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Author: Helen
Published: 20-Nov-08 Revised/Updated 24-Nov-08
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This story happened a few months ago. I am hungover and ache and go into work. I end up having sex with with a guy and experience my first creampie.

* * * * * * *

I had gone into work hung-over and tired following a night out with the girls; I had just about managed to put my hair up in a French plait. I am wearing my uniform of white and blue blouse, knee length blue skirt, and single tan thigh hi tights and black slip on shoes.

I do not feel too good and my head thumps, the last thing I wanted to do was work; my line manager saw the state of me and told me to work up in the stock room with one of the stockroom boys and a lad from another store.

I made my way up to the stockroom situated on the top floor, walking into the stockroom I found a stack of boxes and sit on them leaning my arm and head on, the stack next to them I drifted off into a sleep. The two lads I was supposed to be helping, just leave me to sleep and they disturbed me for my tea and lunch breaks.

After lunch I am feeling a bit better and able to do some work, I find myself working with the lad from Crawley; he is okay about 22, strong and fit, we are sorting out boxes near the back of the stockroom. He keeps calling me, "Ginge" and "Babe" and was chatting to me all the time and telling jokes.

We are working and getting on well together when we discover the lift has broken down and some lights have failed and so for the moment, we are unable to do any work. I make my way along the aisle where there was a gap in the shelving and sit down on soft furnishings on top of flat pack boxes about three feet high, there were boxes stacked either side, these were stacked to the full six feet and a retaining wall behind and shelving above.

I sit with my back against the wall and place my legs straight out in front, my feet hung off the edge but I am comfortable. The lad calls out and finding me, smiles and sits down next to me on the edge of the stack explaining that we would have to wait until the power came back on as it was too dangerous to make our way out.

He starts chatting to me and looking concerned seeing me rubbing my aching neck and shoulder; he slides himself further back onto the stack and leans against the wall asking me if I am okay and then if he can massage my aching neck and shoulder for me, I accept.

I slide my-self forward while the lad manoeuvred and kneels to one side behind me. He slips his hands onto the back of my neck and gently works his thumbs into my aches and massages my shoulders before working on my neck again. I relax leaning forward appreciating his effort.

He continues his hand movements on my neck with his left hand, with his right starts massaging my right shoulder. I hear him take a deep breath then feel his right hand slide down inside my blouse and he holds my right breast surprising me.

I am in two minds as he slides his hand into my bra and starts having a good feel of my tit. Part of me wants him to stop; the other was pleased at getting some unexpected sexual attention.

He pulls me back against his body squeezing, pulling and squashing my tit and nipple. At the same time, his left hand slides over my left shoulder and starts unbuttoning the top buttons on my blouse.

Thrilled I lean back calmly enjoying what he was doing as his hands work on both my tits and nipples; it was taking my mind off my aches and pains. He moves around to the side of me and as I lean back against the wall, the lad pulls my blouse open and pushes my bra up and cupping my right tit, he starts licking and sucking my tit and nipple.

I relax more as he pushes his right hand under my left bra cup and starts squeezing and pulling on my left tit, a few seconds later, his tongue works on nipple and then he sucks and pulls playfully.

He switches tits telling me I have bigger tits than he thought and squeezing on my right starts sucking on my left; he kisses and licks all over before starting on my right all over again.

Slurping on my tits, I feel his right hand slipping down my stomach and rests on the front of my skirt just above the groin. He continues teasing my tits with his tongue and at the same time, he slyly pulls the front of my skirt up gathering it until the hem is up revealing my knickers. I feel my pussy tingle as he eases his hand onto the front of my knickers.

I pull his hand away; he concentrates on my tits again and tries again, for a second time I push his hand away. He waits for a few minutes then for a third time; he puts his hand on the front of my knickers, feeling nervous I let his hand slide onto my groin.

Still sucking on my tits, the lad gently works a fingertip along the lips of my pussy the best he could. I lift and part my knees and thighs slightly, immediately his hand gently slides palm downwards between my legs and cups my groin he rubs my lips and groin eagerly.

I feel my heart miss a beat as the lad works his hand inside my knickers and his fingers slid through my soft hairs and along the slit of my pussy; slowly he works three fingers up and down my groin, one on my slit parting them and one each side of my lips.

I cannot resist much longer so part my thighs more and close my eyes hoping the lad will make me orgasm. I groan and gasp as he eases a finger between my lips and strums with a steady pace slowly working his finger inside me, his fingertip teases my clitoris and as he fingers me, he guides my right hand onto the lump between his legs with his left hand.

Pleased that he wanted some attention I eagerly grope the bulge sticking up at the front of his trousers, unzipping, I pull his trousers open and work my hand inside his boxer shorts. I feel his erect cock and pull it out; I have a good feel of the length and thickness before gripping it firmly and jerk his big cock up and down its full length with a steady pace.

I part my thighs more as he pushes a finger deeper into my hole and thumbs my clitoris, my pussy is wet and I groan as he eases a second finger into me. He pushes his fingers harder into my pussy increasing the pace, so I jerk his cock quicker keeping pace with his fingers; I moan as my pussy becomes wetter and excited, my hand movements become erratic and I falter a couple of times losing concentration as I start to experience a climax. I groan loudly, whimpering and shaking with excitement, I release his cock as my pussy floods with my juice.

