Published: Mar 28, 2009
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We had a black dildo at one time, she would fuck herself with it until there was creamy white cum on it, taking most of it into her.

I can't figure my wife out, we have been married a long time. She doesn't have a problem with me watching porn, but I can't get her to watch with me. She acts pretty uptight but I have gotten her to do lots of things. She will use vibrators and some dildos, I can tie her up and take pictures, lately I have started working on her asshole, she seems to like it once I get a finger or small dildo into her. She really enjoys getting her pussy eaten, I can make her cum several times before she begs me to fuck her.I tie her up spread eagle on the bed and blind fold her. I eat her and then will gently rub my hands up and down the inside of her legs, then I rub a wooden ruler up and down her inner thighs. I will slap her thigh , she doesn't know when the blow will come because of the blindfold, at first she didn't seem to like it much, but she sure gets wet .I have seen pussy juice dripping out of her cunt from a little bit of this fun.We had a black dildo at one time, she would fuck herself with it until there was creamy white cum on it, taking most of it into her. I want to buy a fat one for her to fuck, I fucked her with a ear of corn once, and a fat cuke, she seems to get off pretty good on both. We ate the cuke the next day. I took her to a bar when we first got married, I had her wear a short skirt, I played with her pussy on the way there, got her panties off her. We sat in a fairly dark corner of the bar, I started to rub up her leg. She spread her legs a little and I started to rub her clit. She was sopping wet as I started to finger her cunt. I looked around the bar as I fingered her, There was one guy that could see under our table from where he sat, he was watching. I didn't tell her as I spread her legs a little more and picked up the pace. She came, I could feel how creamy she was. I kept her legs spread for quite a while, playing with the insides of her legs.The guy at that table hung around for a good while until I looked him in the eye and shook my head no, He left shortly after. It took a long time to teach her to suck my cock. I still have to sort of work her head down to get her started, but she licks and sucks great once she gets at it. She still won't swallow, o-well, maybe someday. I had a girl I worked with over once, she was willing to go to bed with my wife. She was drunk, in our bed playing with her pussy for me. I went out to get my wife to come in. I was finger fucking her in a chair trying to get her horny enough to go in, we could hear a vibrator and moaning from our room, she almost went in but chickened out. SHIT ! She told me that when she was in collage she went home with a girl.They finger fucked and ate each other. She liked it, maybe a little too much

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