Day at the Bar - Part 2

Author: Nayo Dickens
Published: Oct 29, 2008
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His cock sliding over my g-spot with every thrust, my moans beginning to fill the barn.

As I went back to work I heard the hay rustling and figured Alex was on his way to halter and ride his favorite horse. A 12 year old mahogany bay stallion named Mac. After a few minutes I didn't hear the familiar clip clop of Mac's hooves, I felt a pair of strong hands grab my hips, I froze as I felt the fingers dig into my hips. I turned my head and saw Alex. His jeans pulled up but his excitement clearly visible. He had a different look in his eye, something I had never seen before. I turned around his hands releasing my hips as I turned. I leaned my back up against the hay stack and put my hands on my hips. The grin crossing my lips hinting at my increasing arousal at Alex's behaviour.

I jumped down from the hay and beckoned Alex once again to the back of the hay stacks. He just shook his head and said "no I want you here in the open" my body froze for a minute as I responded "Alex why here" all he said was "now". I saw the stern look on his face and walked towards him. His deep brown eyes staring straight into mine, peering into my soul, he knew exactly what I wanted.

His hands went from leather to silk as he touched me, he knew what his touch would do to me and took full advantage of it. My body surrendered to his touch, nipples hardening, cunt dripping, skin tingling. His fingers wandered for what seemed to be an eternity before running to the collar of my shirt his fingers gripped the cotton material. With a quick hard tug the material ripped buttons flew everywhere. My eyes never left his, the shirt ripped open I pulled it off my shoulders and from my jeans.

I tossed the ruined shirt aside, my rock hard nipples visible through my sports bra and the thin material of my tank top. I bit my bottom lip as I stood stark still, his fingers lightly caressed my nipples through the shirt and bra. My arousal was increasing with every stroke of his fingers, every blink of his loving yet stern eyes. He told me to take off the rest of my clothes and quickly, I knew to follow his orders, I did so quickly, tossing my jeans, tank top, bran and panties with my shirt, my waxed cunt glistening with my juices. As I turned around I found Alex naked his cock fully erect once again.

Before I knew it he hand his hands on my hips my body pulled tight against his. I melted into his arms and kissed him hard and deep. At this time I did not care who walked in or saw us. Alex slid his hands under my ass and pulled me up, I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist, my cunt engulfing his cock. He groaned into my mouth as our tongue wrestled, my arms wrapped tightly around his neck. My back hit the hay bales, cringing as the dry sticks stuck my skin, I broke the kiss and looked deep into his eyes, a devilish grin flew across his lips as his hands pulled my body up and he began to thrust into me. My back slamming into the hay, the dry sticks tearing into my skin.

My body was being over taken with lust, his cock sliding over my g-spot with every thrust, my moans beginning to fill the barn, reverberating off the wood and steel. He chuckled happily as my head lolled back into the hay, my walls clamping down around his thick shaft. My body beginning to tremble as he thrusted harder into me, my back burning from the bay, my body overrun with lust and want. He began to groan louder I knew he was holding back, waiting for me to cum. My arched my back away from the hay, causing the points to dig deeper into my shoulders. I began to shout as I climaxed "ohhhhhh fuckkkkkkk deeeeppppeeeerrrrrrr harrrrddderrrrr ooooohhhhhhhhh godddddddd yesssssssss shittttttttt!!!!!!!!." My cum began to gush in waves as my orgasm ripped through my already battered body. My walls milking his cock, wanting his cum deep inside my bruised cunt. He growled into the midday dusty air, his spunk filling my wanton cunt, seeping from my fuck-hole with my own cum.

As my orgasm ebbed I slump forward my head on his shoulder, sweat coating both our bodies, he held me tight against the hay. The my back burning immensely, crimson drops forming, making my skin look like someone had taken a needle to it over a thousand times. He let me down my back sliding against the hay, I pulled my head up, looking into his eyes a smile crossing my lips as I kissed him.

He found my clothes and set them down next to me, got dressed and headed for the pasture where Mac was kept. I pulled myself together and got dressed and headed for the house for a long hot bath.

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