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Author: Chesh
Published: 11-Apr-09 Revised/Updated 24-Apr-09
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He had asked her to wear stockings, but the hold ups were all she had she kept feeling that they were going to fall down, and kept trying to pull them up to make sure the top's were not shown off by the shortness of her skirt, that barely covered them.

* * * * * * *

Emma stood pacing up and down not knowing what she was going to do. She had been joking about it for so long with Colin but now she had actually agreed to meet him. It was only when he mentioned he would actually pay her to meet him that her barriers began to break down. 'Does that not make me a whore' she had typed into the keyboard during one of their online chat sessions after he had first mentioned it. 'Well you have not said you will let me shag you ha ha! So no it does not' was the reply. $100 just to go sit and have a beer with him in the pub that was it nothing more nothing less he promised her.

Emma continued to pace up and down she had dressed how he had wanted her to and now had about another 30 minutes to wait before she had to leave to catch the bus into town. She lit another cigarette, even thou she had only put one out ten minutes ago, she was nervous. Emma was 19 and impressionable, she had been talking to Colin since she was 17 and had always said that she would not meet him. He had charmed her with the promise of cash, easy cash. Emma was roughly 5'3 without her heels on and he had asked her to wear the biggest set she had. It had taken her about 15 minutes to decide which ones and had gone with the black ones, a three inch heal that would make her only a couple of inches shorter than Colin. She was slim but still had her small amounts of puppy fat not yet gone from her growing days around her stomach and thighs, This had been covered thou she had worn a vest top as instructed with no bra underneath to cover her 34 inch B cupped breasts. She looked in the mirror as she smoked and held her breasts trying to keep them lifted up but noticing that they did sag slightly as she let them go free. Emma was pale skinned, and she didn't like the fact that when ever she went into the sun all she would do if fry and burn. Her hair she thought would have been the right colour to tan well, with it being a dark mousey brown, and her blue eyes didn't give her a way as being so pale in context for life. She stubbed out the cigarette and almost went to light another. She stopped and sat on the bed she looked down and the remaining of the outfit Colin had asked her to wear. She was wearing a denim skirt that barely covered the top of her thighs, he shoes and hold up stockings. He had asked her to wear stockings, but the hold ups were all she had she kept feeling that they were going to fall down, and kept trying to pull them up to make sure the top's were not shown off by the shortness of her skirt, that barely covered them. He had asked her to come with no underwear at all, but Emma had decided that she would wear pants under her skirt. The phone, she looked it was Colin, she thought for a couple of seconds of whether to answer or not and decided to.

'Hello' she was quick, knowing he was checking up to make sure she had not changed her mind 'Hello sexy, you all ready for me' Colin sounded eager, and as such he should have been. It was not everyday a girl as young as 19 agreed to meet a man who would turn fifty later that year. 'Yes, just as you asked. Was just going to put my coat on to leave.' Emma was still not sure whether she really wanted to meet Colin, although they had talked for two years and knew most things about each other their was something niggling at the back of her head that was telling her not to. Their was the $100 that he had promised her. 'Good girl, I knew you would. The bulls head then in about an hour, you must be nearly leaving for your bus' 'Yes, just about to in five minutes, see you in a bit Col' 'Ok baby see you soon' She hung up the phone and thought again about just not going at all, she lent and picked up her light blue denim jacket that matched the skirt she wore and put it on before looking once more in the mirror. Her hair was down her make up was basic but her mind was all over the place. I look cheap almost like a slut but young, Colin what have you got me to dress like. $100. With the final thought her mind was made up, her parents were not in so no problem, she picked up her cigarettes and her bag, and walked down the stairs to go and meet Colin.

Colin sat at the bar waiting for Emma to join him. He had as he thought dressed to impress. But in reality wore a cheap suit with a shirt open collared. He was almost bald completely with a few wisps of hair, old in looks and old in age, he had aged but here he was waiting for this young girl to meet him. He was tall about six foot, but now due to his age he had began to put more weight on and looked podgy. He continued to think about Emma coming and joining him, he had laid it on the line with the money on offer for her to meet him and she had accepted, but he wanted more than a drink but knew it would be a fine line he would be walking if he was to get anything more from Emma. He had the hotel booked just in case he could persuade her at all. He had been to the cash machine for the last three days and taken the maximum out and now he sat with $500 in his wallet. He had the means he thought to do this.

She walked in his mouth dropped, he had told her to dress that way but he could not believe how much she had done it exactly. His mind instantly thought whether she wore underwear, it was just the way he was the way he thought. She looked shy and her hair down gave her even more that image and rounded her face like he enjoyed seeing. She had spotted him and walked over, Emma smiled at him, 'Hi Colin, you look nice' She continued to smile, he looked just like his pictures old she thought, but the $100 was burning to the front of her thoughts. 'Thanks, so do you just as I pictured, would you like a drink' He was excited it had all gone to plan so far. 'Please I'll have a red wine please Colin.' Just one drink she thought to calm her nerves and then she will go onto soft. 'Ok, why don't you find a seat and I'll bring them over.' Colin turned to face the bar, and Emma turned to look, the place was quiet she was glad. She thought having Colin's eyes leaching all over her was bad enough without anyone else to. She found a quiet table in the corner and sat. She looked around and took her jacket off making her almost feel naked. The white vest top was tight and Emma could feel her nipples extending through. The table was low making the chairs low to she realised that she was going to have to do a lot of leaning forward to reach her drink. Quickly looking round Emma realised all the tables were like that. That's why he chose here Emma thought. She looked over he was still being served, as she tried to ruffle her skirt down some it was barely not showing off her hold up tops, and she shook her head as she was struggling to keep herself covered in more places than one. She was here now, and the $100 came to the front of her head again, attempt to sit right and let him see at least possible and then go. Then she noticed it was a bottle of wine not a glass that Colin brought over.

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