Author: M.M.Ahsan
Published: Mar 19, 2009
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I lifted my head and then I penetrated my middle finger into her vagina, its so warm and slippery that it went deep into her cunt without any problem. I moved my finger back and forward very fast, at this she moved her hip up and down . she can't hold her orgasm any more and all on a sudden her cum came out on my finger...


I was really out of the sex for a long time. For this reason I did not feel good.I spent my time home very lazilly and I did not have much work. That day I was just roaming in a market, trying to buy some porn CDs but the sellers were very doubtful with my appearance beacause I had short haircut and outfit were like police officer. So they didn't sell it. And then I started buying some music CDs. When I was getting back home, suddenly a face snacthed all my attraction. It was a lady, wearing sky blue saree with sleevelsess blouse and had long hair falling upto waist, wearing light lipstick. Her eyes were so deep that she might see through my heart and can also read my mind. She smiled when she looked at me. I feel a little bit nervous. But gathering all courage I went towards her when she stopped for a rickshaw. I stood beside her and asked her, " Excuse me, are you... Madhobi", though I knew she was not.

She smiled at me and told me , "Well... I am not...and you must be mistaken.."

I told her sorry and asked her to forgive me.

And in the mean time she got on a rickshaw and went away.

After two days I was getting downstairs very hastily . Suddenly I found that lady with blue saree was getting up the building. I was nearly to fell on her when I was getting down. But somehow I controlled myself.

Seeing me she asked me, "You live here"

I told ," Yeah, and you"

"No, I just came here to see my uncle living on the 3rd floor".

I told, "Oh, I see,"

Now I took a look into her face and then my eyes rolled over her total physique. It was gorgeous. To my mind she had a firm ,nice pair of boobs and a round shape ass like Tanpura. Seeing her boobs I found my dick began to grow big and it seems that it will come out my pant. I think she got my pulse, and she then moved upwards. But she left an invitation by her deep eyes.

I don't know what happened to me. I stopped getting outside. And I got back to my room and started thinking about the lady. I was bullying myself for not asking her name and her whereabouts. The lady took all my attraction and gave me a restless fellings.

I was lying on bed and thinking very deeply about her. I started trying to sleep. But suddenly I heard a soft thud on my door. Lazily I went to open the door. I opened it and I became totally astonished and missed a heart beat by seeing the blue saree.

See looked to my eyes and smiled again. She told me, "You live here"

I told, "yeah, but you.. here"

She then answered , "Well.. I went upstairs to see my uncle but he is not there. So I thought that I can ask his neighbor"

"Do you know anything" she asked me.

Basically I came to this building a month ago , so I do not know any body.

I answered very naivly, "No.. Miss..."

She then replied, "Miss Papia".

Now I know that she is Papia.

I told her, "why don't you come inside"

She hesitated first and then she got into my room. My room is prettily done where only I live.

She asked me, " Do you live alone"

I replied her, "Yeah .."

I then don't know what to tell.But she is very smart and broke the silence and requested me to fetch one glass of water.

I went to the kitchen and fetched a bottle of Water.

She took a glass from the bedside table and poured , and then she drank all .

While she was drinking water I found her saree slipped from her shoulder and and fell on her lap. At this her blue blouse became visible to me. The blouse have buttons not like other lady.The look of her blouse revealed that her boobs are very cute and big. I thought that she must be wearing 38" size bra.

Then I eyed to her eyes. She smiled again and then she took her saree and placed on her shoulder.

She told me that she had to move.

Without giving me any chance to talk she moved away through the door. I became hopeless and sat on my bed very uneasily.

Then one week gone. One day in the evening I was watching a movie on television. Feeling very relaxed and thinking of Papia and her boobs. I was thinking that if I ever get chance to suck her tits it would be wonderful, virtuallty I began making my underwear wet by my precum.Thinking of her and the I touched my hard cock with my left hand. I like pumping my cock with my left hand though I am a right handed man. Anyway I was passing my evening very uneasily.

Suddenly I heard a sound on my door, I opened it and became surprised seeing Papia again at my door. I missed a beat of my heart. She told me, "Hi, how are ya doin"

I became wordless and I could not answer immidiately, somehow I managed to answer , "Ya.. fine.. you"

She answered, " I am fine, won't you let me in".

