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The Trip up North

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Author: L Michaels
Published: 28-Nov-08 Revised/Updated 30-Nov-08
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I was asked to help get some furniture up north by my step daughter, it turned out to be a lot more fun than I had imagined.

* * * * * * *

The oldest step daughter Pam called me and asked if I was doing anything this weekend, I said not that I could think of. She then proceeded to ask if I would mind going up to Jacksonville to get some furniture for her, she had gotten it from a friend and it was being stored there. I told her that we would probably have to to rent a moving truck, she said she had already gotten it and we could pick it up Friday evening and either leave out then, to Saturday morning, I said Friday night, spend the night, then get the stuff and come back, she said fine, she would put the money aside for the rooms then, so I said ok, see you then. Now a little about Pam, I've known her for over six years, and when I first saw her, I wanted to have her, but since at that time she was 19 and I was 49, well, you see my point, and also I was trying to get into her mothers pants, so that complicated things there, and as our relationship developed, she became more distant, Amanda said that I was taking there mother away from them, just give them time, see, Amanda raised them alone for over 13 years, so they were very close, there is Paul, and then Pam, then Hope. I hardly ever saw Hope, it seems she went out on her own, with her mothers blessings when she was 15 and has made a life for herself ever since. Pam is 5'7" very nicely bulit, I know she has 36c tits, because when I was doing laundry, well I had to see, and she wears a size 6 jeans, so as you can see, she is nicely built. Now she is 25, involved with a nice but yet strange guy, he doesn't ever, ever like to come over to see us, but she still comes to all the family functions. Since Amanda died, she was hit by a drunk driver and sent me into a deep depression, it was Paul and Pam that brought me back out of it and ever since then, we have been getting closer. Well back to the trip, I got up Friday and did my work that I had planned, I finished a little job and was cleaning up when Pam called and asked when I was going to be free to go, I said well I cleaning up now, have to get paid, then clean myself up, so maybe 2, 2:30. she said great, can I leave my car at my house and we go and pick up the truck, I said sure, come on over, I'll be there soon, she said great. I got to my house, took off my dirty clothes and headed for the shower, I had just gotten wet when she yelled out, I told her I would be done soon and she said great, she was anxious to get started. I threw on some clean clothes, put some in a back for the over night and headed for the living room, I knew she was there because the TV was on, I rounded the corner and I stopped in mid stride, she was sitting there in a short short pair of shorts, and a half top that barely covered her tits, now, trust me when I say, I was turned on instantly, she got up and when she bent down to turn off the TV, I got a very good look at those luscious tits I've so badly wanted to see all these years. She came over to me and said ready, I thought to myself, oh hell yea, I;m going to do her, she smiled and went past me towards the door, I said right behind you, now I've never ever, ever seen her in this type of an outfit, she is always dressed properly, my like an older mature woman, not like she is now, damn. We got to the rental company and the guy there I know was thinking the same thing, party time, so we checked the truck over, signed the papers and got on our way. Now Jacksonville is like a 7 hour trip by car, but by truck, it was 8 so we got into Jacksonville around 11, we stopped and grabbed a burger and ate it on the way. We got to the hotel, she works for the same chain so she got us a nice rooms or so we thought, and for near nothing. She got up to the desk, tired and looking like it, and when they told her they had some reservation problems and they had only one of the rooms available, she went off, I came over and found out the problem and said we could either take the room or go somewhere else and she could take care of this when we get back home at here end, well the lady behind the desk said there propable wouldn't be another room in the city, seems that the person running for President was in town and all the rooms are taken, he gets all the rooms he needs and we get the shaft, I smiled at her and said just like the goverment, she smiled and said for real. Pam calmed down and said we'll take it, but I'm not happy, the girl said well I can give you unlimited TV access for the night, you can watch all the private channels you want for free and use the bar all you want, well, that got me, I thanked her and told her to come over after she got off if she wanted, and she said well thanks, but she just came