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Author: stoneypoint
Publish Date : Nov 28, 2008
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Waiting for electrician, mature discovers its her lover and buddy and she gets a load all the way around.

* * * * * * *

She sat waiting for them, wishing they'd come soon or not come at all. She had things to do. She did have places she wanted to be. Jason was one of them. Did she have to call and cancel She hoped not. She loved him. Maybe love was a harsh word. She adored him. Yes that's better, much better. How could a beautiful woman not adore a young man like Jason God Jason, an electrician. Tall, thick soft wavy hair, and young but not too young and he loved talking to her. If this company took much longer then her date with him and she was expecting it to be incredibly satisfying would have to be rescheduled. She didn't want that. No... no way... she did not want that.

God damn it where was this company. She looked at her watch. They were 25 minutes late. She picked up her receiver then a knock at her door. She had dialed four of the numbers. She turned and looked. She saw a truck. That didn't look like the company she hired. She put down the receiver. She walked to the door. She smiled as she opened it. She was surprised. Dressed and ready to leave, she was totally surprised.

"Jason What are... what brings" but his eyes diverted behind him indicating he had someone with him. She understood. She looked passed him. "Whoa who is that" she thought. Jason didn't think of that at first. "Whoa... oh my god" she said to herself. Her body, her thighs, her belly... everything tingled. Everything went awry. Everything changed.

He told her he knew they had a "date" but things changed. The other guy was Jason's best bud in the world he told her. They did everything together he said. They go everywhere, do jobs together, and practically were attached at the hip. He laughed. She didn't. He was hot, the other guy was. He was as sexy and as hot as Jason. Jason wasn't sure what she'd think about the guy. Jason didn't care. It was between him and her he cared about. As far as his buddy was concerned that guy wasn't in the picture.

But what about her and Jason she wondered. What about their rendezvous, their date, and their little sexual get together that morning she wanted to know. He saw it in her eyes. He may be young, but Jason was not stupid. No she knew that. That's why she liked Jason. She liked Jason because Jason was smart and Jason was totally hot. He had it all... He defintely had it all.

His buddy, still at the truck, would be a few minutes. This was Jason's job. Jason stepped inside. He closed the door behind him. He looked at her, she looked at him, and he told her as always she looked... she looked sexy and hot. His way of saying it warmed her all over. It warmed her heart, her thighs, her pussy, and she was broiling all over. Yeah, Jason had a way with words. He had a way with lots of things. His eyes could do wonders to a woman. His eyes could do things to a woman's soul she couldn't control.

He pulled her against him. She allowed it too. She slid across the carpeted floor as her lithe frame slowly came against his slender figure. His glassy blue eyes looked into her large brown eyes. She melted as he seduced her with that look. "I bet myself I could bring you to orgasm without doing you" he told her. She hoped he could, but both knew that wasn't possible unless he had some kind of extraterrestrial power she didn't know about.

She giggled, nervously, hoping he could do it anyway. She prepared herself for it all night almost, all morning for sure, and now that he was the one showing up for the job what could she do Nothing...she couldn't do a damn thing and he knew it too. He told her to go to her room and go play with herself. He told her to just let it happen on its own.

She was surprised to hear him say that, surprised as hell, but they both snickered. She loved the idea. He knew where he'd be working and she knew where she'd be "working" too so when his buddy came inside, she had already disappeared and Jason and his buddy did their thing downstairs.

They could hear it and they could hear it really well. Each looked at the other smiling and Jason's buddy had to ask. He wanted to know if the sounds were what he thought they were. Jason simply nodded, winked, and his smile was even bigger. His buddy wanted in on that action. He didn't even know what the woman looked like. Jason said to him that for all he knew she could be some kind of ugly ho bag who probably fucked every other guy in town, but Jason's buddy, knowing Jason knew better to believe what Jason had said.

He told Jason they should go and "help" her out. "Feed her what she's needs" he called it. Jason knew he was right so they finished up most of the work and went upstairs, all the way up to the second floor. Jason explained everything to his buddy. His buddy couldn't believe it. Jason and her were hot for one another No way, no how he said to Jason. Jason told him to wait outisde of the room and he meant it too. He was serious about it. She'd love it. She'd love the attention. Here were two good looking guys and an awesome looking woman, regardless if she was older and he described her to him in detail and his buddy was unable to believe it.

He knocked, slowly opened the door, and there she lay almost entirely naked except that her blouse remained fully open and her bra was pushed down. She had been caressing her tits as she pushed the large dildo inside her pussy. Her head was back, her hair flowed across one of the silk covered pillows, and again she was moaning... moaning quietly and he saw that her bed were near one of the registers. That's how they were able to hear her all the way in the basement. She didn't hear Jason come in. He spoke quietly. She opened her eyes. She smiled at him. The look on her face invited him to her bed. He read it and he undid his shirt for her. He undid his tool belt. She watched as he began undressing. Her eyes fell to his chest. She adored that chest. Ripped and full of masculine splendor her loins called out for him.

"Come Jason suck on my pussy. It's so horny now. It's swelling and it needs you inside it. I want your tongue, your mouth, and your lips pressed into service Jason."

He took off the remainder of his clothes except for his underwear and he climbed into bed with her. She looked terrific. For a woman of 46 she could have passed for a woman of 30 he told himself time and again. While servicing her hot, moist cunt he whispered to her. He told her his buddy wanted to get in on his action and would she mind. That only made her hornier.

"Oh Jason, Jason fuck no... fuck no Jason...I'd love to taste his cock. Tell him to come in and... and oh god... I'll do you both. Fucking me, cumming all over me... oh hell yes, tell him to come in here."

Her voice was desperate. Yes, she was horny and Jason called him in. He was in there in seconds and undressed just as quickly as Jason was and he was equally as ripped as Jason and everything was working in her favor.

Jason sucked her cunt while she sucked off his buddy's cock. All three were enjoying themselves and Jason's buddy was in high heaven. He was thrilled for the opportunity and told her how awesome she was. For a woman her age she sure knew how to do a guy. He never in a million years thought a woman her age could be so gifted, so exquisitely talented at sucking cock, but she was and she performed her duty well.

Jason fingered her and practically fisted her as well, but before he knew it she cried out. She wanted his cock in her and she wanted to have a full blown orgasm as soon as possible. With two guys to take care of her needs both were given opportunity for it, but Jason got last strike at her and it was he that stimulated her the most while his buddy creamed her chest, creamed her nipples, and finally creamed her lips and cheeks.

Meanwhile Jason was inside her, fulfilling every last need she required. She was heaving and throwing herself at him as the two fucked hard. She climaxed and he blew most his load inside her leaving a little to shoot at her soft flat tummy.

She was in heaven. She was giggling recklessly and she took both of their loads smearing them everywhere with one last duty to complete her enjoyable morning. She collected their cum lifting it up with her fingers and she eased it all into her mouth showing them both their bounties just before she swallowed it all down... all the way down happily and as satisfied as any mature sexy woman could.

Jason's buddy dressed and left, but Jason remained behind. Jason was a bit envious of it all and told her he much preferred doing it all alone. She assured him next time she would do it that way "But tell your friend he's got a future fucking women like myself... just not me okay honey. You're mine and all mine, but this was fun. I won't deny that."

They kissed and hugged and Jason got dressed. Jason said he'd call her later on. She said she hoped he would. She lay in her bed in peace and quiet recalling Jason's cock inside her and his buddy's cum flying everywhere and she smiled in peace.

She told herself "God I gotta get that guy's number. I want to fuck him too... and without Jason. What a cock... what a cock" she said as she got out of bed to take a quick shower.

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