I told as if I am talking from a distance, "Oh...yes.. come in..."

Now I saw her very well, she was wearing red saree today and everything is matched, even her earing.

I was really astonished and asked myself, why she wanted to enter my room especially to a bachelor's room. Thinking very haphazardly and then within very short time she enerted my room and locked the door behind.

I told her, "Why did you lock the door"

She eyed to me and answered , "Look Mr..... Can't you read my eyes"

I replied, "No umm No.. I am sorry I just cant..."

In the meantime she came forward to me and put her warm lips on my lips.I became nervous and tried to push her away, but she did not move. She then started kissing deeply on my lips and then I opened my mouth and engulped her lips into mine . I started sucking her lower hot lips, it felt very nice , I discovered that my heart pounding and movnig very fast.

She moaned and told me, "Look , I am dying of being embraced by you , why don't you hug me tight, I would die if you don't....'

I found she was also taking deep breathing very fast. I was thinking myself should I move any further

I was hesitating and stopped kissing her lips.

At this, she became surprised and told me, "darling you know I fell in love with you, but I could not tell that..."

I asked her, "Is it true"

She replied immidiately, "Ya honey, I fell in love with you when I saw you first in the market."

"But you did not tell me anything about that ...", I replied.

"I didn't, that's fact... look.. do you think, that was proper time for a lady to tell someone about love on the street " she then answered.

I told , "Yes,... that's right .. but you could have told in the day when you had a glass of water in my room..."

"I came here to tell that but I could not, I was really not sure about my love, I had to fight and I was searching answer myself about this love..." she answered.

"What is your search result".

She thought for sometime and then looked into my eyes.She stepped forward and suddenly hugged me tight and placed her hot lips on my lips and told me , "Honey, did you get my answer "

I felt aroused by her strong hugging . I felt her boobs pressing my chest and wished to touch tities and play with those marvelous booby.

Perhaps she could read my mind and moved herself away from me. She looked my eyes again and in fornt of me she started moving her sharee from her blouse. I became stumbled and .... aroused again. My cock stiffened. I sat on the side of my double bed and started watching her action of removing her clothes. She then removed all her sharee. Now she is wearing only pettycoat and red blouse. She then undid her hair, it fell on her shoulder, her hair is so long that it reached upto her waist. I thought its really wonderfull. I am really dying to see her boobs but controlled myself against all my desire.

She then came forward and knelt before me keeping her chin on my knees and told me , " Look honey , I really fell in love with you, now if you don't accept me I will probably die".

I thought myself is it true or not. I have got every reason for not believing her, cause women were only after my money, they didn't really love me. So I really started to examine whether she really fell in love with me or not

There are some people who tell that True Love does not need sex. But to my mind its not true. The ultimate goal of every love to a women is sex first and then mind. So in this case I do feel for sex, then I will look for her mind.

I heard her words about love.

I asked her, "How will I believe you that you are really in love with me".

She answered, "Its really difficult to prove that", she added, "have you ever heard that a woman gave all her wealth to a man unless she loves him'

I hesitated to answer but told her, "Why not I have friends who goes to bed with woman without loving".

"Umm..may be, may be they are whore..."

I couldn't reply her compliments. Then I told her , "then how can you prove now about loving me".

Before finishing her reply she stood up and undid her boluse and thrown it on my bed. Now she is wearing red color bra which are looking very sexy and gorgeous and simultaneously she removed her pettycoat and wearing a red panty. Now she is having two piece only.

She told me in a affectionate voice , "Honey, unbutton my bra , it's a duty of a man to unhook bra of a lady"

I hesitated a bit then moved my both hand behind her and unhooked her bra. I found my hands are shaking with fear and nervousness. She realized that and smiled at me and told very softly, "oooh , you are only a kid I see". But I managed to unhook her 38" size bra. Her boobs became opened. I almost astonished seeing her boobs, its really wonderful, its firm, its lovely and its so big that I am almost amazed. Her pair of boobs are white, nice pinky areola, nice big nipple within the circle of areola. I almost gone crazy by seeing her lovely sexy boobs. She then undid her panty. Now I saw her cunt full with pubic hair running below from her navel down to her mound. Its really attractive.

