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The strange case of the tango dancer woman

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Author: Thomas Miller
Published: 12-Feb-09 Revised/Updated 17-Feb-09
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An enigmatig, mysterious and sexy story. Enjoy the sensual melancholy of the tango atmosphere. Thomas Miller is brazillian, but leaves in Buenos Aires. This story is his première writing in English.

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The strange case of the tango dancer woman

By Thomas Miller

It was fifteen past four when I took my car and started driving without a right destiny. I was very desolate and despaired with the mysterious disappearance of Rachel, my girlfriend. I was in a business travel in Buenos Aires, and her mother sent me a mail, very preoccupied because her daughter doesn't had returned home since last night, without giving any notice. I was just leaving the Alvear Hotel, where I was lodged. I fell me very guilt for I was in train to have a dinner with a pretty woman, who was manager of our enterprise's branch in Buenos Aires. Until this day I had been completely loyal to my girlfriend, but I knew it wasn't be merely a business dinner. So I drove very fast by the 9 July Avenue, until leave the city. I was very sad and preoccupied, and I supposed that running on this way I would forget my own sins, and all would return being like it was before that astonished news. So started raining, and suddenly my car, a rented one, broke. I just had time to park the car on the side of the road. I stand motionless, without to know how to act, in the middle of the storm. It was raining too much, and I couldn't see nothing fifteen inches after the car glasses. Suddenly a hand knocked on the car glasses at the driver side, where I was. I was very frightened with this occurrence and if, in one hand, I didn't want to open, in another hand I couldn't move the car. So that hand, insistently, knocked again and again. I even couldn't hear what that person out was saying, supposing he (or she) was really saying anything. But I didn't have choice, so I opened the glass, very afraid. "Mi coche no va más." Said a black-dressed lady, supporting an enormous and equally black umbrella. "I don't speak Spanish, I'm sorry", I answered, finally tranquilized. "Oh, no problem, I speak English too. My car broke, and I'm very afraid on being on this road. So I saw your car parked, the only one here, and I intended to ask for help", said the woman, with a Spanish accent. "My car just broke too, and I really don't know what to do". I said. So she suddenly vanished, and reappeared at the seat of my side, after opening the door and entering very fast. "Sorry, but I really don't want stay alone on this road. Let me wait for help with you, for I believe sooner or later this tempest will stop and someone will help us." Said the woman. I accepted her offer, because in fact I was also very frightened to wait alone there. Now I could see her better. She was a dazzling and seducing woman, and I finally comprehended she was wearing a tango dress, a little bit wet by the rain. So we started talking, and she told me she was going to dance tango. She was dark haired, thin, high, long and seductive legs, almond shaped eyes, lifted and delicate noose. Her voice was something hoarse and sad, but very seductive. She asked me if I liked tango, and I answered I knew not too many songs, but it was very intense ones. I told her why I was driving on this way, and about my despair due my girlfriend's disappearance. She didn't say nothing concerned this matter, and just ask me if she could smoke in the car, but I still hadn't given the answer when she lit one cigarette. Soon the car was completely filled with the smoke, and she started singing a tango song, whose meaning I would understand only after some days: "Sus ojos se cerraron y el mundo sigue andando, su boca que era mia ya no me besa más, se apagaron los ecos de su reír sonoro, y es cruel este silencio que me hace tanto mal... Por que sus alas tan cruel quemó la vida! Por que esa mueca siniestra de la suerte... Quise abrigarla y más pudo la muerte, como me duele y se ahonda mi herida". The storm wouldn't had passed, and even looked more intense than before. So she turned on the radio, and for my surprise, the song she was singing was playing! She stared me with a sensual look, and when I toke count of the situation, she was passing her hands by my body, in a smooth way. "Sorry, I can't do it. I'm very concerned about my girlfriend and all...". I said. "Don't worry about it. Let me do it, it's my last wish. I can guarantee your girlfriend will return to you. You must marry her this very day, next year. You will be very happy if you treat her right. But for this you need to give yourself to me, body and soul, and make love with me like if it was your last time. Just love me with all your heart, and possess me with all the strength of your body". After saying it, she came to my seat, and opening her legs, she accommodated her slim and elegant body over mine. I was very confused with this situation, but she continued to pass her hands on my body, and kissing me in a very hot way. Soon I become also excited, and started to kiss her body on the same way she was doing. So she get out my shirt. She scratched her nails at my back, but I was so excited it causes me no pain. She had a perfect, involving body, smelling at flowers. While I was taking out her dress, I perceived she was scarred on her neck. She pulled my head in order to kiss her scars, and I did it with a great pleasure. Touching her body was an amazing and almost mystic experience. The car smelled at a excited blend of smoke, flowers and sex. I lowered her dress until her waist and sucked her breasts on a mild way, but she ordered me to do it with all my strength. So I did it on a real vigorous way, until fell the taste of milk pouring out her breast. She told me to don't stop, and it also made me more excited. She was whispering some Spanish words I didn't understand and, after coming down my paints until my knees, she ask me to penetrate her body. I mentioned to take out her dress, but she didn't want. So I possessed her with her tango dress lowed until letting her perfect belly nude. She made me penetrate her as deeply as I could. I lost the notion of time, and I believe we made love for more than two ours. We came together, and while we were coming, she was staring straight to my eyes. I fell so indescribable intense and powerful pleasure I lost my senses and fainted. I don't know how much time I was asleep, but when I woke, she wasn't in the car. The storm had passed, and an incredible sun was shining in the sky. I wore my cloths and get out of the car, looking for some sign of the woman. Suddenly I remembered my girlfriend's disappearance, and take the road back to the hotel. I really don't know why, but my car was fixed. In the hotel, I called to my mother-in-law in order to obtain new information about Rachel. She told me Rachel had been found, she had suffered a terrible car accident, but the doctors were giving absolutely certain about her recovery. I took my luggage and went straight to Ezeiza's airport, in order to obtain the first fly back to Los Angeles. I needed to wait for tree hours until the first fly. I was sitting on a chair in a restaurant, taking a cup of tea to get calmer, when I saw on the television a picture of the woman that some hours ago had been with me in the car. How I didn't understand Spanish, I ask to the waitress what the reportage was talking about. So she said: "Oh, she was Lucía Giller, a famous tango dancer. It appears her saw her husband with a woman on their own bed, and so she took her car driving without destiny. She lost the car control in the middle of the storm, and the car overturned. She had her neck deeply perforated and died. The most terrible of the entire story is that she was pregnant, two months." I just couldn't believe in this story. And more, who would believe in me I even couldn't say it to Rachel. So I decided I would die without telling anyone what happened that day. When I finally arrived in Los Angeles, Rachel had recovered her sense. She had had a deep perforate in her neck, and the doctors said only one more centimeter could have meaning her instantaneous death. And, what was the most miraculous event, Rachel was pregnant for one month, and she didn't lost the child. I was so happy and relieved I longed merry her as soon as possible. I was sure she would be the woman who I would love and respect for all my entire life. But I remembered the words of the woman now I knew whose name, Lucía. So on, when Rachel was completely recovered, I just asked her two things, even I couldn't explain why: I would like to merry her march 25 of the next year and, if the child she was carrying in her womb was I girl, I'd like we call her Lucía. So, next year, just that date, we got married. My mother-in-law was carrying little Lucía when me and Rachel were saying "yes" to the priest. And we have been a happy couple since eleven years.

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