Hot Summer

Author: Curvalicious
Published: Oct 22, 2008
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I walk out onto my balcony on Saturday morning and look down at your yard as I often do, I notice you sitting by the pool on your own in your boardies, looking as hot and delictable as ever. I often wondered if you notice me or think the same way about me.

I walk out onto my balcony on Saturday morning and look down at your yard as I often do, I notice you sitting by the pool on your own in your boardies, looking as hot and delictable as ever. I often wondered if you notice me or think the same way about me. The night before I had very hot dreams where we played leading roles and I am sure the things I dreamt about are illeagal in most states. You look up and notice me at the window I smile and you smile back, moitioning for me to come over. I nod and turn back into my room, I take a look at my 2 pairs of hand cuffs by the bed and a smile creeps across my face. I get dressed as sexy as I can, in my short demin skirt and red string bikini, I grab my handbag and fill with the hand cuffs. I then lock my house door and go next door, hoping my seduction techniques will work. I have been having hot dreams for a while now and I can't stand it any longer, I need to touch you. I knock on your front door, you open it to me and your gaze drops down the length of my body I get tingles just watching you stare. I sware you could see how hard my nipples are. You give me a hot lazy sexy smile and ask me to come in. I walk past you just lightly brushing against you I feel my belly get hot and I notice how wet my bikini bottoms are becoming. "Nice house I say, are your parents home" You reply, "no they are out, but I got lonely I am glad you were home." I smile and say "me to". You ask me to have a seat and we sit down on the couch, so close that our thighs touch. I start to flush you ask me "is everything ok" I say "yes just a little hot its been a long summer" you laugh and say "thank god I have a pool, if you want we can take a swim later". We talk about work and you tell me how sore you have been, I laugh and say "well your in luck I happen to be a good massuse if you like I can give you a massage" I put my hand on your thigh. You laugh and say "I'd love one let me show you to my room". I think to myself finally I can make my move. We walk down the hall to your bedroom, I say "what a lovely bedroom a Kingsize four poster bed damn your lucky". You laugh and say "I get lonely in a big bed by myself I wish I had a sexy girl like you sharing it with me". I smile and reply "I am sure you get your fair share of offers" I place my bag on the night table and tell you to lay face down, I slide down my skirt as you sit on the bed revealing my string bikini, I notice you slowly run your eyes from my feet up. "I hope you don't mind but its easier for me to work like this" you laugh and say "not at all". You lay face down on the bed and I kneel above you, my knees on either side of your body. I start rubbing your back neck and shoulders I hear you moan softly, "you are really tense, what have you been doing" you laugh and say "too much heavy lifting" I keep rubbing down your back hearing you moan I feel my juices start to flow and my bottoms getting damp. I run my hands down your legs and feet. "roll over now" you roll over and can see me bending over your legs and feet massaging them as I kneel above you. I hear you say "nice view, I love a curvacous girl with a round butt" I laugh and reply "shut your eyes and relax" I turn around and massage your chest I see you look down my bikini top and look at my breasts I laugh "your not going to enjoy it much if u keep your eyes open" you reply "I think I am enjoying it to much" I see the heat in your eyes I run my hand lightly over your groin and I hear you moan softly. "I have been thinking of you naked, I am so hot for you" I whisper in your ear then look into your eyes, your stare back and reply "thank god for that cause the feeling is mutal". I laugh and say "well things are going to get hotter then", I kiss your neck and take the handcuffs from my bag, I bring ur arm up and hand cuff it to the bed. You look up and smile, I then grab my other pair of hand cuffs and cuff your other arm to the bed. "Time for a little tongue torture" I bend down and kiss you hard sliding my tongue in your mouth and running my nails down your chest, you strain against the cuffs and moan against my mouth I nibble your bottom lip, I can feel you hard through your shorts. I bite your shoulder and kiss my way down your chest, running my nails down your back. I slowly slide off your shorts and stare at your hard huge erection. "Fuck your sooo big, I don't know if you can take my tight virgin pussy" you laugh and say in a husky voice "I'll make it fit" I slide off my bikini top as you stare at my size D Cup tits, I can see you straining against the cuffs to touch them. "You like" I ask, you reply "Fuck Yeah". I slide off your lap and off the bed, "you ask where are you going", "you'll see" I reply and smile. Walks into the kitchen and opens the fridge, I can hear you shouting out to get my ass back to the bedroom. I find a can of whipped cream, perfect I also find a red candle and matches. I walk