Seeing her nude I almost found my cock hardened and is trying to come out. But it can't. I am wearing jeans and T-shirt.

She marked my uneasiness with my clothes. But she did not care. She came very softly to me and placed her both hands over my shoulder and placed her lips again on my lips and started sucking it.

Now I lose control over me and started kissing hungrily as if I would tear her lips apart. But she remained motionless. She was feeling my deep kisses an after a few seconds she took my right hand and placed on her left boobs.

I touched her boobs for the first time, its really wonderful and I pressed it and macerated it. She moaned and became motionless. I took her left nipple in my mouth and started sucking her tits and tried to take her big breasts in my mouth. But I can't , cause it so big that I cant engulf it. While I am sucking her one tity I used my left hand to hold another breast. I rolled my hand on her boobs for sometime and tickled her nipple , at this she became crazy, moaned and making noise oooh.... Yeah... come on keep on doing this, suck my booby .... I became excited by hearing her moaning .

Then I took her on my bed, she laid down nude. Then I strated undressing myself. But she stopped me and said, "Look... this is a job for me, I will make you nude...."

She then removed my T shirt, then pants and finally underwear. Now She took a look on my whole nude body.

She yelled , Oh dear have got lovely cock, its soooo nice, may I suck your king-size cock.... Please....

I never had experience of sucking my cock by any woman in my life. I have seen porn movies various times on sucking cocks . So I felt excited very much. I gave her permission. She then came forward and took my hot and hard cock in her left hand and started pumping.

OOOh its soo wonderful. She put it in her mouth I felt her warm mouth and I thought myself I would be dying soon. She sucked with lot of enjoyment as if she is taking lollipop. Ummm ,.... Its feel so good , keep on sucking babe...... After few minutes of sucking my cock she lie down and requested to suck her cunt. I was really expecting that. So I took my mouth to her cunt, looked very curiously. Its nice pinky vagina, I really like eating her pussy. First I touched her pussy with my thumb and run it very slowly to her clit. I found her clit size is more than average. I thought she must be having extra sensation of sex. So, I eagerly moved my thumb first , then I started licking her clit with my tongue, she was feeling an extra heavenly pleasure and as a result she started moaning, and making sound ooooh, oh....

"Its wonderful..... please do it fast" she told.

Hearing her sex pleasure sound I also felt nice sensation in my nerve. I continued licking her cunt very hungrily, I found her cum on all over my tongue and lips, I swallowed it, it tasted sweet and very good.I spreaded her vagina apart to suck it very hard. She moaned again. I continued suckig her juice, I really was doing it very nicely, she cried with joy and became excited and moving her hips up and down , and once she wrapped my head with her thigh very tightly, my breath was almost stopped , realizing this she unwrapped her thigh. Then I slipped my tongue deep into her pussy and making a circle inside it. I then removed my tongue since my chin started aching.

I lifted my head and then I penetrated my middle finger into her vagina, its so warm and slippery that it went deep into her cunt without any problem. I moved my finger back and forward very fast, at this she moved her hip up and down . she can't hold her orgasm any more and all on a sudden her cum came out on my finger, and I sucked all her cum amd licked it very eagerly, now I gave my finger into her mouth, she also licked her own cum, and she liked it very much.

Now she looked at me and smiled, and told me, "You are a good cunt eater.... I liked it".

Now she bent down and placed her knee on the bed and put her back towards me to fuck her from behind , I realized. She told me ..." Do you like to fuck me.... from back.. I mean doggy style"

I like the doggy style very much.

I nodded without any word. She then took my hard cock in her right hand and helped me placing my dick into her cunt. I pushed a bit, and it went very easily into her cunt. I hold her by her hair as if I am holding rope to run a horse. Then I pushed into her vagina very hard , it all went deep into her cunt. Its giving me extra sexy sensation. I started moving my meat shaft into her vagina very fast. I ran my shaft at least ten minutes and then I could not hold my cum any more, and making sound ooooh , "I am cumming..... Papia, would you like eating my cum ....

She told me, "Hold on babe.... I will eat all your cum and will take your cum on my boobs..."

