The Walk

Author: stoneypoint
Category: Short Sex Stories
Published: Jan 24, 2009
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stoney loves writing bbw stories. This is another one of his - Talking a woman into an orgasm is the tits he told himself, pure and simple... the tits. Yessirree Bob George... I'd do her, I'd covet her sumptuous thick jelly like rolls and curves, and I'd... I'd... ohhhhhhh if only I could figure out a way. Plus she'd have to be willing too and I'm sure she wouldn't be.

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They were known as "The Girls." That's all, just "The Girls." Three women, bubbly, vivacious, and needing each other for chat and so it was. These three women, all in their very late thirties, and they walked together late at night with one another like clockwork.

It was funny, but it wasn't really. They did it for their health, mental and physical well being, and they did it to relieve all the darn stress that had built up inside them. They were plus size women. Women in good health, but in need, desperate need of loosing some much needed weight. No, they weren't awful looking, but each knew with the right diet and exercise they could get down to an acceptable size and weight and love themselves for it. And be loved too... loved by more then each other... loved by their husbands... or whomever.

They'd laugh about that off and on. Yes, they'd bring that up. How much have you lost What have you eaten today, this week How did your day go How's your boss or that new boss working out Those types of questions and then there were the social issues, basic family matters to talk about, and other frivolous issues to get through to ease one's mental stability for the next day or so.

But they saw them. Four guys, nice looking, and they had to be... they had to be gay. How many guys do you see walking together Never in a million years had they ever seen guys together, unless they were running, but these four guys weren't. They were walking, talking about sports, women, and more women but they talked about their day together... just like the women were. Those three women, "The Girls" heard them discussing the same things they had been talking about.

And those men, slowed and did more then nod and say hi. They eyed them closely. They had checked out these affable, bubbly ladies, and as one of the women turned to check them all out after they were checked out she saw all four... yes, all four of them... turn and check out their backsides too.

"Girls, girls... they just turned around. They turned around and checked us all out and they... they were smiling like when a man smiles at a nice figure. Did you hear me ladies, did you"

They all giggled, practically laughed like young teenage schoolgirls. They wanted to turn around. They wanted to follow the men. But these were grown women, adults with families and husbands, and no self respecting grown mature adult should even think of doing such a thing.

The night passed, the ladies all said goodbye, and as the last one said goodbye to the others as those others went inside she saw one of them. Ohhh he was one handsome looking guy. Maybe a few years younger, but he was smiling, cheerful, and very congenial. He saw her when she saw him.

They waved, sort of. Her hand rose, a little bit. Her hand came up about halfway and wanted to say hi, but it would have been inappropriate... highly inappropriate.

But she waved nonetheless and he waved too and for a split second, maybe a split moment their eyes latched on to the other. It would have been cute, really cute in fact if in fact they were teenagers, but she knew it and he knew it too. They weren't. Both knew damn well there was a husband or wife on the other side of their front door waiting for their spouse to come back from their walk. Still thoughts were fleeting, emotions were tiptoeing, and imaginations were doing what imaginations do best... climbing into the bowl of fantasies... to see, to consider what chances there could be. Even the young, fit man who was nice looking like her considered what possibilities might exist with another woman... a woman of size, a woman of beauty and size.

Yes, she was attractive, but she was a woman with thicker thighs he was sure. She had a stately larger pear shaped ass and bigger hips. Her body, her upper body, reflected those matured qualities a plus sized woman's body inherits. Full, curvy, and nice sized boobs and she had thick long hair which seemed perfectly suited to her wider curvy frame.

Her heart, his too thumped rapidly for a moment, and when their eyes met and when they waved kind of at each other it was evident something was going on between these two neither even realized yet.

She missed the walk. It was weird. They always walked, always went out together and walked, but not that night. No, it was her, alone, and nobody else and it had been drizzling but that never mattered before. Something had come up. Neither was available and she needed it. Se had to have her walk. She'd be all alone with no one at her side, no one to talk to. She depended on it, she depended on her girls, but not that night she was on her own.

Out, alone, it felt weird. Quiet, well not really. There was noise all around, but not the chatter of her good friends bullshitting the days events way. Suddenly she heard a man's voice. Someone had said hi, hi to her. She slowed, she kind of turned, and... oh god oh wow... there he was... there was that guy. The one who smiled, the one guy who I saw, and he smiled at me. And he even waved... well sort of waved. We kind of waved... ohhh he's cute. He's darling.

She smiled, came to a stop, and she turned. She put on a nice and friendly smile. She felt herself changing. Suddenly it felt warm, she felt warm. Suddenly her heart's pace quickened. No, no way... I can't be attracted to this guy... can I I don't... I don't even... I don't even know him and I don't even know anything about him either. Oh wow, he's soooo handsome. Look at that smile... ooooohh and look, look at that body of his... ohhhhhhh my.

"Hi there... so where are all the others... your friends" he asked.

Even his voice sounded... well he sounded debonair, but he was a good old boy. He was from Texas. He liked people, any kind of person, and he was not shy about it either. His eyes and his face assured her of that. They were all over her body in a nano-second.

But she noticed, not at first, but she did catch it. It made her happy, pleased that another man had found her to be an attractive woman. Wait, where was his accent, his Texas drawl Where was that How come he didn't have one All people of Texas had an accent or maybe his was too close to hers. Nah she couldn't discern it and with eyes looking her over like his had, who cared They were gracious and charming and... and they were most definitely flattering.

