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Late Christmas GIfts

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Author: stoneypoint
Published: 23-Dec-08 Revised/Updated 27-Dec-08
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Robin wore holiday underwear. Cute, it was a mixture of Reds and Greens. Renee's eyes bobbles between them. Flat tummy, compact breasts like her figure, they were inviting for some reason. I've never done this before, Renee thought. She twitched. Robin noticed it. She smiled.

* * * * * * *

Another argument and she walked out again. They asked, he told them she'd be home soon. He knew where she'd gone. He wasn't telling them. He was furious. They knew he was upset, but went to bed not knowing where she was. "She'll be home soon" he said. That's all he said. They felt the tension in his voice. He was more upset then he sounded.

She had enough... Enough of him, enough of his antics, and enough of his put downs and she had enough of him putting down her best friend. Yes, her best friend was a wacko. So what if she didn't do things for herself. So what if she needed others to motivate her. So what if she didn't seem capable of getting it done Still, she was her best friend. Still, she'd offer comfort to her and visa versa. Both were upset that night. Both were fraught with problems. Both could have handled it better. But she was too upset to be around him and too upset to breathe the same air he breathed.

"Where are you going" he asked.

"You know... I'll be back."

"You slut... you're going to see her now It's Christmas for god's sake." It wasn't. Technically it was after midnight and the kids were in their rooms. They couldn't hear anything, except the garage door going down. That's all. That's when one of them came down. That's when one of them asked where she went and when she'd be home and that's when he told them she'd be home soon. She had to go and get something... he lied, the child knew he was not telling the truth, but that's all he knew. He called her, on her cell, and told her to come home. "Don't go bedding down with her. I know that's what you're going to do" he said. She hung up.

It was Robin and Renee. Two long time friends, friends out of desperation, and friends through mutual channels but they seemed to get along. They seemed to understand one another. Robin always helped out Renee. Renee always was incapable of doing things for herself. He hated Renee. He disliked her because she was daffy, incapable, and always acted as if she was stupid as hell. But she wasn't. She never was but she always played like she was. That's how Robin and Renee came to be friends, close intimate friends. He never knew that part.

"Hi, can I come in" Robin asked.

Renee welcomed her in, shuffled her to the kitchen, and offered her a comforting beer and a chair. There they sat, there they talked, and there Renee listened again to Robin bitch about her husband. Same old story, same old dance. It had been an icy relationship. He hadn't been intimate with her in years. He hadn't shown her the kindness, the intimacy she longed for. It was the same with Renee, but different too. Both were without what they longed for. Both were without a man who understood. Both were without a man who would sit there, listen to them, and offer comforting words. Offer comfort to them in general... no neither could find that in life.

She broke down. Tears running down her cheeks, Robin wasn't bawling, but she hurt. Renee felt the hurt. Renee reached around her. Renee sidled up against her, hugging her, offering consoling words. They eased Robin's frustrations. Robin turned and hugged her back. Tears began to subside. Short breaths continued... an after affect of Robin's emotions. Two short breaths, one long sigh, and she finally turned and looked at Renee.

Their eyes met. It seemed awfully warm in her house. Why would it be so warm It was 25 degrees outdoors. Wind chill had it seeming colder. But there at that table it was hot, terribly hot, and it felt great to be next to her receiving all the comfort in the world.

One short, curvaceous, and plump friend hugging a short and slender, but compact friend and it felt nice. It felt natural. It felt perfect. They pulled away. Their eyes met. Smile matched smile and suddenly something unexpected happened. Silence filled the house. Wind swirling outdoors even subsided. It was still. The furnace was in down mode temporarily. It was quiet. And these two holding each other, looking at each other, and smiling at one another closed in.

Yes, Renee and Robin closed in and lips touched lips. Heads twisted or turned and something ensued that neither one expected to occur. And it felt good. It felt nice. It felt... it felt... arousing. And their lips continued touching the other one's lips. Soothing, arousing, and uplifting as ever and as they continued arms reached around one another further and further, pulling one another inwards, tighter and tighter and it felt... it felt... it felt incredible, amazing as ever.

"Mmmmm" one of them uttered. Then the other one uttered the same sentiments. Hugging, tugging more firmly. It was stimulating. Neither could stop. The lights were on. The bright lights were on. They could be seen from the house behind them hugging and kissing passionately. So passionately that... that... that it felt as if... as if they were headed to her bedroom, Renee's bedroom, but would they They just sat there, entwined and engrossed in a passionate kissing banquet. And it felt incredibly exciting.