on and wouldn't be getting off until after 7am, I smiled and said shame, it would have been nice to have you over, she blushed and smiled and said well maybe some other time, I said I'd like that. Pam said ok, if your finished flirting, I', tired and want a shower, I said hum, seems I'm leaving, she said I'll be here all night if you can't sleep, I said I do feel a bout of insomnia coming on, she giggled and I left. We got to the room and it had a king size bed only, she got all frustrated again, I said Pam, settle down, I'll sleep on the couch if it will calm you down, she said no, don't be crazy, it will be fine, I'm just tired, ok, I smiled and said ok, go get a shower, I'll find us some food and we'll open the bar up, she smiled and said now that sounds good. She went off, I took off to the desk again, I asked Tracey if there was any snack food places around, she pointed next door, I smiled and thanked her, she smiled back and said nothing, I took off to the fast food place and ordered some stuff, and took it back to the room, I got there just as Pam was coming out of the shower, she had a towel wrapped around her but it didn't cover her pussy at all, and damn she was hot, her pubic patch was long and narrow, it sort of led you straight to her pussy, I smiled and she said great, food, I said well you might want to go get another towel, and pointed to her pussy, she looked down, and tried to cover herself, and as she did that, the top towel came off, she stood there, nude and embarrassed, I started to laugh, she said oh what the hell and she just kicked the towel over in the corner, she said I know you've been looking at me all day, I wore that particular outfit just to tease you, I said well you accomplished that for sure, I said and you were doing that why, she said I'm not sure, just felt like it, I said hum, well it worked, I had a hard on most of the trip, and I said now, it's busting to get otu, she said might as well unleash it, I smiled and said ok, so I took off my shirt and shorts and when it sprang free, she smiled and said oh yea, I said I'm going to grab a shower too, how about opening up the bar and lets gave some food and watch some free TV, she smiled and said sounds like a plan. I came back out, she was on the bed, semi laying down on one arm, she patted for me to join her, she said I poured you a screwdriver, ok, I smiled and said great, I opened up the burger, and we watched some movie, it was a chick flick but I was watching my own show. We fell asleep with it going and around 3am, I woke up and turned it off and got back into bed. The next morning we got up, we showered again, and got dressed, she said can I ask you something, I said sure, go ahead, she said why didn't you make love to me last night, I said we were both tired and we needed to sleep for today, I'm sure the opportunity will arise again, she smiled and said I'm beginning to see what mom saw in you, it's very nice, I smiled and thanked her for the complement. We got to the address and went in, the person taking care of the estate was away getting something from down the street, she was due back any moment, so we looked around, we found the furniture, it was very old and it was all oak, it was going to weigh a ton, I told Pam this and she agreed, I went back to the lady we met, she assured us that there would be a man to help us if we paid him for his troubles, I said oh yea, I'm be glad to give him a good tip for helping me. She picked up the phone and gave him a call, she said ok, get here as soon as you can, so she told us he wouldn't be able to get here for a little while, he was tied up across town, so we waited for the main lady in charge. Helen got there and we went thru the furniture Pam was to get, it was a complete bedroom set and a dining table and 6 chairs, also some end tables and a hutch. I looked at her and she just smiled. We started to put what we could on the truck, it was really heavy stuff, we got all the end tables and chairs, the bed and 1 one the dressers, the other was a 6' tall armor and we couldn't do it without another man, so we waited, the one lady, Susan called the guy again and he said he wouldn't be able to come until after 5pm, and it was only noon now, so I said well well have to wait, we can't move anything else. Helen and Susan were busy doing something else and Pam and I stood there, I said well I'm going to get something to eat, any one want something, Susan said well the only thing around here is a little store, the closest place was in town, nearly an hour away, I said well we have nothing else to do, so why not, we secured the load, and took off. We sat down at the restaurant and ordered our food, it was nothing to write home about, but it was ok, we finished off the food and gave Susan a call to see if there was any changes in the arrival of the man, she said no, haven't heard form him, I said ok, so on the way back I saw a day help place and a few men standing outside, I pulled in and asked the guy if he had anyone to help me move some