Sleeping Walking Barbara

Author: Barbara (Connie) Lonnie
Published: Nov 14, 2008
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My sister & I had divorced parents at an early age. I was 5 & Connie was 2 when mom caught dad cheating on her with a woman he worked with. After a long nasty divorce, the settlement was spilt custody. I went with dad while Connie stayed with our mom.

My sister & I had divorced parents at an early age. I was 5 & Connie was 2 when mom caught dad cheating on her with a woman he worked with. After a long nasty divorce, the settlement was spilt custody. I went with dad while Connie stayed with our mom. Soon dad's job offered him a large raise in pay if he would re-locate to northeast Florida, Jacksonville to be exact. He was about to spit us up again. My sister took it worse than I did. She started having some health issues. She peed the bed for a while and some other stuff I never known.

My sister and I rarely talked after dad moved him & I to the east coast. Thanksgiving or Christmas is about the only time we could talk. We would send letters, via snail mail and tell each other we would never stop writing. But over the years we lost track of each other. Dad met some lady and married her and moved to St. Louis. I was 21 and ready to start my last year in college. My new roommate was from San Diego where I lived until I was 5 years old. He was telling me about this boozer & divorced mother he was banging since he was a junior in high school. He said he finely got her daughter too.

He said her daughter had a habit of sleep walking for hours. Anyway, my roomie told me that she was coming to visit him during Thanksgiving. Randy. My roommate. Was called away on a family emergency the day before This Barbara was to arrive. I had to pick her up at the airport. I was there early waiting for her flight to come in. I had an idea what to look for. She came into the terminal looking for Randy. You could see the excitement turned to disappointment on her face when she didn't find Randy.

Barbara! Is that you" I hollered. Her eyes caught mine she said "yes I'm Barbara. Where is Randy & who are you "Randy had a family emergency. I'm Lawn, I am here to take you back to our place, Are you hungry, had dinner yet." I asked. She said, "Nope, I haven't eaten anything since this morning. I am kinda tried too.

We left to find a nice restaurant. We ordered our meal and drinks. Barbara said she didn't want any drinks & that her mom was an alcoholic and because of that she hated booze. She said, "After her mom & dad slit up, she was never the same. She had one job after another for the longest time. She turned to the "Jeannie in the Bottle" thinking that would help her. It just made things worse. Mom didn't know to pay the rent or drink her money away. She nearly always did. Drink it that is. Soon she was an alcoholic and too afraid to admit it. She continued saying Mom had gotten so low that her self-esteem was gone and she wanted to kill herself. I had slowly grown to despise her. I had enough when I was 16. I moved out and lived with a girlfriend. Today mom is still a drunk. She only works a few days a week. When she is sober she's a bitch.

We finished our meal and headed back to my dorm. We talked for ah while when she said that she was kinda tired. I showed her where Randy's bed was. She said, night & hugged and kissed me.

"Barbara I am going to study a while. If this light bothers you, you let me know" "sure Lawn I will" She blew me another kiss. My mind begun to return to childhood. Barbara did however looks like my sister would have, but her name was Connie. I remembered very little about her. The only thing I do remember was a crescent moon birthmark on the cheek of her butt. She was only 3 back then. I teased her all the time about it. I was daydreaming and lay back in bed and in a short time I was asleep. I donno how long I has slept, but I was dreaming about a G/F I once dated that loved to ride my cock cowgirl style'

I felt my G/F's her warm hand caress my dick and jack me off real slow until I was fully erect. I was real stiff when I awoke to Barbara riding my cock with everything she had. She continued to ride my cock. I wanted to stop her, but it felt so fucking good. I reached up and touched her small 32C's titties. Barbara was a 19 year-old young lady now. I pinched her nipple and she went berserk! She started fucking me like there was no tomorrow. I thought to myself. Barbara was Randy's girl. I can't be doing this I need to stop! I need to stop this. but she was doing a great job on me.

She slowed down her movements and took my whole cock deep into her wet moist love hole. She rose to the tip and just dropped herself down hard on my meat. A couple of these is all I could take. The next downward drop I lost it. I started filling that little hole full of my seed. She had her eyes closed & moaning. "Oh Fuck MY LITTLE SNATCH. KEEP THAT COCK IN THERE IT FEELS SO GOOD MOM. Mom I thought to myself, Mom. Is Barbara into incest I thought how could this have happened She said, "Now take it off and let me fuck you're pussy hole" She swung one leg over me and then the other she was still sitting on my dick with her back to me. I was shocked at what I saw. This little crescent moon shaped birthmark was on her butt cheek.

I just about shit! I felt so bad I almost lost my dinner. Barbara turned her head around to me & said, "I'll be right back Mom" Damn-it I felt worse. I waited a few minutes, when she didn't return I stepped in Randy's room and Barbara was asleep in bed. I didn't sleep at all that night. Next morning I was un-sure of how to bring up the subject & the situation that happened a few hours earlier.

I said, "Good morning Barbara. She came out of the bedroom with a short pink colored teddy and not panties. Are you rested" She replied, Yep I needed a good nights sleep. I feel better. Thanks for asking. Barbara if have to talk about something that happened after you went to bed. She looked at me very seriously almost crying and said, "What in the world did I do to upset you this way" I sat her down on the couch, "Barbara after you went to bed I was studying and fell asleep. When I woke up you were on top of me fucking my dick. I admit you did feel great and I shot my cum in your pretty pussy. You better go douche, but that ain't the half of it. Another issue is you told your mom to keep fucking you. did you have sex with your mother And last, you and I are brother and sister. Connie, why do you call yourself Barbara"

"You said your name is Lawn" It is Connie I go l by Lawn, it's short for Lonnie. She started to cry uncontrollably. Even sobbing. "Oh Lonnie I never meant to hurt anyone. Mom had my name changed when I was 6 because dad picked out the name Connie. Mom said she didn't want anything to remind her of him. And to be truthful I was molested by my mom, opps our mom when I was about 10 or 11. I didn't know any better. I do know it made me feel so wonderful inside, but right now it don't. And as for the other, well you know, me raping you. I have a sleeping dilemma; I walk in my sleep, although, I am working on it I am totally unaware of it Lonnie.

We sat on the couch and cried for hours over the problems at hand and the issues that caused us to drift apart.

About: The author of "Sleeping Walking Barbara" is Barbara (Connie) Lonnie. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Short Sex Stories section.

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