She stood up. She was lonely. She had been denied that pleasure for months and months and well she took Robin's hand. Renee, the attractive but curvy plump recently divorced woman felt it. She felt it and needed it. Robin stood and took her hand. The married but suffering spouse of a man who never showed compassion any more took Renee's hand and let Renee lead her wherever. Down the hall, to the end, and Renee opened it up. She opened up the door and looked at Robin, her best friend. The slender compact friend knew and understood. She closed the door. They gazed into the others eyes.

She felt that spark. An amazing spark it was and she felt hotter then normal. Why was the house so hot that evening All the Christmas lights wouldn't have made a difference. The furnace was running, but it always was running that time of year. Why did it seem so hot Why was Robin so hot She asked Renee. Renee said she felt it too. She thought it was... it was arousing. Maybe it was a result of how she felt, how they felt all of a sudden.

Maybe, Robin thought but that was okay. That was fine by her. And she smiled. She undressed. Renee watched her as she undid button by button. She had seen Robin naked before. Inside changing into her bathing suit and she had seen her without any clothes on just before putting on her suit. She had a lovely ass. Rather tight for a woman with three children she thought. A nice figure, compact, and still rather shapely, athletic she told herself.

Robin had never seen Renee naked, but she expected to see what she saw. Renee lifted off her top and Robin only smiled. Big breasts, a big tummy, but not that large she told herself. It was actually rather cute. A fold, hanging down a little, and what she felt for Renee all of a sudden would change all that for sure.

Robin wore holiday underwear. Cute, it was a mixture of Reds and Greens. Renee's eyes bobbles between them. Flat tummy, compact breasts like her figure, they were inviting for some reason. I've never done this before, Renee thought. She twitched. Robin noticed it. She smiled.

Renee wore a purple bra. It was lacy, very sexy too. She had on matching boyshorts. Renee was a little nervous. It was evident she wasn't sure about doing it. She slipped off her sweats, looked sexy in Robin's eyes.

Wearing only their underwear they didn't know what to do next. Robin reached in. Leaning forward, she kissed Renee. Renee liked it and returned the gentle kiss. Their bodies interlocked. Hands, arms found warm flesh on the other and the two partially naked figures came together as they sucked passion and wind from within the other.

Both uttered loving sounds, tugging at the other, and Renee pulled Robin closer towards the bed. They toppled over. Robin on top of Renee. It was a soft cushion she landed on. It was nice, Renee was warm, inviting, and Robin began kissing Renee's flesh. Renee relaxed feeling Robin's soft lips as they slowly danced, gradually trotted around her wide thick upper body.

"Mmmmm ooooohh" Renee said. She didn't close her eyes. Smiling as she watched her good friend kissing her lovingly, Renee caressed Robin's backside letting her hands fall downward over her tight compact ass. Renee slipped them inside them as she felt the two small butt cheeks underneath, Robin tensed up her cheeks seeing as she wasn't used to someone touching them at all. But she liked it and felt her legs tensing, twitching excitedly. "Ohhh... ohhh" Renee said suddenly. Robin's hand slid in between them. She was trying to ease it inside Renee's boyshorts.

Both removed the remainder of the clothing. Flesh on flesh, kissing ensued. Passionate kissing ensued by one, then the other, and turning and tumbling commenced as the two wrestled for position, playfully... it was a festive frolicking between friends.

Robin slid down. Spreading Renee's legs apart, she stuck out her tongue, and allowed it to do a tango against the lips on her pussy. Renee's butt and back arched while sounds of delight escaped into the air. She played with her breasts and then played with her nipples.

This continued and continued as each made love with the other. Robin teased and toyed with Renee's chubby figure until she was able to bring Renee to orgasm. Rewarding as it was she licked out Renee's white cream. Seeping as it had, nothing would have been more exciting then a man's cock inside both of them.

Both knew it, both wanted it, but the endearing comfort each shared with one another was one of the best gifts either was going to get that holiday evening. Renee easily brought Robin to a climatic conclusion and afterward they snuggled while touching the others soft warm body.

Robin leaned in and smiled before kissing Renee's lips one last time. She crawled out of bed, dressed, and left without saying goodbye. She turned and smiled and said thank you.

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