy all the time!

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