A Drive Home

Author: Angie Ruggiero
Published: Nov 4, 2008
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You like the fact that she has on a skirt and you just happened to have found out that she has no panties on. You continue to play with her thigh and her clit as best as you can seeing that she is driving.

So here you are again, headed home from yet another long day at work. You want to come home and just relax. While sitting at the red light, someone catches your eye from the left. There you see a hot blonde in a red sports car (corvette my favorite) she winks at you and you just smile. Not much you can do you two are going in opposite directions. So you drive off and head home. You are coming up to the last bend before you head over the hill to your house. While you are driving slower in no rush at this point to go home; there is that car again with her in it. You stop and pull over she pulls over too. You get out and approach her. Ask her if you should know her from somewhere Her reply is No, but I know you. My I ask how you say. I come past your work every day and I always see you. I have been checking you out for a while now. You have such a huge smile on your face, she tells you to get in. You do and she drives off, you ask where are we going She tells you to relax and enjoy. So w while she is driving (a stick, might I just add again my favorite) she takes your hand and places it on her thigh. You are of course OK with that, you continue to move your hand up her thigh. You like the fact that she has on a skirt and you just happened to have found out that she has no panties on. You continue to play with her thigh and her clit as best as you can seeing that she is driving. She pulls up to a park, where you both get out. She goes to the trunk and pulls out a blanket and some sex toys. You ask her how she knew she was coming here today. She tells you a girl is always prepared. You both walk over to a wooded area and she lays out the blankets and drops the toys. She takes off her shoes, and unbuttons her blouse, taking it off along with her bra and unzips the skirt to drop off her too. She then lies down and tells you to come over to her and eat her pussy. You are in total shock, seeing that you have never had a women talk to you that way before and the fact that you don't even know her and she is telling you to eat her. Of course you do, and she taste oh so sweet. While doing that she is moaning and loving it telling you to do more. After her Cumming you decide it is your turn, so you un-zip your pants pull out your somewhat hard cock and tell her to suck it. She agrees and she places the semi soft cock in her warm very moist mouth. She begins to suck and take it deep over and over again, she keeps doing this for a good 7mins then she jumps up and begs you to fuck her ass. Please she says, so you do. You place your hard cock into her tight small ass and it is feeling really good. While, she is using her hot pink dildo to touch herself, and really enjoying every moment. Her legs are draped over your shoulders and she is going to town while fucking herself. You are getting really turned on with every touch she does for herself and your loving the feeling of her ass. Minutes go by and you pull out just in time to cum next to her. While you're doing your thing she gets dressed and whispers in your ear she appreciates that fuck today, she knew it would be good. You ask her for her name. She tells you Dixie and slips her number into your pants pocket. She tells you to call anytime!! After cleaning up the mess and driving back to your truck you are just about to get out when she says wait, she sticks her finger into her pussy and places it in your mouth and tells you to remember her. Then you get out and she drives off. WOW!

About: The author of "A Drive Home" is Angie Ruggiero. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Short Sex Stories section.

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