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Author: Olde Matelot
Published: 05-Nov-08 Revised/Updated 11-Nov-08
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You may, at some time, have read a story here that I wrote under the authorship of Olde Matelot. It was a true story of how I shagged two mature married women when I was serving in the Mediterranean. I was only eighteen going on twenty when this occurred and it obviously gave me a taste for older women.

* * * * * * *

You may, at some time, have read a story here that I wrote under the authorship of Olde Matelot. It was a true story of how I shagged two mature married women when I was serving in the Mediterranean. I was only eighteen going on twenty when this occurred and it obviously gave me a taste for older women.

I had various jobs when I left the Navy, the first was in the Repair & Service Dept. of a well-known aircraft manufacturer. As an engine fitter I mainly worked in the Engine Shop but occasionally I had to go out on site in a hangar to work on a customer's aircraft. The aeroplane was a Tiger Moth and I had an older man with me who had worked for the company for some time. When we got to the hangar we found a woman also working on the Tiger Moth, she was patching the madapolin covering. She was, I guess in her late thirties and, although a little plump, quite attractive.

My companion introduced me, he said, "This is Dot, John," he laughed, "she's always falling over and every time she does she has her legs wide open!" I was appalled that anyone could be so rude about someone I was meeting for the first time. Understandably Dot was annoyed, "Take no notice of him, John, he's just ignorant," she said. Then my companion found that he had forgotten a tool he needed and went off back to get it. I apologised to Dot, she was very nice about it, "That's all right, John, I can see you're a cut above his sort. We'll get along fine." And we did, in fact we got along extremely well, I found her attractive and she obviously thought the same about me, in the course of work I was to come across her many times.

Then one day when I came across her she said, very diffidently, " I don't suppose you'd like to come and have an evening meal with me, John" "I'd be delighted," I replied, "it would be a chance to be with you for longer." She was so pleased, "Thing is," she added, "I got feelings for you and I thought it would be nice to get to know each other better." The way she said it made me think that she meant in a more intimate way.

A couple of weeks later I walked across the road to her house, she lived right opposite where I worked. I tapped on the door and she opened it straight away, it opened straight into the living room. Sitting in a chair was man, he was quite a lot older than Dot. "This is John," she said, he grunted and didn't even look at me. "Miserable bugger, he is," Dot told me, "don't bother about 'im, John." She took me into the kitchen.

Dot had obviously taken some trouble to ensure that she had prepared a nice meal and she gave me a bottle of beer to go with it. As we ate she talked, "I know I ain't pure white," she said, "my ole man's useless, don't know what I ever saw in 'im, 'e's work shy, never brought in no money, it's always been up to me. So, if you don't mind me saying so, I've always taken my pleasure elsewhere. I'm 'ot by nature, see And I like doin' it." She looked at me to see how I was taking this information, then went on, "I could see you was a gentleman as soon as I saw you, an' you got that look about you, I bet you've 'ad a good few an' given em what they want!" I had to laugh, "I reckon you might be right, Dot!"

After we'd eaten Dot said, "Now we can get down to what we're 'ere for!" She led me back through the living room, her husband was reading a newspaper, "I dunno what 'e's looking at that for," she said, "seeing as 'e can't read!" I followed her up the stairs, a gruff uneducated voice followed us, "Where d'yer think yore going'" "John's goin' to give me what you never done!" Came Dot's answer.

In the bedroom she put her arms round me and gave me a passionate kiss, "That is," she murmured, "if you an' me is thinking the same thing!" By then it was, here I was with a double handful of a sexy, passionate woman who wanted sex, who was I to refuse

Dot took her blouse off, then her bra, her breasts weren't big but they were well shaped with small nipples. Then off came her skirt, she had on spotless white cotton knickers that showed the shape of her little mound. As I undressed she took them off, her mound was bisected by neat looking rounded lips. Her eyes dropped as I stripped off my last garment, my white briefs, to reveal my half-hard cock. "Nice," she said, "I like a bit of foreskin!"

We got on the bed and got on with it, I loved her kisses, soft and passionate, especially when she had her hand on my burgeoning erection. I kissed her breasts and sucked her nipples, she writhed about a bit at that, "That gets my fanny all wet," she told me. I felt it, she was right. Her natural hair colour was off-blonde and her pubic hair, what there was of it, was honey coloured. "What a beautiful cunt," I murmured, she blushed. "Beautiful cunt for a lovely prick," she remarked, wanking me hard. As I said her cunt was neat looking, her inner lips almost non-existent but showing a large clit peeping from under the clitoral hood, the entrance to her love-hole was tight looking.

The lovely mouth of her cunt glistened with juice, I slipped a finger inside her and fucked her with it, she moaned, "Oooh! That's lovely, really gets me goin'!" Soon she was pleading with me, "Shove it up me, John, I wants fuckin'." She spread her legs wide, her cunt wide open too, I moved over between her legs and placed my cock at the entrance to her passage. I pushed, she was tight, no argument about that but she was relaxed and a couple of firm pushes had my cock inside her. I began fucking her gently using the full length of my seven inches. She wrapped her arms round me, "Oh, it feels wonderful, I 'aven't had a nice cock up me for ages, fuck me hard, love!" So I did.

I lasted three or four minutes then shot my load, I could sense her disappointment, "Don't worry Dot, I'll fuck your beautiful cunt again in a minute and this time I'll make it last as long as you like." As soon as I was hard I began ramming my cock into her as hard as I could, although I knew I couldn't last all that long, Dot was begging me to slow down before I needed to. "Gosh, I never 'ad a man could fuck me like that!" she told me, she kissed me, "Just fuck me nice and slow!"

Half an hour later, with cunt-juice squirting out of her all the time, she begged me to come. I gave her two or three hard thrusts, then started shooting. One of the things women always seemed to like about me was the ferocity with which I ejaculated, once I'd fucked them they always wanted to toss me off to find out how far my spunk would shoot! Dot was no exception, half an hour later she told me that it was what she wanted to do. I said, "You realise that, not only will it go all over you, but it's likely to splash all over the bedhead and the wall too!" "Don't be silly!" she said. But she found out that I was right and then couldn't stop giggling.

I loved having sex with Dot and soon found out that giving her oral had her screaming with pleasure, she tasted nice too! She was obviously experienced and when it was her time of the month knew how to give me a wonderful sucking.

I thoroughly enjoyed that evening and the few that followed but, before long the firm went to the wall, they were needed during the war but couldn't survive the peace. I moved on to pastures new.

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