furniture and what it would cost, he said they get $8.00 per hour but I pay him $10.00 for having them here, I said fair enough, I'll take two and gave him the address, they followed us back to the house and we were loaded in three hours, I gave the guys a tip, but waited until the boss wasn't looking, I paid him and they went back to where they were. Helen got his name and number for future needs and we tired off our load and headed out. By this time it was nearly dinner time and I said I'm not really trilled in driving back tonight, she said I was thinking the same thing, but where can we find a room, I said let me try, so I called the place we were at, and Tracey was back on duty, I laughed and joked with her, by saying do you live there, she said it fells like it sometimes, and I told her about the trip, she said well your room is still available, if you want it, I said we will be there in thirty minutes, she giggled and said I'll be here. I told Pam, she said only you could get a room where there wasn't one, I said why, she said you could sell sand to the desert if you wanted to, I smiled and said nothing. We got back to the hotel, and Tracey said I'll give it to you again but you have to come back and see me later when you get settled in, I smiled and said you have a deal, so we got settled in, Pam got into the shower and I joined her, she giggled as I walked in, I said you don't think you were going to get away with this without me joining you do you, she smiled and said I wasn't sure. We washed each other and kissed, she took my cock and stroked it hard, then she slid it into her hot pussy, I moaned as I entered her as did she, we fucked for over an hour, in the shower and out, I gave her three orgasms and I had two loads in her, she laid there on the bed smiling and I threw on a pair of shorts and t shirt and went to see Tracey. When I came in she was all smiles, she said I was wandering if you would come back to see me, I said but of course, I said I would, she smiled and said well I have one sort of selfish request for letting you have the room again, I said oh and what would that be, she said I get off at 11pm, would you be interested in having a little sex with me, I've been fantasizing about you ever since yesterday, I smiled and said oh yea, it would be my pleasure, I said come to the room and we can play, she said what about your roomy, I said oh yea, let me ask her and I'll call back to you in about five minutes, she said well in the mean time, and she lifted her shirt up to reveal a bare and bald pussy, she said just a tease to let you know what your in for tonight, I smiled and said hum, looks like fun, and I said here, this is for you and I pulled out my cock, I said this is for you, she nearly came right there she said. I got back to the room and told Pam, she giggled and said so, I'm not enough for you huh, I said no, it's not that at all and she started to laugh, she said ok, then what, I said well, I was sort of obligated to see her, after all she did give us the room back, she started to laugh again, she said I'm just teasing with you, it's ok with me, have her over, I might want to join her if she doesn't mind, I said I'll ask her, so I picked up the phone and she answered, she said well she had never had to share a man before, but she was open for new things, so yea, I said great, I'll get some sex food to get myself ready for tonight, she giggled and hung up. I told Pam and she smiled, I said I didn't know you were bi, she said well I haven't been, but when Hope was home, we did it all the time and when I moved out, my first roomy was bi also, so when we had no time for dating, we would have fun together, it takes the edge off sometimes, I smiled and caressed her tit, she just moaned. I went out and got us some real food and we ate it while waiting for Tracey. She got there at 11:15 and was out of her clothes at 11:16 she was hot and wanted my cock badly, she was ready and wet when I slammed my cock into her, she squealed as I fucked her, she came instantly and I blew my load all over her belly and tits, Pam came over and started to lick it off her, she moaned as she did this, so I fucked Pam from behind and shot the next load all over both of them, it was a magnificent night, I put all four loads on them, and they licked them all off each other, I purposely shot one load on there pussies to get them to go down on each other, Tracey liked that, and the girls stayed on each other for some time. Tracey stayed the night and left out early that morning, she was glowing when she left. We cleaned up, packed up and returned to her house to unload the furniture, her boyfriend was waiting for us and asked if it was good trip, Pam said oh it was ok, we had some troubles getting our rooms and the furniture, but it all worked out ok, glad to be home and she kissed Greg and squeezed his balls, I smiled at her and she to me, we haven't been together since, but we had that time together and I enjoyed it.

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