Erins Confession

Author: stoneypoint
Published: Apr 11, 2009
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A hairdresser turns on a customer. They become fast friends. He turns her on. She finds his address. Writes letter disclosing what she did that evening after she cut his hair.

"Thank you" the letter started out saying. There was a smile between that and what it said next. "Thank you very much for making my late Saturday night in bed as well as Easter Sunday morning."

"What" I wondered aloud. Who is this from, I asked myself. It reeked actually of something of a blend between perfume and something I recognized but was unable to put my finger on. I looked through the letter without really reading; no indication who wrote it. No signature, no hints I could detect, but in the end I think I knew who it was from.

"Yes Dan, thank you, thank you, and another thank you. Life was wonderful once we completed our fantasies." What was she talking about Who is she I felt stimulated I felt excited I felt...successful "Mmmmm, Saturday night naked in my bed it was you and me, eyes closed, and your body clinging intimately to mine."

"Ohhh shit" I said under my breath. I tingled, felt flushed, and I think she did to me what I "did" to her. I got the letter Tuesday. No return address, I really didn't get the chance to read it until early morning Wednesday.

"As you know, and thank you for what you said, I am a big woman, but it meant nothing but special things to you...whatever that means. You touched me. Maybe I touched you somehow, but either way I spent that evening, alone, in my bedroom, in the shower, and in my bedroom all alone. Mmmmm ohhhhhhh, Danny...Danny you should have been there. Me, my fingers, my vibrator, and subdued sounds floating all around me and my large hopefully sexy body as emotions within ran rampantly."

"Ohhhhhh shit, ohhh wow" I said.

Now I knew. Yes oh yes! Now I knew. I was happy, ecstatic, and I was smiling inside. I made a woman horny and happy and that for me, a 50 year old a sometimes good looking guy depending on the day happier then a lark. I grew horny. My cock swelled. I read the letter. My cock tingled. My body was ready. I read on. And she described for me the events which led to her climatic episodes of orgasmic triumph Saturday night and Easter Sunday while her parents, her kids were off and about to have Sunday brunch at the country club.

"I decided as soon as I could I was going to spend time, alone. I was anxious. I felt you. I felt your consciousness. I felt your desires for me. And I felt you, your body and hands and breath circling me and my layers and layers of flesh. I hope it doesn't gross you out Danny, but you intentionally, knowingly put it out there. You wanted to 'disturb it.' You wanted me, you showed me you did, and yes all afternoon as I cut other's hair I was quiet only thinking of one thing; only thinking of you and me and...and...and yes Danny, being together intimately."

My hand slipped inside my sweats. I felt it growing, swelling, and I wanted to see how this goes. I wanted to know regardless of how big she was how she and I would really get along in the depths of her bed, her room, and her body.

I don't know why but there was a certain sexual maturity growing within her I couldn't define. But I felt it immediately and she was already laying it out there even if she did not know it. She did once she and I spoke further. "That's what fantasies are for, right" I asked her teasingly. She smiled and said yes and repeated what I had said.

"Ohhh god Danny was terrific. Your fingers in me, twisting and pumping and touching me in those ways a woman needs and loves to be touched. I grew hornier and hornier for you. I needed you. I wanted you. I had to have your body. I had to be near you, against you, and touching you and your naked flesh Danny. Yes ohhh yes, Saturday night was soooo wonderful. I hemorrhaged, quietly while the others hung out, and were completely oblivious to what was happening behind my closed doors."

"Shit, shit, and double...ohhh god I want you Erin. I want it, I want to feel you and kiss you and I want to be all over your body so I can do these things for you. I want to make you fell wonderful" I cried out. I said many, many more things too such as I wanted to kiss every last inch of her, swallowing the layers contained on her sexually free monster of a frame, but I knew yes I knew it was all a pipe dream.

"Yes, Danny, yes...I hemorrhaged BIG TIME! I easily could have wailed and screamed as cum oozed and oozed from within my fat lush pussy. NOW does that make you excited Does that make you horny, Danny I hope so because even as I write this I want your mouth surging up between my humongous thighs as your lips make a seal around me and your tongue and mouth suck and swirl all around my flamboyant pussy. How do you feel now Danny, how are you feeling now Ohhh I wish you were here. I wish you were here. I'd get undressed. I'd pull off my underwear. I'd spread my legs out. I'd let you have at me until I was done, until I was ripe. Until I was gushing and exploding" it added. "Ohhh yes Danny...I am hornier then you can imagine. I wish I had your email because what happened Saturday night wasn't half as eventful as what happened after 10:15 Sunday morning. Now that's for another letter."

"What, what huh...that's it" I said pathetically.

She did put a smile and a wink like faces at the end of her letter.

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