Romance Returns

Author: ShortLittleThing
Published: Dec 27, 2008
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Chris has been away for what seems like a lifetime to Sally. He returns much to the pleasure and surprise of her. An english story that translates all over the world.

The phone vibrated on the desk in front of me "At last" I thought and answered excitedly "I've been waiting for you to call" I said seductively and laughed under my breath thinking of how it must have sounded like a sex line "So when will you get here" "Why don't you look out the window and see for yourself" he teased and I could hear the smile in his voice. I leapt up from my seat and peered out. Sure enough stood looking up at my window was Chris, his dark hair shining in the sun light and a smurk playing across his lips. "I'll be right down" Closing the phone, I disappeared from his sight to race to the front door.

Opening the door he rushed to meet me, wrapping his strong arms around me and kissing me passionately. "Hello to you too" I laughed catching my breath and, taking his hand, lead him upstairs to my room.

Once inside we soon started kissing again, our hands tracing over each others bodies, lingering here and there. I moaned slightly, god how I'd missed this. "I'm going to have to go away more often if this is how I get welcomed back" he said, again with his ever so sexy smurk. "Oh no you don't! I'll find a way of keeping you here. Chains perhapes" I laughed and pulled us both onto my bed. Slowing my frantic hands I ran my fingers through his hair, looking into his deep emerald green eyes and gently kissed his full, moist lips. The kiss again grew more passionate, his hands moving to my breasts, caressing them from outside my top. I sat up quickly and pulled my top off over my head, desperate for his hands to be on my skin, and unhooked my bra letting it slip off my shoulders and throwing it to the floor. I grabbed both of his hands and moved them to my breasts letting out a sigh as they finally made contact. I then started to unbutton his shirt, slowly, gently gliding my hand over his smooth chest, taking in every detail, looking for any change. Though Chris had only been gone a week it felt like a life time. Undoing the last button I gazed down at his bare chest and started to kiss along his broad shoulders, unzipping his jeans as I made my way across. I pulled off his jeans and teasingly started to play with the waistband of his boxers, he bit his lip as my hand brushed against his cock that had grown hard and was trying to escape the confines of the material that was surrounding it. "Oh god. Please stop teasing. I'm aching for you, Sal." he just managed to say between moans. Giving in, I slipped them off too. I lightly dragged my nails up and down the length of his penis flicking my tongue over the head making him moan more and bite down harder on his lip. "Oh Sally" this spurred me on and I licked from the base to the tip holding his balls in my hand. From the corner of my eye I could see him grasping the cover on my bed, I looked up at him and gave the tip of his cock one last teasing lick before taking him inside my mouth. My teeth grazed over his hard dick as I pulsated my tongue, wrapping it around the shaft. Still holding his balls I squeezed them, pleased to hear Chris groan with pleasure. He placed his hands on the back of my head and pushed me down, making me take more of him in, gagging slightly as his cock reached the back of my throat. I could feel myself getting wetter ever second so with my free hand I reached between my legs to rub my soaking clit. He moved his hands from my head and grabbed my shoulders pulling me up so I was level with him. He quickly started to kiss me and rolled me onto my back. I gasped as he entered me, slowly, inching his way inside. I wrapped my legs around him and pushed him deep into me. He fucked me harder and faster releasing all his passion into me and sucked hard on my nipples. Unable to hold in the groans of pleasure I dug my nails into his back and bit down hard on his shoulder. He changed his pace, moving more slowly but still pounding deep inside me, he moved one hand down between my legs to rub my swollen clit at the same time. I couldn't control it, the combination of his hands on my clit and hard cock inside me was too intense, I could feel myself building up. "Oh god Chris" I shouted as I came, as the shivers from the orgasm shook my body he continued to pound into me, my pussy tightening over his cock. He was grunting loudly and I could tell he was nearly ready to come too. I rolled us both over so I was on top, raising my self up and grinding back down on to him. I could hear his breathing quicken so began to rub my clit knowing that I'd be able to come with in seconds and that this time the tightening of my pussy would cause him to come too. Sure enough as I arched my back letting the orgasm take me over, scratching my nails down his chest and stomach he let out a groan and came. I got off of him and lay on my back panting. "You're definately never going away again." I said turning over to face him and place my hand on his chest. "I take it you enjoyed yourself then" the smurk creeping across his lips again. "Oh you know I did and I plan on having more of the same everyday for many years to come" I reached up to kiss him on his lips and then lay my head upon his chest listening to his heart and drifting off to sleep.

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