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Dennis Domain

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Author: stoneypoint
Published: 08-Mar-09 Revised/Updated 14-Aug-14
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Dennis lives in a world surrounded by pretty women only these women with their hard bodies and shapely pert tits are only dolls there to fulfill his fantasies. Neighbor woman comes by while he's in tub with his girls and Dennis receives a nuch more alluring proposition from her.

* * * * * * *

Dennis sat on the bed in his room listening for sounds of family. Hearing nothing, he got down off it, and got on his knees pulling out the box from underneath. Removing the lid and seeing them, his heart sang out. Dennis smiled. He said hello to his lovelies. The 3 gorgeous, thick haired beauties with their taut slim and shapely figures, smiled up at him.

"You three need baths" he said. Let's get one. How does that sound to you" He smiled, reached down, and coddled his penis, gently hoping all three would notice. "Mmmmmm, does that sound nice" he said again to the three pretty looking Barbie-like dolls. With similar looking firm and pert tits, Dennis couldn't wait to draw the bath, and lie in it with them. He knew they'd do as he wished. He knew they do almost anything to him, for him, and he knew it would only be a matter of minutes before he was lying in a "puddle" of cum because his demented mind let him fantasize as if these three were his girlfriends even though he knew they were only miniature dolls.

"Mom, dad" he called out. "Are you busy" he heard nothing. He called out again. All was secure. They had gone out. No one was home. Good, he had the house to himself. "Mom...dad...is anyone home" he said again, louder. Good, they were all gone now.

But the door was wide open. She always stopped over, always stopped in, and she always came to see him acting as if she came to chat with Dennis' mom. It wasn't Dennis she came to see. It was his father. For some reason the pretty neighbor had a thing for his dad. No one ever knew it and meanwhile Dennis prepared to bathe with his girls.

Mmmmm, those sleek tight, but matured figures running against his body, taut as a tight rope line, he couldn't get enough of them. They aroused him, inspired him endlessly. He always wanted to come up with names for them, but never had. They were "one, two, and three" and nothing else. He wished he had, but this way he didn't play favorites.

They sat against the wall on the ledge. He felt comfortable. Naked and lying in the tub, he was proud they would watch his long lean body showing off to them as he "toyed" with it. He asked them if they'd like to do it. Of course they did. They'd smile and he allow himself the pleasure as he pretended that they had nodded. All was good in Dennis' world or his domain of girly girl dolls.

One by one he took them from the ledge, placing one after the other on him and eventually between his legs. "Ohhhhhh god yes number one...yes, yes you have to know that turns me on." He'd say it to the other two as he grabbed them up and ran their hard bodies across him and his limp shaft pleasuring himself while doing it. "Ohhh god, ohhh wow ladies...yes, yes...ohhhhhhh yes" he called out.

Suddenly he thought he heard a knock or was it the doorbell He couldn't be sure. He quieted down and made a shushing indication to his girls to also quiet down. He listened. Nothing, not a sound outside the bathroom, but he listened some more. Still nothing, nothing at all, and went back to playing with his girls.

He slid them up and down his frame, easing their hardened figures across it, and all the while slowly turning himself on more. As he did, his cock took greater shape, greater form. He loved the mounting sensations and exciting feelings. They grew and spread throughout him.

Still no noises from downstairs as his girls pleasured him more and more. God, they were so damn good at what they did. His ass tightened, his body rose off the tub's floor, and mild moaning surfaced from his mouth while he felt his body coming closer to exploding. He told them they were beautiful as he looked them over. Their tight sexy figures adored him and his cock, while his manhood enslaved him and his imagination. He wanted them. He wanted to fuck their titties. He wanted to fuck their bodies too. He told them he wanted sex with them all, but he knew...he knew it was not possible. They looked at him, their smiles adorning their faces, and Dennis took some bath oils pouring it all over him and his girls' bodies too.

"Ohhhhhhh god ladies... god yes, yes" he cried out. "Do me and do my body! Make me cum, make me cum. I'll cum all over you if you do" he said under his breath.

"Hello...is anyone home"

He thought he heard something again. Oh shit is someone here "Fuck, someone's at the door I think" he whispered to his girlfriends. They lay smiling at him, not saying a peep, but he remained quiet while holding his cock in place using his dolls. He listened. He thought he heard someone. Was it his mom No, she couldn't be home yet. Who else would be here already Nobody should be home. "Someone is here and we are naked. We don't want that do we...do we" he asked them smiling. Unfortunately, his boner crashed. He looked at it disappointed, but scooped them up, and let them "kiss" his limpness. "I'm so, so sorry" he told them. They smiled with their oily bodies and wet hair gazing his way. "You three are the best. I only wish...I wish there was a way I could...I could pleasure you the way you pleasure me."

"Hellooooo" a womanly voice called out much louder.

"Ummm hello" he replied.

"Hiiiiii, who's that upstairs" he heard her say.

