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My Midnight Lover


Author: pretty black girl
Published: 08-Jan-09 Revised/Updated 10-Jan-09

I jump in my car and head to my sexy lovers house, I get there about midnight and I just want to jump on him. He is just so fucking sexy, but he wants to watch a movie and talk...

* * * * * * *

He sent me a text message, asking if I could come over. A smile played on the corners of my mouth as I thought, hell yeah! I want to come over, but I played it cool and sent him a text back, that's cool I'll be there after work.Erotic thoughts were flying through my mind the rest of my shift. As soon as I got off, I rushed home to take a shower. Making sure to soap my ass really good, because he loves for me to bend over so he can taste my juices from behind. I finish my shower and lather on my victoria's secret candy baby,and a pair of black panties with silver hearts and a matching bra......damn I look and smell good!! Just thinking about him turns me on.

I jump in my car and head to my sexy lovers house, I get there about midnight and I just want to jump on him. He is just so fucking sexy, but he wants to watch a movie and talk. I oblige, but I want to kiss his lips, and lick his chest, oh those tattoos!!! He just has on a wife beater and his boxers....I love those tatts. Finally at about 1:30 he moves close to and starts whispering how much he missed me since that last time we were together, I blush, cause I missed him too. He kisses my neck, damn thats my weak spot......so sensually that tears come in my eyes,then he kisses my lips ever so soft,the way he knows I like it. My lover moves down to my 42DD's,I love getting them pampered. He says, "come here girl, and let me taste that pussy." He only needed to say it once, and he licked and sucked my pussy until his face looked like he was eating a glazed doughnut......it was fucking amazing.

After he made me come twice, my lover pulled me to my feet, and kissed me long and hard, to make sure I tasted my juices on his lips. He led me upstairs to his bedroom, I pulled his t-shirt and boxers off, and got on my knees. His dick was standing at attention, so thick and hard. I started by licking him from the base to the head, up and down until I got him nice and wet. Then without notice, I swallowed it. I watched his eyes roll in the back of his head, and he started to moan my name over and over. Finally I pushed him backwards on the bed, got on top of him and in one motion his dick slid in me. I rode him so hard that the bed was banging against the wall. He matched me stroke for stroke, that dick was all up in me.

"Get on your knees baby and put that ass in the air", he told me. I was in the zone and did as I was told. He got behind me, and slammed his dick in me so hard it took my breath away. But it felt so fucking good, oh, oh, oh fuck me baby, fuck me, don't stop, I was telling him. The dick is so good I'm pushing back on it, and he tells me, that's right baby put that pussy on me....the sensation from me rocking back on his dick is driving me crazy, I'm about to come.I get goose bumps all over, my legs are so weak, my lover is banging in and out of me telling me how good HIS pussy is. I'm coming baby, I'm coming baby, I'm coming baby is all I can say. He's going faster and harder, oh shit my lover tells me, I'm about to nut in you, and he comes like a beast growling. We are both drenched in sweat, but it was so worth it.

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