The Delivery

Author: L. Michaels
Category: Short Sex Stories
Published: Oct 20, 2008
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I work for a pizza parlor in my little town to earn extra money to fix up an old car that I bought, I love to restore them. I took the order and then headed off to deliver it.

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I work for a pizza parlor in my little town to earn extra money to fix up an old car that I bought, I love to restore them. I took the order and then headed off to deliver it. When I arrived, I rang the bell, this stunning young brunette answered the door in one of those half tops, and short shorts. I handed her the slip to sign for the charge card, she looked at the pen I gave her, she said oh, do you know this repairman, she said I need someone to look at my shower, I said well yes, I know him very well, well this information made her beam, she said is he expensive, I said well depends on the job, a shower, depends on if he has to replace anything, she said well I need to call him then, I said ok, but he's delivering a pizza to you right now, she looked at me then started to laugh. I said sorry couldn't resist, she said do you have time to take a look see, I said let me call the store, to see, so I did, I told the manager that I had a repair job to bid, and maybe to do, he said ok, I'll call if we have anything, I said great, I relayed the news and she invited me in, she said her boyfriend is not the handiest man but he has other qualities, I smiled as she took me into the bathroom, she said now this is going to sound strange, but some times it works, and sometimes it doesn't, I said hum, never had that happen, but lets take a look, she went over to the faucet and turned it on, then pulled the plunger to activate the shower, and sure enough nothing, she said now, watch this, she turned everything off, then repeated the steps, this time it came on but shot off to the left, soaking her, I started to laugh, she said oh that's funny is it, I tried to straighten up, but it was funny, I said well yes, she looked at herself and started to laugh also, she said yea I guess it was, I said well besides being soaked to the bone, I know what the problem is, I said if you have a rag and a straight pin or needle I believe I can fix it for you, she said I'll be right back, she went and got the things I asked for, I took off the head and looked at the restrictor valve and the head itself, as I had thought, it was clogged with calcium deposits and hard water build up, I started to push the pin threw the holes and the restrictor, soon I had the whole thing cleaned out, I said now if you have some baking soda and vinegar, I'll finish the task, she said doesn't that cause a volcano effect, I said well if you use to much, yes, but if you don't, it's a great cleaner, so I finished the task and rinsed it out, I put it back on and I said ok, now give it a try, she said oh so you want me to get soaked again, I said well your already wet, so yea, but you won't, so she started it again and sure enough, it flowed like new, she jumped up and down, causing her tits to come into view, I just stood there looking, she said wow, it hasn't worked that good since we moved into this place six months ago, I smiled and said well with the well water and city water being so hard, it builds up fast. I gave her a name of a product to use and she wrote it down, she said great now what's the damages for your services, I smiled and said well you've already given me my pay, she looked at me strange like and said I did, I said yes, when you jumped up and down, I stole a good look at your tits, she blushed a bit and said well I still owe you something for your labor, so here, take a good look, and with that she pulled off her little top, her tits were beautiful, full and staying out there. I came over and caressed one of them, she just watched as I did, then I started to play with her nipples, she started to moan, I continued with my playing, she closed her eyes and let me play, I then bent down and started to suck on them, this really set her off, she increased the moans and then her hand went between her legs, I took my right hand and took her place between her legs, she just about melted right there, I pulled her shorts off and took my tongue between her legs, she leaned against the sink as I drove my tongue deep inside, she came quickly, I smiled and she unzipped my shorts and pulled out my cock, she gasped as she did, she said damn, your hung like a horse there, I smiled and said will that be a problem, she said lets see, she took me into her mouth and sucked me off, I said if you don't want a load in your mouth, you had better quite, but she didn't. I blew my load into her mouth, she drank it down, but she pulled off to soon, I blew two more pulses on her face and tits, she smiled and licked it off her, she said yummy, I smiled as I pulled her up to the sink, I sat her on it and took my cock in my hand and guided it inside her wet pussy, she moaned as I slid it in and out, I soon felt the next load to build, I said you want it inside or out, she said it feels to good inside, go ahead, do it, so I did, she moaned as I flooded her, after I got done, I pulled out, she knelt back down and licked me clean, she said that was to good, I hope your able to come back from time to time, I'd like to do this again, I said oh yea, me too, she said well if you see a truck in the drive, don't stop, that's my boyfriends, I said no problem. We have gotten together numerous times, she is trying to convince her boyfriend to do a threesome, but he hasn't said anything so far, I'm hoping he agrees.

About: The author of "The Delivery" is L. Michaels. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Short Sex Stories section.

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