Then I took my penis out, in the mean time she lie down and opened her mouth. After few seconds I cummed voluptuously and heavily , Since I did not have sex for a long time, a huge amount of cum fell on her eyes and chicks and then she took my cock in her mouth and drank all my cum. I became tired and then lie down beside her placing my hand on her boobs.

After few minutes she told me, honey did you enjoy fucking me

I told, "Yes dear, you are so lovely, I will not forget this evening in my life but why did you give me your cunt to me"

She wrapped me with her hands and told me, "Cause I love you."

I then asked her, "Papia will you give me another chance to fuck you"

Basically I became horny again to fuck her in different style which I have seen in porn movie. I Like to practice it with Papia, my bed lover.

We are still nude lying on bed. She heard me and smiled at me. She told me, "Honey... do you want to fuck me again..."

She then added , " I want different style. I want to be fucked standing and I want to watch it in the mirror. "

While she was talking I placed my hand on her big boobs again and pressed it. She then told me, "why don't suck you it"

So I started sucking her both boobs alternately. While I was sucking and tickling her nipple ,I ran my finger into her pussy again. I don't know what the women have in their vagina, I always like sucking womens vagina. It always makes me crazy.

Now I had an idea. I stopped fucking her with my finger . I got on my feet and opened my wardrobe and got my vedio camera. She looked at me and told me, "what will you do with that"

I told her that , "when you will not be there with me I will watch it and masturbate."

She did not oppose , I placed it on a suitable place from where the whole bed can be pictured.

Then I pulled her and stood behind her and cupped her both boobs and pressed very softly. I found her nipple very hard , stood before the camera. After a while she told me, "Look I want straight sex" .

I nodded. Then we both went to bed. She lied on bed. I put a pillow under her butt, by the way, her buttock is very nice and slippery and round shaped like a tanpura (a musical instrument) . She put her both legs on my shoulder, I knelt very easily. Now she hold my cock and tried to place it into the cunt. I stopped her and told, " I will do it on my own."

I then hold my cock with my right hand and with my left hand I made a slight opening of her pinky juicy pussy. It is tight and very slippery I found. I penetrated my cock very easily into her cunt. It gave me much ecstacy and enjoyment.

Now I went forward a bit and moved my cock very slowly. She yelled, "Oh, it feels so goooood. Umm I like it very much.... I won't let you out from my wealth ..... you should be there for at least one hour and we will sleep keeping your cock inside my cave..."

I smiled, I know it cannot be so ....any way I moved my manhood inside her pussy very fast now. She was in the heaven, I looked at her eyes , she closed her eyes and feeling the sex with all her mind and body.

I realized that she must be loving sex very much . So, it would be very good if I marry her. Then I thought myself after the sex, I will propose her for marrying me. Anyway, I did not stop fucking her. I fucked her only for ten minutes with all my strength and in the mean time she had orgasm at least for three times cause I heard her orgasmic sound this way... Ohhhhh, ahhhha oooooohhh.. oooooh and suddenly stopped.

After ten minutes she told me to stop.

I wondered and ask her, "what happened"

She told me to get a condom. So, I took a condom form under my another pillow. She tore the pack of condom and palced it on my penis and unrolled it . The condom fits me very well.

She then placed my dick into her pussy again. I fucked her for more than ten minutes or more .

Then I oozed out making heavy sound, "Ooooooh I am cumming soon"

Our movement bacame so fast and huge that my bed also moved ...

And suddenly I cummed into her vagina very heavily...... she also cummed simultaneously.... Both of us enjoyed our second time sex very much..... Its so wonderful that I have ever enjoyed.

After a few second I lied on her body and took rest for few minutes.

The storm and lovely fight between me and Papia was great. She is sexy and know how to be loved and make love .

So I kissed her forehead and told , "Will you marry me"

She smiled and kissed on my lips and answered , "Yeah .. honey ..I will."

Then I took the camera and I opened it but alas! the power was not on.

So the vedio was not done.

Papia smiled and told , "No problem, we will do it another time.."

And then she went to the bathroom and closed the door......

About: The author of "Papia" is M.M.Ahsan. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Short Sex Stories section.

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