"Me, Dennis" he came back. "Who is that...Mrs. Lambert"

He was sure it was her. Much older then him, but younger then his mother she was the cheeriest lady he'd ever met in his life. She had sprawling thick, but sexy hair with smooth alabaster skin, and eyes and lips to die for. In fact as he thought about it some days he felt she still had a nice body too. But she was Mrs. Lambert or Charlene as she always wanted to be known and seeing as she was, she wasn't his friend, but his moms.

"Ummm give me one second...ummm I'm ummm not decent. Ummm uhhhh, I just got out of the shower," but she would know better only because When Dennis went down stairs in only a pair of shorts, his hair was almost completely dry. And after putting on the scented bath oils, it wouldn't ever leave such a distinct scent as what permeated off him when he came downstairs.

She stood smiling like his "girlfriends." That long, wavy, but luxurious thick hair accented her congenial eyes and smile. And that day she wore those hip hugging Capri pants he always adored on her. They flawlessly accented a set of hips on her slim figure as well as matching slender thighs. Charlene was an example to anyone to follow, except maybe his own girls, he thought. Now they were the best there was he always believed.

"Wow" she said seeing him without a shirt on. He could have put one on he thought after the fact, but it was only Charlene and she'd seen him hundreds of times out back in their pools. And thinking about it, she looked every bit as attractive as he did in her eyes, but neither let on yet about that. Her eyes scanned his trim fit frame as did his over her figure. Those hips, her eyes and lips, and just about everything including probably her ass drew Dennis in. Joking, she told him "You didn't have to model yourself for me, Dennis." He didn't get the joke. He blushed and looked away.

She asked if his parents were home, he told her no they wouldn't be till much later, so she asked him what he had on the fire, and he quizzically wondered why she'd ever ask him a question like that. She read into his reaction. She read his face and realized he didn't feel comfortable with her question as though she was trying to pick him up or socialize with him or whatever. As superficial as she can be and maybe that's why his mom likes her so much, she told him he can get back to his shower and enjoy himself.

Like she knows he thought How could she know How could she know What does she know There isn't anyway she knows what I was doing up there. "Dennis, did I say something...wrong" He was worried, paranoid. He felt she knew what he was doing in the bathroom. He started thinking she knew about the dolls and him. He began worrying about his fascination and that others learned of it too. Okay, yes I'm perverted, I'm messed up in a way, but its totally harmless. They are dolls, simply dolls with bodies and breasts, and...and sexy bodies.

And he messed up. "What's wrong with what I do" he exclaimed.

Preoccupied by his thoughts, his paranoia, and the unknown attraction towards the woman, he blurted out something he shouldn't have said. She didn't recognize his purpose for saying what he said and she showed some curiosity on her face. Charlene wasn't sure she should ask.

"Dennis" she said, her tone soft but not condescending, "what anyone does behind closed doors, in the privacy of their own home, well it is their business. I don't tell you what I or Mr. Lambert and I may do you see. That's between the two of us. However honey, if we knew one another better, like your mother and I do, I just might say something about those types of things, but I do not. I mean she and I don't talk about those things and visa versa. Plus I've already said too much, already. Okay dear"

He looked at her. Damn, she was really pretty. She easily could be compared to his girlfriends, only she was a real life woman with real life boobs, and a real life body adding to it all. If only she was in the tub with him, now that could be a lot of fun.

If only she toyed with his privates, his body, his bulge, and ohhhhhhh god...oiled him up and did stuff to him that only his girlfriends did for him. Now that would be...that would be exciting. His eyes were fixated straight ahead. They were locked on her flat, non-existent stomach line. No belly whatsoever which was like his girlfriends too. She saw him thinking, reflecting on something, and she saw his eyes fixated on her body or somewhere. Charlene looked down in the general vicinity then looked up at him. She smiled wondering what was going through his mind and asked quietly what he was thinking about. She had to ask again.

"Pardon me" he replied "huh"

"You seem distant, suddenly. Is there something on your mind you wanted to say"

He shook his head, closed his eyes momentarily, and said no. He could barely stand to look her in the eye. She seemed to intimidate him. That's what she wondered. She felt she was getting to the bottom of what was on his mind...really truly on his mind.

"May I ask you something...and get a truthful answer too" she asked.

He was at a loss for words. He wanted to get back upstairs, get back in that tub, and lay with his girls, letting them do what they do best- pleasure his fantasies. That's all he wanted. But Charlene through a zinger at him and he never saw it coming.

"What is it you do or were doing upstairs if you don't mind me asking"

His face went flush. His expression told her exactly what it was he was doing upstairs or gave her a general idea. He was beet red. He looked guilty as anyone could look. The 23 year old stood before the 39 year old woman, hands in his pockets, and without any formidable explanation to provide her. She knew it. She knew the young man was upstairs doing whatever it took to pleasure himself, but was she going to intercede at that point

"You know Dennis...there are other ways for a young man to get fulfillment besides the way you may be getting it" she told him. A smile existed on her face. What she was thinking was beyond him. What was on her mind, he had no clue, but somehow things were unexpectedly about to change. She wasn't about to give him the speech on finding a nice girl who likes to play around. No, she wasn't about to do that. Someone else could do that. She could do something else. "I wish...I know there are other ways to find fulfillment, Dennis. I do...I really do" she told him, her voice angelic sounding.