"They had something going on. Strange too because we always walk together" she replied. "So where are yours... your friends you walk with"

He told them it was odd too because they were busy as well. His wife didn't want to come out so he went out alone he told her, but he thought to himself whew, thank god your out. He smiled. He smiled right into her eyes. It had her heart pitter pattering madly. She loved that... when he looked right at her, right into her eyes it made her restless and excited and... oh no, no... she couldn't be. She could be feeling a little... a little aroused, could she

"I used to run" he told her out of no where. She wondered why he even mentioned it. "But when I blew out my knee, I was down for months. I had surgery on it. Was on crutches, in this huge cast, and I couldn't do squat... wifey hated me and I think she still resents me for it. Anyway, here I am, walking... but no more running. I love running or I used to... what about you... what's your story I mean..." and she kept wondering why he was telling her all this.

She hadn't prompted any of it. But he was cute, he was handsome, and for a 30 year old guy it was nice he was looking at a woman, much less talking to her who had just recently turned 39. That was nice, but why open up to her They didn't know each other plus men just don't go out and "hook up" with women... do they No, no they do not.

" I am, married with two kids, out all by myself, and walking" he continued to tell her. "and I blew my knee out two years ago. Doctor said I can not run again or I'd be in a wheel chair less before I was 40. Get that... here I am, 36 years of age and in..."

36...36 she thought! They is no way... no way you are 36. You do not look a day over 30 she said to herself as he babbled on and on. He was interesting and he was handsome as all get out and here was a handsome trim and fit man, checking out a fuller figured woman with obviously too much meat on her bones, and not giving it a second thought.

She slowed, he slowed, and he stopped babbling about himself. He asked if something was wrong. She shook her head, but looked at him curiously. He asked what was wrong.

"Why are you walking with me" she asked. She was gracious and courteous and she smiled. He said why not. "Well usually men don't do things with women" she told him. He said why wouldn't they. "Well because usually the only thing on a man's mind is... well it is" and she blushed "it is sex."

He laughed heartily. The laugh was a good old boy laugh. It was a good old Texan laugh too. She asked why he laughed. He explained himself.

"Not from where I am" he told her. "Men and women never ever concern themselves with those minute details. If a woman or a man feels like doing something with another from the opposite sex... then so be it... and besides... I'm sorry" and he stopped and introduced himself, she introduced herself, and they shook hands. She felt like her emotions were blasting out of control. She loved it when she felt his hand in hers. Her heart was exploding with emotion. And she felt her vagina tingling and slightly swelling also. Wow it was amazing when she simply shook the man's hand. "And like I said, it doesn't matter does it All we are doing is walking and talking...nothing else, nothing less. I think you seem like a really nice person, albeit a very attractive woman, so why can't I take advantage of the situation and adorn myself with a very good looking walking partner Wouldn't you agree Don't you think you are attractive... even... well you know what I mean... even sexy too"

"No... I wouldn't consider myself a... as you say sexy" she came back. She was hot now. Flustered, turned on, and she could yank him away to some secluded area and throw the man down to the ground. Then she told herself once she did that, she'd throw herself at him, remove some of his clothes, hers too, and see if he was eager to have sex with him. Heck the way he was talking it only seemed natural. She was horny.

"Come on... who are you kidding I look at you and do you have any idea what I see" he said. Finally the Texas accent appeared. It appeared from nowhere. But he still sounded charming, debonair regardless. "I see one of the most... one of the most exciting figures I've seen since I've arrived here in this here town." His accent was becoming more evident and he was almost literally charming the panties off his gorgeous plus sized walking partner's body. "I mean nooo disrespect whatsoever mam" and he turned and offered her a grand Texan smile "but if I was not a married man... and I might even reconsider that for that matter... but if I wasn't a married man... well...phew mam...I better bite my tongue before I get myself in a world of hurt."

Noooo that's alright, don't worry none about that she told him. I appreciate the compliment. It is" and she felt hot and horny and wanted to whisk the man away into some underbrush and tear his clothes off, immediately "flattering especially seeing as you surely do not look a day older then 30 and me being 39 well you've more then flattered me."

More then flattered her he wondered. What does she mean by that Does that mean what I think it means Is she... is she... horny God damn am I good, still got it. Yep, I sure wish I could figure out some way... ohhhhhhh all that pushing, warm sexy flab, and all that... all those curves to make love to...mmmmm ohhh yeah... oh wow... yeah he had told himself. Making another woman feel good about her body, turning on the charm, and all of it pure honesty too. That's what it's all about. Making her feel sexy, letting her know you believe she is, and knowing she knows she is. That's what it's all about.

Talking a woman into an orgasm is the tits he told himself, pure and simple... the tits. Yessirree Bob George... I'd do her, I'd covet her sumptuous thick jelly like rolls and curves, and I'd... I'd... ohhhhhhh if only I could figure out a way. Plus she'd have to be willing too and I'm sure she wouldn't be.

"Well you've been a wonderful, exciting, and uplifting soul for a walking partner" she told him. "I will think about this walk more then any I've had in... well I've had in a long time." He said he would too. "You have a nice evening" she added.

"Sweet dreams" he came back.

Ohhh I will have more then sweet dreams she told herself. I will have a whole lot more then that. "You too" she said. "Thank you for all the uplifting thoughts. I feel a hundred percent better... now."

I bet you do... you sexy thang he thought.

About: The author of "The Walk" is stoneypoint. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Short Sex Stories section.

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