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Christmas Promise

Author: stoneypoint
Publish Date : Dec 25, 2008
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Guy wakes up on floor from a Christmas Eve party and girl is there too, but changing and humming as he wakes up. Flirtatious, she invites him to lay with her on the bed in the room. He jumps at it thinking sex is involved. There is but not on Christmas day.

* * * * * * *

Drunk, no one was leaving. Too much beer, too much alcohol... way too much consumed, and so people slept where they sat and where they lounged. Except for a few like me who found a toilet. I needed one, had to have it. At least for a while until I puked out my guts, completely rid myself of food, and then took the aspirin and lay down.

Not realizing where I lay at, I awoke. I heard music, Christmas music, and humming. I heard that too. That voice, it was beautiful. A bird, humming something. At first I didn't recognize the tune. But her voice, now that was a perfect pitch. I loved it and wanted to tell her too.

My eyes, my head... oh my head, I thought the aspirin would handle that last night. It did, it didn't. I was slow, really slow, but my eyes were open. I heard that voice, still humming, still cheery, and still merry that morning. I moved, rolled kind of. That angelic voice stopped humming. She spoke up. Talked to me in fact and my heart fluttered and my mind started asking questions. Who is that Where am I Did we No we didn't. I'd remember that. I'd know because I wouldn't be on the floor, would I Damn, too bad... maybe not, maybe she's a dog. I didn't know.

"Merry Christmas" she said to me or someone. I grumbled, she giggled. I smelled it. That scent, oh god that scent... now that was an incredible scent. I turned, I looked, and as I did I saw it fall. It fell to the ground. "Oops" I heard. I watched the silky material float to the floor beside me. Mmmmm that scent, who is she Wow, what an odor. Who is she "Sleep well last night" I heard the angel in my room say. I grunted and nodded. She laughed. "Me too" she replied. "Can you hand me that" she asked.

Hand you what I wondered. She bent over. I saw two globes sheathed in purple fabric suddenly come level with my eyes. Whoa! Damn! Uhh care to do that again I turned, I looked, and I looked upwards. Wow, what a smile, what eyes, and... and oh wow, wow what a body!

"Hi, good morning bright eyes" she said. She was totally naked from the waist up. Well not totally naked. I saw her bra, her big, sexy, and gorgeous purple lace bra in a stare down for my attention. She put her hand out. I looked at it. She said in that angelic voice "You just going to lie there or do we need a front end loader" she laughed at her joke. Was it a joke She was smiling. She adjusted her bra. She started to put on another top.

No, no... nooooo, please don't. Please don't. She knew. She winked. "It's all right. Nobody's up or I don't think so at least. She sat down. Patted the mattress next to her. Was I supposed to get up and sit next to her God I have to smell. I didn't want to smell. I didn't want to sit next to her. She called me chicken shit. I laughed, she did too.

"Come on, it's Christmas." She was really flirtatious. Had to run with it. She had the door wide open. She patted that mattress again. I sat down, kept my distance. Looked at her chest by accident. "Want to see it again do you" I didn't nod. I didn't shake my head either. She began to unbutton it. Aroused, that was for sure. It was tingling. What time was it I wondered Yeah it was tingling. She opened it up, let me look.

God damn they were huge, she was too. Well not huge, but big. Beautiful full figured with small ankles, but tall. Really tall in fact I thought. Long legs, kind of big legs from what I could tell. Not that I could see, but they were long, had to be thick ones, and I wanted to see what they looked like. It was 5 in the morning. No one was up. Me, her, and no one else. Yes, she and I, and nobody else was up except maybe the elves and Santa.

"Did you enjoy the kissing game I did" she told me.

Kissing game, what kissing game I wondered.

"You don't recall do you"

She giggled under her breath. It was so angelic like her. I looked down at her breasts, again. I looked at her. Her smile was adorable. She winked. I loved her lips, still do. But those eyes lit up room after room after room. Like a chandelier, they lit up a room gloriously. I stared at them. And they only got brighter.

"Want to lie down Like last night" she asked.

Huh, I didn't lie down with anyone. I kissed someone. Kissed her for a long time too. Was that her I wondered Wow was that her Wow, I kissed those lips Finally I said something. It didn't hurt either. I finally found my smile. She said she adored it. It found its place on my face too.

"I loved meeting you last night." Who are you What's your name anyways "You don't remember my name, do you" I laughed. It was a mock laugh. I said I'm sorry and told her why. "That's okay. I was drunk too, but I never ever get hangovers." She shrugged her shoulders. She lay down, on her side, and then she patted the bed.

You want me to lie down with you, with that figure, and you want what You really want me to... to snuggle with you. In all honesty you do She smiled, angelically again, and patted the mattress. Whoa, wow, and a bunch of other superlatives. Tingling and heightened excitement going on here. Uhh like are we going to uhh get it on

Boner alert! High alert here! My face was flushed. Settle, settle I told myself. I settled, but I still was getting an erection. I laid down facing her. Still didn't know her name. I told her mine. She knew it. "Nice to meet you again, Ted. I'm Angelica" she told me.

Angelica Angelica really Come on now! No way, no how I thought. She knew. She knew what I was thinking. She laughed, touched my hands, and told me she gets that often. "Well you were humming like an angel, you sound like one too, and if it smells like a duck and looks like a duck then it has to be one" I said.

She smiled, winked at me, and she leaned in and pressed her moist soft lips against mine. I wanted to grab her, hold her forever, but I thought I had to smell like an old brewery. I wasn't going to do that to her. Big surprise... she pulled herself against me. Inches away from one another's face she smelled clean, fresh, and a slight tad sexier then I did. I should clean up, a little. I told her. She shook her head. Kissed me again. She ran her hands across my chest.

"How many times in a person's life are they going to have an opportunity for intimacy such as this" she asked. I shrugged. "Never... hardly ever" she told me and she was right on. "I want you. For some reason I guess I'd love to be with you. Until everyone wakes up, let's lie here, and get to no one another."

We did. We lay facing each other, talking. We whispered, touched intimately, and we talked. She was the sweetest most beautiful woman I think I've ever met. She was awesome I thought. We held hands, touched one another's faces, and we felt the others chest or breasts and it was good.

She wasn't that old, but she was a couple years older then me. I didn't know much about her other then what she told me. I was building up to bonking her. I knew I wanted to plug her with my cock. It was hard, trembling inside me slacks, and I wanted them off as soon as possible. I reached down but she stopped me. She shook her head. Her smile vanished. Why I mean isn't that what this is all about She appeared to know what was on my mind.

"No, no sex... I mean don't get me wrong. I'd love to feel you inside me, but today well today is Christmas and I want... no I have to save myself." My eyes asked why She was able to read me well. She leaned in, touched me everywhere, quickly, and then said "So that I can come to you tomorrow night. So that we can have some of the greatest sex imaginable."

Yes, my eyes bonked out. She smiled, kissed my lips savagely, and we groped one another as if there wasn't any tomorrow. But there would be. She wrote down my address and all I thought about was her in my house, in my bed, and lathering me with both her angelic kisses and savage desires.

"I hope it's going to be a good time" she said. I said I hoped it would be too. "I feel like it will be" she told me.

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