What the fuck is going on here What the hell is she talking about This is my mom's friend and here she is...what is she doing Is she coming on to me Is that what she's doing He closed his eyes as he shook his head.

The girls are waiting for me. The girls are waiting for me he said to himself again. They won't wait. They won't wait. "They won't wait" he finally said aloud.

What, she thought. Who won't wait, she wondered He was thinking of them and only them, Charlene's presence not in his thoughts, but subliminally she was not gone at all. He felt her sexiness deep within and seeing as she stopped over too would have its lasting influence on him. "Oh sorry, I was uhh thinking about some...uhhhh someone."

"Do I know them" she asked, a smile plastered behind her deep reddish lips.

He blinked at looked at her telling her no she did not. He wanted back upstairs, back in the tub with his girls, and he wanted their bodies skating across his oily flesh. The same oily fleshy form those bath oils he had poured over himself and the girls so they could get him hard again. That's what he wanted so they'd assist him when he came on them all.

"Doesn't sound like it. Well dear" and when she used that term of endearment on him, again it subliminally affected his train of thought, "I shall leave you to do whatever it is you were doing. Oh and have fun doing it" she said "okay, honey"

There was another term of endearment. Damn the woman was good. Using those terms of endearment would have a lasting affect on him when he and his girls played together. She turned to leave, he told her thanks for stopping over, but she stopped. She turned one last time. She looked at Dennis, Dennis didn't expect it, and Charlene flashed a smile.

"Mr. Lambert isn't home today...is there any chance you can help me with something It wouldn't be too difficult you see, but a woman like me" and she looked away from him all of a sudden and then looked right into his eyes "can't do certain things by herself. I need a little help with this. Dennis, can you be so kind as to assist me with something"

Charlene wore a charming, alluring grin. She stepped back inside his house for a moment. Closing the door behind her she got his attention. He looked at her and in fact fixated his eyes on what she started to do. What the...what the hell is she doing Oh my...ohhh my freaking god! She's, she's...she is, and his eyes bulged form their sockets.

Charlene started undoing the sleeveless blouse she wore. Slowly, surely he saw mounding flesh. Gradually, before his eyes, a sexy and gorgeous white lace brassiere appeared before him. She was unbuttoning it. It was opening up before his very eyes. She smiled and her eyes glistened as she watched his amazement unfold before her. She was enticing his desires her way, reeling him in quickly, and Charlene wanted the young man to be inside her top, inside her phenomenal bra.

She wanted to see what he was capable of and she was willing to lead him wherever necessary to achieve gratification that day. She needed it as much as he did upstairs with his dolls. Giving to each other and unloading their private fantasies was inevitable.

"There is more of this, honey" she started to say in her angelic voice "next door. So when you and whatever you were doing are done, come over...help me out with the necessary tasks...will you, can you...sweetheart"

Dennis nodded without even thinking about them upstairs. They lay naked on his bed, drying off and waiting for him to come back to them. Dennis looked inside her blouse, her sleeveless sexy ass blouse, and he nodded again. He couldn't get his eyes off them. They were so lifelike. They were more real then any fantasy he ever had with his girls. They were incredible, awesome, and so much more. But this with Charlene had to be a dream come true.

Upstairs he apologized profusely. He kissed them all and all over their bodies, but his mind was elsewhere. His mind, hands, and every thought were all over the neighbor's delicious enticing physique. "I am so, so sorry girls, but...oh I'm soooo sorry about this. I will make it all up to you. I promise...I promise you I will."

He put on a shirt, one of the nicely pressed ones his mom ironed for him. He brushed and then brushed again. He combed and then combed his hair a second and then a third time. Then he changed pants. He put on dress slacks, took them off, and put back on his shorts. He didn't know. What would she like seeing him in. He put on some nice jeans, a button down short sleeve shirt his mom ironed for him, and he brushed a third time. He went through the gauntlet of what a perfectionist concerned with their hygiene might do.

Where is he, she wondered Probably, like any excited young man, changing, and changing again. She snickered, excitedly. She hadn't had sex with her husband in weeks and felt it. She needed that physical attention and Dennis upon seeing her boobs and bra covering him, she knew she made the right call. He didn't balk. His eyes were all over them...all over them. God, I'm a genius. God, I'm so sexy. Yes I am. Yes I am.

The doorbell finally rang. He was standing nervously and waiting for it to be answered. He had on some of his dad's cologne. Not too much, he smelled divine in her opinion and as soon as she caught wind of it, she complimented him. He was proud. In jeans, a short sleeve button down shirt, she told him two things: To slowly unbutton her top and ease his hands, gently against her white lace cups.

"Let's both enjoy the experience, Dennis, and if we do...they'll be so much more to come. I am looking forward to feeling you hold them...mmmmm" she said.

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