My pussy is soaking wet but the lad continues and I hope he will make me cum again as I grip his stiff erect cock and start working it up and down again with a steady pace; the lad strokes my groin and hairs and slides his fingers back inside my wet pussy.

Thrusting two or three fingers into my wet pussy he rapidly pumps them in and out, he leans towards me and sucks on my right ear, with his fingers squelching around my wet hole and his left squeezing on my tits, he asks, "Can I fuck you Ginge".

My pussy starts to throb and my heart races with excitement, I had never done anything like this before. Hurriedly and without thinking I answer, "Yes", and releasing his prick, I eagerly lean back against the back wall and lifting my buttocks, I keenly slide my knickers down as the lad crawls out and stands pushing his trousers down.

I pull my knickers off and along with my glasses put them up safe before shuffling forward and lying down on my back, making myself comfortable I pull my skirt up and raise my knees spreading my thighs with my feet on the edge of the stack.

I feel my stomach tighten as the lad kneels between my spread knees, I close my eyes and groan feeling the lads cock sinking between my lips a few inches, he eases further in, then pulls back slightly then thrusts fully in making me moan. I relax a little as the lad gently pumps his rock hard dick into my soft silky flesh.

The lad continues with a steady pace and says, "Oh babe, I'm going to fuck you all afternoon".

My pussy throbs and I relax more feeling his cock slipping nicely into me I say, "Fuck me all you want".

The lad continues his thrusting calling me, "Top totty" or "Ginger bitch"; he kisses my right ear increasing his thrusting. He must have felt my pussy squirting around his cock, he quickly says, "Didn't take you long you dirty bitch"; knowingly I just lie there feeling his cock sinking into my wet hole and his balls bouncing against my buttocks.

To my disappointment he slows to a stop and eases out of my wet pussy; he pulls me up into a sitting position and says, "Want you on me". I quickly slide off the stack and turn around as the lad sits where I had laid; I tuck the hem of my skirt into the waist of my skirt then sit on his lap.

Holding his thick cock, I slide the helmet along the slit of my pussy lips, then I slowly slide down onto it taking it fully inside, I thrust down his pole making myself cum twice while the lad squeezes pulls and squashes my tits, nipples and fingers my slit.

I push lad on to his back and increase my thrusting and whimper as I make myself cum for a third time, I continue for while longer but tiring, I slide off his thick cock and stand for a moment. The lad slides off the stacking asking me if I am okay.

I smile, kneeling on the floor facing the stack I pull the back of my skirt up and leaning over the stack as if on all fours I say, "Yes fine, just fuck me".

The lad quickly kneels behind me easing his cock into my pussy, "How do you like it babe", I just answer, Do whatever you want.

At first, the lad slowly pumps his cock into me and gradually increasing his pace making me whimper and moan lifting me up off my knees. I lose balance and pumped forward onto the stack, I put my arms out against the back wall to counter act his hammering, the lad continues thrusting me off my knees and giving me every inch of his cock.

Whimpering breathlessly, I relax lying where I am as the lad eventually slows and eases out of my wet and satisfied pussy, he sits on the floor out of breath recovering.

Worn out and exhausted, I slowly get up onto my knees; I stand flicking my skirt back down then sit down on the stack feeling my well-used pussy and knees aching from the pounding they had just received.

The lad moves and kneeling in front of me says, "You had enough babes or can I fuck you some more". I am shattered, but If he wants to give me more cock. Grinning, I tiredly but willingly lay on my back pulling my skirt up. With my pussy tingling and fizzing with anticipation of having his cock I spread my knees and thighs again, I am unable to believe he had the energy to fuck me again.

Kneeling on the floor, he pulls my buttocks onto the edge of the stack and eases his stiff cock back into my pussy. Holding my hips, he rams his rock hard cock deep into me thrusting hard giving me every inch of his dick, my tits bounce up and down and I and climax as he continues pounding me.

He keeps up a consistent pace then suddenly he slows, I feel warm streams pulsating from his cock as he starts shooting inside me, "Oh sorry babe I'm spunking", I groan "Its okay", he thrusts inwards pumping deep into me groaning, "Always wanted to do you loads".

I just lie enjoying the feeling of him squirting more cream into my excited pussy, he pumps the last into me and he slows to a stop, we remain where we are catching our breaths.

The lad eases his cock out of my wet sticky pussy, he kneels on the floor looking at me as I slowly sit up flicking my skirt down, he sorts his trousers out starting to chat to me again, I chat back slipping my glasses on and my knickers into my pocket and continue chatting as if nothing had happened.

I soon make myself tidy then go to the toilet, my pussy is sore and aching, I'd never had sex without a condom before so this was a new experience for me, I layered toilet paper in the crutch of my knickers and I spray perfume over myself then go back to work worrying in case anybody found out.

I always get tingles and a wet puss when I go down that part of the storeroom now; it puts a smile on my face.

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