back to the bedroom and see your eyes get wide, I put the items down on the bedside cabinet and slide off my bikini bottoms. "See how wet I am for you my juices are dripping down my thighs" you see how wet my neatly trimmed pussy is and lick your lips. I start fingering myself as you strain against the handcuffs "don't tease me too much baby" I moan and slide my fingers in your mouth and you suck hungrily. I shake the can of whipped cream as I climb on top of you again, I slide down your boxers, "I think your going to enjoy this" I say smiling cheekily. I squirt a bit in your mouth and kiss you hard our tongues touch as we kiss with so much passion. I then spray some down your chest, on your nipples, up each thigh and over your cock and balls. I slowly lick and suck the cream off each of your nipples and down your chest hearing you moan my name. I lick the cream slowly off each thigh. I take your balls and suck them slow and hard, I feel you shake with pleasure and arch your back. I slide your cock in my mouth and suck you slow and hard, deep throating on accasion, you scream with pleasure push your cock hard down my throat, I can taste the precum from your cock and know your getting close. I back off taking you out of my mouth. You Groan with frustration and yell at me to fuck your brains out. I giggle and say "not yet", I light the red candle as the wax starts to melt I drip it down your chest it heats your skin then cools down U groan and I can see you want to touch me, I wipe the wax from your chest. I release your left arm and you pull my head down and kiss me savagly, kissing my neck you then reach down and spank my ass, sliding a finger inside, I moan and slide my body against you. "You've been a bad girl to tease me so much" you say, I giggle and release your other hand and u flip me on my back running your hands down my body, biting and sucking my nipples and giving me a hicky on my neck. I scream out with pleasure, you part my thighs and kiss your way down. I moan and shiver with pleasure. You gently lick inside me and I cry out your name, you start tonguing my pussy deep, I run my hands through your hair and push your head down further grinding my pussy against your mouth. You bite and suck my clit, I know I can't take much more and you sense it too, you nibble my clit and slide 2 fingers inside me I scream with pleasure as I cum in your mouth, you lick all my juices and I start to breath heavy, you come up to me and kiss me, I can taste myself on your mouth. I feel your erection poking my stomach and I push you over to get back on top you slide your arms around my waist. I rub the head of your cock against my clit and I look deep into your eyes "now" I ask you groan "Now" I slide down hard taking you all in, I moan at the length and size of you deep inside me. We are still for a moment, I bite my bottom lip and start to ride you slow and hard, I feel you pushing against me wanting to go harder, I push down hard pounding against you as you moan and throw you head back in ecstacy. I go harder and faster feeling my orgasm build, I lean over and reach the head board for leverage. I push hard pounding against you. You slap my ass and tell me how fucking hot I am and how much your going to cum for me. I scream as I cum again down your cock, dripping all over you and dripping down my thighs. You turn me over into doggy position and start to fuck me from behind, I moan as you bite my neck and shoulder I feel us both start to get close, I push harder against you matching your thrusts, you rub my clit as I push back, you whisper in my ear how hot I am and how much you want to cum for me. I moan as I cum for a third time, I feel your cock get ready to cum, you turn me over on my back as you pull out, you pull your cock over me and moan my name as you cum loads covering me from head to toe in your cum. you collapse back against the pillow, I taste your cum off my tits, "mmmmmm tasty just as I thought you would be" you smile as I say "I think its time for a shower" You laugh and follow me down the hall. I turn on the shower and hop in, you start massaging my body all over, washing me free of your cum. I do the same for you, concentrating on your cock, I feel you get hard in my hand. I drop to my knees and dig my nails in your thighs sucking you slow and hard, you moan as you stick your hand on the back of my head and fuck my mouth, "Fuck you have a great mouth" I hear you say as I taste your precum. I suck harder and faster deep throating your cock, I rub and squeeze your balls. You push harder into my throat you start to groan as you shoot another big load down my throat. I look up into your eyes as I swallow. We towel off and get dressed just as I hear someone arrive back home. I say "thank you for my hot first expirence I hope to do it again real soon" you smile and laugh and say "am free tomorrow night, feel free to come over" I smile, we kiss each other not wanting to stop. We come up for breath and say farewell. I walk back home happy and content and start getting excited thinking what tomorrow will bring........

About: The author of "Hot Summer" is Curvalicious. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Short Sex Stories section.

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